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Denovan, Joshua, 8 Afton terrace
George M'Adam, agent, 55 & 57 Shandwick
Denson, Edward, 83 Comiston road
Denson, Mrs, 44 Heiiot row
Dent, John B., 54 Ilazelbank terrace
Denton, J. W., 9 Spottiswoode street
Deputy - Assistant Adjutant - General's office,
Scottish Command, 22 North Bridge street
Derma tine Co., London ; agent, Robt. Hamilton,
18 Waterloo place
Desemonie, L. , 118 Marchmont road
W. R. M. Thomson & Co., 96 Buchanan street,
Glasgow; and 24 Hill street, Edinburgh.
^See Adv. index
Detchon, Henry, 4 St Leonard's street
Deuchar, R., Ltd., brewers, Duddingston
Brewery, Craigmillar
Deuchar, J., 13 Thorn ville terrace
Deuchar, John, 79 Easter road, Leith
Deuchar, S., 2 Lome square
Deuchar, Mrs, 12 Hope terrace
Deuchar, Miss, 4 Henderson row
Deuchar, Miss E. R . , 3 Morningside place
Deuchars, David, superintendent of the line,
N.B. Railway Co., Waverley Station ; house,
Norwood lodge, 54 Fountainhall road
Deuchars, James, 10 Elm row
Deuchars, Mrs, 10 Elm row
Deverell, Dr Guy, 12 Windsor street
Deverell, Henry George, M.D., 12 Windsor
Devlin, John, 10 Maitland street, Newhaven
Devlin, Thos., jun., fish salesman and steam
trawler owner, 5 St Andrew square, and Fish-
market, Newhaven ; Telegraph, ' Safe, Edin-
burgh'; Telephone, 4251 ; also Eishmarket,
Glasgow ; house, 203 Newhaven road
Dewar k Davids('n, hide, skin, and tallow
brokers, 119 Fountainbridge
Dewar & Robertson, C.A., 18 Alva street
Dewar & Co. , wine and spirit merchts. , 1 Kirk gate
Dewar, Fraser, & Co., provision merchants and
■ commission agents, 18 Bernard st. ; Telegraph,
' Dewar, Leith ' ; Telephone, 412 Leith
Dewar, H. B. & F. J., W.S., 52a Frederick st.
Dewar, M. & M., china and glass merchants, 92
Pitt street ; house, 13 East Trinity road
Dewar, Arthur, K.C., M.P., 24 Walker street
Dewar, David Deas, W.S., 7 East Fettes avenue
Dewar, Francis J., W.S., 52a Frederick street
Dewar, George, warehouseman, 35 Cockburn
street ; house, 9 Ethel terrace
Dewar, Geo. S., stationer, 187 Gorgie road
t)ewar, Henry, 13 BhII place
Dewar, Henry Arnot, sheriff' officer, 53 George
IV. bridge
Dewar, James, 2 Annfield
Dewar, James, 5 Montpelier
DEWAR, JAMES F., naturalist, bird-stuff"er,
and dealer in foreign and British birds, 2 St
Patrick squaxe; house, 4 Brougham place.
:^ See Adv. index
Dewar, James, grocer and spirit merchant, 19
Tarvit street ; house, 1 Leven terrace
Dewar, J. Campbell, C.A., 18 Alva street;
house, 27 Douglas crescent
Dewar, John, 130 Newhaven road
Dewar, John {D., Fraser, & Co.), Villa Rosa,
15 Lennox row, Trinity ; Telepli. 39 Gran ton
Dewar, John, cab-hirer, Windsor Street
stufter, and foreign bird importer, 88 Hanover
street ; poultry yard. Cedar villa. Spring
gardens, Abbeyhill. ^i^See Adv. index
Dewar, John R. U., F.R.C.V.S., professor and
principal. Royal (Dick) Veterinary College, 8
Clyde street ; house, 18 Drummond place
Dewar, Michael, M.D., CM., 24 Lauriston
Dewar, M. G., tobacconist, 91 Easter road
Dewar, Peter, hallkeeper. Signet Library ; house,
■35 Jeffrey street
Dewar, Robert, 3 Alderbank gardens
Dewar, Robert M. , 10 Derby street
Dewar, Thomas, Tullieallan, Primrose Bank rd.
Dewar, Thomas B., 16 East Norton place
Dewar, T. W., 17 Zetland place. Trinity
Dewar, W. B., 24 Earl Grey street
Dewar, William, 9 Elm place, Leith
Dewar, William M., plumber and gasfitter, 60
Pitt street ; house, 22 Heriot Hill terrace
Dewar, Mrs Adam, 59 Broughton street
Dewar, Mrs Duncan, 10 Elder street
Dewar, Mrs H., 4 Murieston road
Dewar, Mrs John, 11 Lauriston park
Dewar, Mrs Thomas, 8 Blackford road
Dewar, Mrs, 24 Earl Grej^ street
Dewar, Mrs, 58 Thirlestane road
Dewar, Misses, 1 3 East Trinity road
Dewar, Miss Jessie Edmiston, 23 Viewforth
Dewar, Miss, 41 Lauder road
Dewar, Miss, masseuse and medical rubber,
30 Queensferry street
Dewar, Miss, 31 Warrender Park terrace
Dewar, Miss, 8 St Bernard's crescent
Dewar, Miss, 151 Bruntsfield place
Dewar, Christina, ladies' and children's out-
fitter, 34 Craighall road
Dewar, Henrietta A. , 1 Nelson street
Dewar, Jane, ladies' and children's outfitter, 39
Morningside road
Dey, Miss, 26 Montpelier park
Dhamai Tea Co. Limited; W. A. Wood, C.A.,
secretary, 4 Melville street
Diamond, Mrs, milliner, 65 South Clerk street
Dick & Leith, slaters, plasterers, and cement
workers, 2 W. Crosscauseway
Dick, James, & Sons, wholesale grocers and
provision merchants, 6 and 8 Laurie street
DICK, JAMES, & SON, grocers and wine
merchants, sole agents for Jamieson's invalid
wines and Vifira Bi'and Australian Burgundy,
1 and 2 Melville ter. ; Teleph. 316 x Central
Dick, R. & J., damp proof bootmakers, 12
North Bridge street
Dick, Alexander, 25 St James' square
Dick, Alexander, 88 Ferry road
Dick, Alexander, 75 Comely Bank avenue
Dick, Alfred S., bootmaker, 93 Rose street
Dick, A. Arthur, 94 Thirlestane road
Dick, A. W., M.A., 9 West Claremont street
Dick, David, 125 Montgomery street
Dick, David M. fancy bazaar, 110 Dairy road ;
house, 1 Murieston -crescent

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