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Davidson, H. D., C.A., 122 George street ; ho.
1a Glencairn crescent
Davidson, James, cabinetmaker, 31 Angle Park
Davidson, James, 16 Gardner's crescent
Davidson, James, grocer and wine merchant, 6
St Patrick street and 29 Clerk street ; house,
96 Dalkeith road
Davidson, James {Caledonian Distillery), 7 St
Bernard's crescent
Davidson, James, bootmaker, 404 Morningside
road ; house, 89 Comiston road
Davidson, James, 32 Drumsheugli gardens
Davidson, James, 11 Dalnieny street
Davidson, James, 33 Mardale crescent
Davidson, Jas., marine engineer, Victoria villa,
89 Dudley avenue
Davidson, James, 1 Gillespie street
Davidson, James, 25 Dalmeny street
Davidson, Rev. James, M.A. , 36 Comely bank
Davidson, James D. (Accountant, JSIorth of
Scotland Bank Limited), 20 Hanover street
Davidson, James S., plumber, 14 Brougham
street; house, 106 Bruntsfield place
Davidson, J. D., 54 Rankeillor street
Davidson, John, 129 Dalkeith road
Davidson, John (6. P.O.), 13 Teviotdale place
Davidson, John, 14 Gladstone place
Davidson, John, 16 Lady Menzies place
Davidson, John, 120 Marchmont road
Davidson, John, 6 Castle terrace
Davidson, John Dalziel, musicseller and band
provider, 54 Rankeillor street
Davidson, Rev. Lewis, 18 West Mayfield
Davidson, Neil, caretaker, 25 North Bridge
Davidson, Peter, engineer, 1 Clerk street
Davidson, Ralph, dairy, 51 Causewayside
Davidson, Richard, solicitor, 38 Queen's ores.
Davidson, Robert, S.S.C. {D. & MacNaughton),
64 Frederick street ; house, 3 Bernard
terrace ,
Davidson, Robert, 4 Haymarket terrace
Davidson, Robert, foreman cooper, 4 Murieston
road J
Davidson, Robert E., 79 Comely Bank road
Davidson, R. J., 5 Caledonian crescent
Davidson, Rev. Robt. Young, 14 Barnton ter.
Davidson, Samuel, violinist, 221 Gorgie road
Davidson, Samuel, 25 St. Bernard's crescent
Davidson, S., stationer and newsagent, 50
Madeira street
Davidson, Thomas, 65 Lome street
Davidson, Thomas, 2 Cobden terrace
Davidson, Thomas, 46 Polwarth gardens
Davidson, Thomas, 30 Clarence street
Davidson, Thomas, 12 Union street
Davidson, Thos., builder and mason, 24 Ferrier
St. ; Telephone, 63 Y 3 ; ho. 12 Thorntree st.
Davidson, 'Thomas G. M. , 7 Midmar gardens
Davidson, Walter, 233 Leith walk
Davidson, Walter, 35 Regent place
Davidson, Walter, 23 Hillside street
Davidson, W. S. (general manager. New Zealand
and Australian Land Co. Ltd. ), 69a George st. ;
house, 23 Eslinton crescent
Davidson, William, W.S., 4 Dundas street
Davidson, William, gardener, 243 Newhaven
road, Leith
Davidson, William, W.S, , 11 Albyn place
Davidson, William, clerk, 6 Devon place
Davidson, William, 18 Gardner's crescent
Davidson, William, commercial traveller, 9
Bernard terrace
Davidson, William [Royal Bank), 30 Garscube
terrace, Murrayfield
Davidson, William, 7 Pirrio street
Davidson, William, waiter, 34 Barony street
Davidson, William, 189 Dalkeith road
Davidson, William, stationer, newsagent, and!
bookbinder, 174 Bruntsfield place ; house, 174
Morningside road
Davidson, William Low, 2 Ogilvie terrace
Davidson, Mrs James, 8 Craig] ockhart terrace
Davidson, Mrs James, 17 Scotland street
Davidson, Mrs John, 115 Ddlkeith road
Davidson, Mrs J., 35 Waverley place
Davidson, Mrs, church officer, St Barnabas
Mission, Greenside ; ho. 6 S. St James' street
Davidson, Mrs, 51 Comely Bank avenue
Davidson, Mrs, 15 Bryson road
Davidson, Mrs, lA Glencairn crescent
Davidson, Mrs, 19 Gilmore place
Davidson, Mrs, 60 Eyre place
Davidson, Mrs, 8 Bruntsfield place
Davidson, Mrs, 5 Cheyne street
Davidson, Misses, 14 Melville street
Davidson, Misses, 32 Dundas street
Davidson, Misses, 12 Murrayfield road
Davidson, Misses, drapers, 144a Ferry road,
Davidson, Misses, dress and mantle makers, 87
St Stephen street
Davidson, Miss A., teacher of piano, 4 Fountain-
hall road
Davidson, Miss, fancy draper, 58 Haymarkei
tei'race ; house, 41 East Loudon street
Davidson, Miss, apartments, 10 Hendei-son row
Davidson, Miss, 40 Melvillt street
Davidson, Miss, 12 Broughton street
Davidson, Miss, 40 Marclnnont crescent
Davidson, Miss, 53 Montrose terrace
Davidson, Miss, 33 Grange road
Davidson, Miss, 11 Brandon street
Davidson, Elizabeth, dress and mantle make?,
10 Hermand terrace
Davidson, Margaret, confectioner, 27 Leveii
street ; house, 10 Hermmid terrace
Davie, Allan {Scott & D.), 36 Restalrig ten-ace
Davie, Andrew {Wright <i' D.), 47 Dundee ter,
Davie, Andrew, 23 Howe street
Davie, James, 39 Comely Bank avenue
Davie, James, 140 Marchmont road
Davie, John, 13 Rosslyn crescent
Davie, John, 84 Braid road
Davie, John, joiner, 132 Easter road
Davie, John {Secretary, Udiiiiurgh School of
Arts Friendly Society), 84 Braid road
Davie, Joseph, ironmonger, drysalter, and tin-
smith, 213 Great Junction street, and 7
Trafalgar street
Davie, Robert, joiner, 19 Springvaliey terrace
Davie, Thomas, detective, 7 Windmill street
Davie, Thomas William, L.D.S.Edin., denta
surgeon, 5 Brougham place
Davie, Mrs George, 15 Panmure place
Davie, Mrs, 3 Darling's buildings
Davie, Mrs, 51 Marchmont road

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