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Currie, Mrs, 90 Hawthorn vale
Carrie, Mrs, 13 Dundonald street
Currie, Mrs, 7 Hermand terrace
Currie, Mrs, Trinity cottage, Ferrj' road
Currie, Mrs, 26 Marcliraont crescent
Currie, Miss, 23 Comely Bank place
Currie, Miss, 19 Panmure place
Carrie, Miss, 43 Nile grove
Curror, Cowper, & Buchanan, W.S. and N.P.,
3 Hill street
Curror, David A., W.S. and N.P. (C, Cowper,
ch Buchanan), 25 Northumberland street
iCurror, John JF., land valuator, 118 Thirle-
stane road
•Curror, Miss, 43 Colinton road
Curror, Mary Bell, masseuse, 167 Moi-ningside
■Curtis, J. G., 84 Grange loan
Curtis, Leslie, humorist, 36 Grove street
■Curtis, Miss A., milliner and dressmaker, 55
Bristo street
Cusack, Mrs M. , broker, 17 Drummond street
Cushnie, Mrs, 6 Royal crescent
■Custom House, Commercial street
Customs Bond Station (No. 44), 29 Timber
bush, Leith
■Cuthbert, J. & Co., butchers, 104 Easter road
Cuthbert & Marchbank, S.S.C, 45 York place
Cathbert, Archibald, painter, 16 Dublin street
Cuthbert, D. (C. it Marchbank), 17 Tantallou
Cuthbert, Hugh, 52 Great King street
Cuthbert, James, 23 Spittal street
Cuthbert, John, 164 Montgomery street
Cuthbert, Stanley, F.S.A.A., incorporated
accountant, 17 York place ; Telejjhone, 2590 ;
house, 62 Stirling road
Cuthbert, Thomas, 80a Dairy road
Cuthbert, Mrs, 138 Bruntsfield place
Cuthbert, Mrs E. L., 9 Merchiston crescent
Cuthbertson, A. G. , & Son, merchants and com-
mission agents, 17 Bernard street
Cuthbertson, Alex., watchmaker and jeweller,
353 Leith walk ; ho. 32 Cambridge gardens
Cuthbertson, David, asst. librarian, University ;
house, 23 Sciennes road
Cuthbertson, Evan J., W.S. {Mackenzie, Innes,
<£• Logan), 23 Queen st. ; house, 3 Cumin pi.
Cuthbertson, John, 1 Randolph place
Cuthbertson, William, 34 Marchmont crescent
■Cuthbertson, William, 47 Lome street, Leith
Cutlibertson, W., wholesale stationer, 17 Union
street; Telephone, 1161 ; house, 113 Mayfield
Cuthbertson, Mrs G. R., 2 Marchmont road
Cuthbertson, Miss, stationer, 4 Albany street ;
house, 2a
Cuthbertson, Miss, 7 Gladstone terrace
Cuthill & Wilson, fishmongers and poulterers,
28 Argyle place
Ciithill, Messrs., Bros., butchers, ])oulterers, and
game dealers, 120 Bruntsfield place
Cuthill, Arch., butcher, 60 Warrender Park rd. ;
house, 8 Wilton road
Cuthill, James, 4 Laurel terrace
Cuthill, Thomas, 9 Laurel terrace
Cuthill, Mrs, 31 Wilton road
Cutler, John, 13 Shaw street
Cutting, Mrs Hannah, 34 Forbes road
Cycle Clubs. (See General Index, Associa-
tions, Clubs, etc.)
C3'clists Touring Club, Lothians District Associa-
tion ; A. J. F. Mitchell, hon. secretary, 5 N-
Charlotte street
Dace, Arthur W., A.R.A.M., professor of
music, 122 George street ; ho. 62 Queen street
Dacker, A., Consul for Uruguay, 2 Commercial
street ; house, 1 Bonnington terrace
Dagostino, E., confectioner, 363 High street
j Dagostino, Giovanni, confectioner, 121 and 123
Leith street, and 457 Lawnmarket ; house,
112 Leith street
Dailuaine - Talisker Distilleries Ltd., 29 St
Andrew square; Telegraph, 'Dailuaine';
Telephone, 17
'Daily Record and Mail,' and 'Scottish
Weekly Record,' 8 Blackfriars street
Dairy Supply Company Limited, dairy engin-
eers' utensil manufacturers, 7 Grassmarket ;
W. Smith, manager ; house, 7 Shandon street
Daish, Edward H. , music teacher, 31 Mansion-
house road
Daish, Miss, 31 Mansionhouse road
Dakers, Mrs, 13 Inverleith row
Dakers, Mrs, 23 Avondale palace
Dalby, Sergeant, gymnastic instructor, George
Heriot's School ; ho. 112 Pohvarth gardens
Dale, Thomas R., & Sou, die and stamp
cirtters and general engravers, 102 South
Bridge st. ; Telegraph, ' Blazon, Edinburgh ' ;
Telephone, 3759 Y Central ; house, 11 E.
Claremont street. ^See Adv. index
Dalgety, Miss, of Corbs, 47 Minto street
Dalgetty, William, 13 Murieston crescent
Dalgleish& Bell, W.S., 1 Rutland square
Dalgleish & Dobbie, W.S., 21 Hill street
Dalgleish & Milne, painters, 6 Stanley road
Dalgleish & Son, manufacturers and importers of
corks, 40 to 50 Blackfriars street ; Telegraph,
'Corks'; Telephone, 818
Dalgleish, Adam, 15 Brougham street
Dalgleish, Adam, 154 Constitution street
Dalgleish, Alex. J. {G.P.O.), 5 Murieston cres.
Dalgleish, Hugh D., grocer, wine and spirit
merchant, 1 M'Neillst. ; house, 3 Home ter.
Dalgleish, Ian Scott, 30 Strathearn road
Dalgleish, James, hatter, hosier, and glover, 15
Deanhaugh street
Dalgleish, James, baker, 23 West Maitland st. ;
house, 84 Haymarket terrace
Dalgleish, James, 25 Milton street
Dalgleish, John, Jessamine, Spencer place
Dalgleish, John, s]urit merchant, 48 Bread st. ;
house, 9 South Gilsland road
Dalgleish, Laurence, of Dalbeath, 36 Palmer-
ston place
Dalgleish, Peter, dairykeeper, 4 Cambusnethan
Dalgleish, Simon {Sasine Office), 18 Mardalecres.
Dalgleish, Thomas W., 17 Viewforth
Dalgleish, Thos. {G.P.O.), 122 Brunton gardens
Dalgleish, William, 3 Abbey street
Dalgleish, William, general merchant, 59
Henderson street
Dalgleish, William, 17 Hawthornbank pdace
Dalglei.sh, Mrs James, coal merchant, 9 West
Montgomery place

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