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Cunninglianie, John S., (inspector of agents,
Scottish Amicable Life Office) ; house, 44
Thirlestane road
Cunninghame, Mrs, 14 Dudley gardens
Gunnison, John, & Sons, gardeners and florists,
Glencorse nursery, Morningside park
Gunnison, Jas. Maxwell, caretaker, 43 Castle st.
Gunnison, Mrs, 15 London street
Cunynghame, E. Blair, stockbroker, 4a George
street; Telephone, 1140; Telegrams, 'Hame';
house, 15 Lennox street
Curie, Alex., 27 Blackfriars street
Curie, Alexander Ormiston, W.S., 77 George
street ; house, 8 South Learmonth gardens
Curie, Arthur James, teacher of music, 12
Seaview terrace, Joppa
Curie, Hugh, 70 Easter road, Leith
Curie, J., 7 Cargil terrace
Gurley, Agnes, draper, 35 Richmond place ;
house, 12 Oxford street
Curr, David, 3 Denham Green place
Curr, Henry D. , 76 Inverleith row
Curr, John S., 34 Strathearn road
Currall, James W. , messenger, Board of Trade,
Leith, 13 Oakville terrace
Curran Bros., motor engineers, 2 Harrison lane ;
house, 87 Harrison road
Currer, H. W. {G.P.O.), 7 Hillside crescent
Currer, Robert H. {cashier, Goods Department,
Caledonian Railway), 10 East London street
Currer, Miss, 76 Thirlestane road
Currey, James, clerk, 16 St Stephen's
Currie, James, & Co., managers of The Leith,
Hull, and Hamburg Steam Packet Go. Ltd.,
16 Bernard st. ; Telegraph, 'Currie, Leith';
Telephone, 407 and 297 ; and Victoria Dock,
Telephone, 409
CUmilE «fc CO. LTD., building trade, metal,
and coal merchants, Edinburgh, Leith, Glas-
gow, and Greenock. Registered office. Eagle
Buildings, 19 Rosest., Edinburgh; Telegraph,
' Cement, Edinburgh ' ; Telephone, 273 and
274. Depots: Heriothill, Scotland st., and
Morrison st. stations, Edinburgh ; Tower st.
and Junction Bridge station, Leith. Sole
agents for 'Eagle,' Peters Brothers, and
'Goliath' brands pure Portland cement;
Joseph Robinson & Co. Ltd., Carlisle, plaster
of Paris and cement ; Caithness Flagstone Co.
Ltd., Thurso ; Charles Buick & Sons, Alloa;
and J. & R. Howie Ltd., Hurlford ; Doulton
& Co. Ltd. , London and Paisley ; Shanks &
Co. Ltd., BaiThead ; and Twyfords Ltd.,
Hanley, fireclay goods and sanitary ware
manufacturers ; American Radiator Co.,
radiators, boilers, and fittings ; Callenders'
pure bitumen damp course ; Dr Michaelis's
double lever cement - testing apparatus ;
British Uralite Co. Ltd., London, manu-
facturers of ' Uralite ' fire-resisting material,
and asbestos cement sheets ; Maximum Light
Window Glass Ltd., London, manufacturers
of maximum light glass ; Port - Dinorwic,
Penrhyn. Carnarvon, Cumberland, West-
moreland, Lanca.shire, West Highland, Aber-
foyle, and Craiglca slates
Currie, J. T. & J., cycle agents, 36 Marchmont
Currie, Wm., & Co., indiarubber and waterproof
manufacturers, Caledonian Rubber works, 124
to 130 Dairy road; Telegi-aph, 'Currie';
Telephone, 1579 Central
Currie k Co. , wholesale confectioners, 54 Hender-
son street
Currie, Adam, 68 Blackford avenue
Currie, Adam, grocer, wine, and spirit mer-
chant, 96 Ferry road ; ho. 3 Craighall gardens
Currie, Adam, 22 Viewforth
Currie, Adam, carpenter, shop front builder,
joiner, and showcase maker, Newington
joinery works. West Savile terrace; house, 4
South Gray street
Currie, Alex. F., hairdresser, 2 Drummond st. ;
house, 10 Salisbury street
Currie, Archibald, pharmaceutical, analytical,
and photographic chemist, 162 Ferry road ;.
house, 3 Craighall gardens
Currie, Archibald, clerk of works, 167 Gilmore
Currie, Edwin F. , 32 Murrayfield avenue
Currie, George, dairy keeper, 1a Panmure place-
Currie, G. W., C.A., 55 Queen st. ; house, 24
Currie, Heriot, 4 Rintoul place
Currie, James, wine and spirit merchant,,
aerated water manufacturer, 94 and 95
Giles street ; Telephone, 4193 ; house, 13.
Gladstone place, Leith
Currie, James, hairdresser and perfumer, 9
Salisbury place ; house, 3 Sciennes Hill place
Currie, James, plumber, ironmonger, & sanitary
engineer, 38 Marchmont road ; house, 119
Currie, James (/. G. d- Co. ),Larkfield, Wardie rd,
Currie, J. {J. T. & J. C), 18 Livingstone place
Currie, J. Jamieson, 14 Spittal street
Currie, J. L., 73 Mayfield road
Currie, J. S., confectioner, 29 South Back.
Canongate ; house, 74 Elm row
CuiTie, John, macer, 18 St "Vincent street
Currie, John, 151 Slateford road
Currie, John, 16 Scone gardens
Currie, John, 15 Shandon place
Currie, John, 20 Dean park street
Currie, John P., 4 Royal terrace
Currie, Patrick, dairy, 49 St Andrew st. , Leith-
Currie, Robert {church officer. Lady Ycsters),
7 Infirmary street
Currie, Robert, 15 Oxford street
Currie, Robert I. , 58 Great Junction street
Currie, Samuel, 5 Hope Park square
Currie, Samuel, 7 Leslie place
Currie, Thos. W., wine and spirit merchant, 22
Currie, W. Scott, LL.B., S.S.C, 128 George
street ; house, 51 Leamington terrace
Currie, William, Millbank, Grange loan
Currie, William, cork manufacturer, 96 Giles
street, Leith
Currie, William, painter and drysalter, 29 Home
street ; house, 21 Gilmore place
Currie, William, bootmaker, 6a Rossie place
Currie, W. R., tweed finisher, 3 Grange loan
Currie, Mrs David, 4 Blacket place
Currie, Mrs J., grocer, wine and spirit merchant,
1 Canon street ; house, 23 Brandon terrace
Currie, Mrs M., apartments, 20 Montgomery
Cun-ie, Mrs William, 21 Gilmore place

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