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Cunningham, James, & Sons, wood merchants,
Central saw mills, and steam joinery works,
10 James place and 33 Bath street ; packing-
case makers for all trades, malt and grain
scoop and go-barrow manufacturers ; speciality
—back- boards cut for picture frames, and
cloth lapping papered boards, etc. ; Telephone,
127 Leith. Established 1850
Cunningham, J. & J., Ltd., manufacturers of
sulphuric acid, artificial manures, oil cakes,
and feeding stuffs : office, 44 Bernard street ;
sulphuric acid and manure works, 43 to 65
Salamander street (Telephone, 130) ; oil-cake
presses and stores, West Bowling-green street
(Telegraph, 'Cunningham, Leith' ; Telephone,
148) ; distillery bye - j^roduct department,
North British Distillery, Gorgie road (Tele-
graph, ' Scott, c/o Whisky ' ; Telephone,
Cunningham, Albert, wine and spirit broker, 10
Bernard street
Cunningham, Alex., water officer, 22 Ivy
Cunningham, Alexander, draper and clothier,
11 Picardy place
Cunningham, Alexander, 20 Orwell place
Cunningham, Alexander, 43 Ladysmith road
Cunningham, Alexander, 19 Summerside place
Cunningham, Alex., coal merchant, 138 Lothian
road and 37 Dundas street ; house, 12
Gardner's crescent
Cunningham, Alexander B. [J. C. •£• Sons), 5
Prospect Bank road
Cunningham, Andrew, clerk, 10 Craighall cres.
Cunningham, Charles, coal merchant, 10 Port
Hopetoun ; house, 7 Brougham place
Cunningham, Charles, 23 Royal crescent
Cunningham, Daniel M., 11 Hartington place
Cunningham, David, joiner, 33 Caledonian
crescent ; house, 9 Downfield place
Cunningham, David, draper, 13 Crighton place ;
house, 49 Bellevue road
Cunningham, David, 11 Murraylield place
Cunningham, D. G. , 1 Leamington terrace
Cunningham, Prof. D. J., 18 Grosvenor
Cunningham, Edward, commercial traveller, 28
Rutland street
Cunningham, George, headmaster, Torphiehen
Street public school ; house, 33 Murrayfield
Cunningham, George, advocate, 21 Royal circus
Cunningham, James, solicitor (C. «£ Laivson),
20 Lilyhill terrace
Cunningham, James, hydraulic engineer, 8
Montgomery street
Cunningham, James, 5 Brunton place
Cunningham, James, 54 Dundee street
Cunningham, James C, 11 Perth street
Cunningham, James W., 29 Comely Bank road
Cunningham, J., 64 Marchmont crescent
Cunningham, J. B., joiner, 18 Buccleuch
Cunningham, J. G., working jeweller, 18
Hanover street
Cunningham, J. H., 2 Ravelstone place
Cunningham, John, 2 Pirrie street, Leith
Cunningham, John, horse shoer, 20 West
Nicolson street
Cunningham, John, dairykeeper, 3 Salisbury
place ; house, 136 Caiisewayside
Cunningham, John, caretaker, 14 Queen street
Cunningham, John G., 74 Montgomery street
Cunningham, Mathew, house steward. House
of Refuge, 64 Canongate
Cunningham, P., 34 Gillespie crescent
Cunningham, P. G. , 1 Viewforth
Cunningham, P. Maxton {J. S. Sanderson <b
Co.), 5 Queen street ; house, 3 Braid crescent
Cunningham, Richard (sto<io?i agent, Ntwington),.
13 A'^entnor terrace
Cunningham, R., 13 Queen's crescent
Cunningham, R. F., draper and clothier, 85»
Easter road ; house, 34 Alva place
Cunningham, R. S. {Cunningham & Go.), 2S
Brunswick street
Cunningham, R. S., 21 Brunton terrace
Cunningham, Robert, S.S.C, 18 Frederick
street ; house, Pentland grove, Roslin
Cunningham, Robert, 56 Spottiswoode street
Cunningham, St Clair, Marchhall, 16MarchhaB
road ; Telephone, 2660
I Cunningham, Walter, 1 3 Caledonian road
Cunningham, Walter, 44 Hollybank terrace
Cunningham, Walter (/. C & Sons), 6 Prospect
Bank road
Cunningham, William (/. <£• J. C Ltd.), 14
Ramsaj"- garden
Cunningham, William, golf- ball maker, 35-
Leven street ; house, 92 Montpelier park ~
Telephone, 226 Y
Cunningham, AVilliam, 3 Valleyfield street
Cunningham, William, 16 Spittal street
Cunningham, William, 17 Temple Park cres-
Cunningham, William, electrician, 8 Starbank
road. Trinity
Cunningham, William H., 13 Queen's crescent
Cunningham, Mrs Andrew, 6 Kilmaurs road
Cunningham, Mrs John, 7 Marchhall road
Cunningham, Mrs John, 40 Bernard street
Cunningham, Mrs S. J., 86 Leamington terrace
Cunningham, Mrs. William M., 18 St Bernard'!*
Cunningham, Mrs W. R., 207 Bruntsfield place
Cunningham, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 31 Caledonian
Cunningham, Mrs, 31 Montgomery street
Cunningham, Mrs, 74 Montgomery street
Cunningham, Mrs, 22 Chai-les street
Cunningham, Mrs, 198 Easter road, Leith
Cunningham, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 10 Parkside
Cunningham, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 16 Seotlanii
Cunningham, Mrs, 19 Rosevale place
Cunningham, Mrs, 8 Orwell place
Cunningham, Mrs, Craigend, Ferry road
Cunningham, Mrs, 19 Abbotsford park
Cunningham, Miss Mary, 6 Kilmaurs road
Cunningham, Miss, 24 Hillside crescent
Cunningham, Miss, Craighall, Craighall road
Cunningham, Miss, 37 Lygon road
Cunningham, M. & H., dressmakers, 90 Easter
road, Leith
Cunningham, Isabella, 22 Warrender Park
Cunninghame, J. Eraser, 14 Dudley gardens

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