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Croots, John, horse shoer and general black-
smith, 46 Balcarres street ; house, 43
Crooks, J. D., 218 Dairy road
Crookshank, Misses, 6 Moston terrace
Crookston, Robt., tailor and clothier, 23 Parsons-
gi'een terrace
■ Groom, Sir Halliday, Professor of Midwifery,
University of EdMmrgh, M.D., F.R.C.P.E.,
25 Charlotte square
Croom, James Murray, consulting engineer,
valuator, Germanisches Lloyd surveyor, 54
Bernard street ; house, 23 Scotland street
Cropper, Mrs E., greengrocer, 25 Bowling-greeu
Crosbie, A. J., 8 Windmill street
Crosbie, David, grocer, wine and spirit mer-
chant, 196 D air j'^ road
Crosbie, F. M., 5 Bangholm terrace
Crosbie, William, dairyman, 176 Rose street;
house, 174
Crosbie, Mrs A. , Damside laundry, Gorgie ; ho.
Factor's park, Gorgie
Crosbie, Mrs, 6 Derby street
Crosbie, Miss, laundress, 2 Darling's buildings
Crosby, William Scton, 128 Viewtbrth
Cross, A. L., 19 Murraytield avenue
Cross, Charles, 28 Barony street
Cross, J., 25 Gayfield square
Cross Tost Office, 225 High street
Cross, Robert {J. de J. Cunningham), 13 Moray
Crouch, W., & Son, manufacturing jewellers and
goldsmiths, 44 Princes street
Crouch, David H. (C. tfc Son), 34 Mayfield ter.
Crouch, Miss, 25 Gilmour road
Croucher, Robert L., gardener and florist, 29 a
Merchiston crescent; ho. 18 Mardale crescent
Crow & Reid, dairymen, 10 Melville place
Crow, Geo. Scott, watchmaker and jeweller,
143 Rose street ; house, 112
Crow, John, 22 Roseburn place
Crow, Peter, 7 Ashley terrace
Crow, Philip, bootmaker, 26 Marchmont cres.
Crow, Thos., retired builder, 16 Ardmillan ter.
Crow, Thomas, jun., solicitor, 12 Queen street ;
house, 16 Ardmillan terrace
Crow, Wm. J., M.B., Ch.B., 16 Ardmillan
Crow, Wm. Patrick, solicitor, 38 York place ;
house, 123 Craiglea drive
Crow, Mrs David, 13 Roseneath street
Crow, Mrs Robert, 1 9 Panmure place
Crow, Mrs, professional nurse, 18 Dean park
Crowden, S. Graham, 120 Marchmont road
Crowe, Jas. 5 joiner, Willow bank, Corstorphine
road, Murrayfield
Crowe, J. D. , teacher, 3 Meadow place
Crowe, John, 37 Reid terrace
Crowe, Robert, dairy keeper, 33 Trinity road
Crowe, William H., 38 Balgreen road
Crowle, Thomas S., 58 Comiston road
Crown Hotel, 2 West Register street ; James
Stephen, proprietor
Crown Office, 9 Parliament square
Crown Receiver's Office, 29 and 31 H.M,
New Register House
Croy, James, Fillyside gardens, Seafield road
Cruden, William "N., 11 Brunton terrace
Cruelty to Animals, Scottish Society for Pre-
vention of, 19 Melville st. ; Archibald Lang-
will, C.A., secretary and treasurer ; Tel. 2194
hosiers, shirt-makers, clothiers, hatters, and
ladies', gentlemen's, and children's outfitters,
baby liuen warehouse, 57 and 61 George st. ;
Telephone, 1815 Central
CRUICKSHA.IJ'K, SON, & CO., assessors
of fire losses, and valuators, 60 Princes street ;
Telegraph, ' Cruickshank ' ; Telephone, 296 ;
and 7 Ward road, Dundee
Cruickshank, Alexander, 10 Craiglea drive
Cruickshank, Alexander, 19 N.-W. Circus place
Cruickshank, A. M., law clerk, 8 Brunton
Cruickshank, George, watchmaker, 44 Hanover
street ; house, 36 Montgomery street
Craicksliank, George, 22 Albert street
Cruickshank, George, spirit merchant, 19 and
21 Canonmills
Cruickshank, George, 25 Upper Grove place
CRUICKSHANK, JAMES, builder, 34 Tor-
phichen street ; speciality — oven -building ;
Telegraph, 'Ovens'; Telephone, 877. ^See
Adv. index. House, 35 Murrayfield gardens ;
Telephone, 1750
Cruickshank, James, writer, 15 Viewforth
Cruickshank, James, 48 Rosemount buildings
Cruickshank, J. M 'Donald, builder, 61 Ashley
Cruickshank, J. S., accountant, A.S. A.A., 53
York place
Cruickshank, John, fire loss assessor (of Cruick-
shank, Son, & Co.), Glendevon, 15 Midmar
avenue ; Telephone, 374 y
Cruickshank, John, M.A., headmaster, Regent
road public school ; house, 21 Merchiston
Cruickshank, Robert K., 47 James street
Cruickshank, W. G., 15 Gladstone terrace
Cruickshank, William, spirit merchant, 11 E.
Register street ; house, 7 Rankeillor street
Cruickshank, Mrs G. Macaulay, 120 Marchmont
Cruickshank, Mrs William Beattie, 8a Dean ter.
Cruickshank, Mrs, 6 South Oxford street
Cruickshank, Miss, 16 Glengyle terrace
Cruickshank, Miss, apartments, 6 Melville street
Cruickshank, Marion, tobacconist, 20 Albert st.
Cruickshanks, G., & Son, upholsterers, cabinet-
makers, and licensed appraisers, 78. 88, and
90 Leith walk ; Telephone, 172 Leith
Cruickshanks, Alex. J. W. , 14 Parkside street
Cruickshanks, David, 10 Rochester terrace
Cruickshanks, George {Geo. C. <b So7i), 7 Crown
Cruickshanks, James {G. C. <t Son), 25 Dudley
Cruikshank, A. Stewart ( TF. S. C. <L- Son), 86
Montpelier park
Cruikshank, James, confectioner, 5 Young st.
Cruikshank, P., joiner, 55 Ashley terrace
Cruikshank, W. S., & Son, joiners and
builders. Lower Gilmore place
Cruikshank, W. S. ( JV. S. C. & Son), 5 West-
hall gardens
Cruikshanks, Geo., builder, 25 Warrender Park

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