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Crawford, G. W., M.I.Mech.E., consulting
engineer, 41 George street
Crawford, Gerald W., musical conductor, 21
Windsor street
Crawford, Harry George, wine merchant, 9 and
10 Quality street ; house, 98 Polwarth terrace
Crawford, Hugh, engineer and sjnith, 40 N.W.
Thistle Street lane ; house, 143 Dairy road
Crawford, Lieut. James, private inquiry agency,
29 Albion road
Crawford, James, 4 East Broughton place
■CraAvford, James, 1 Home terrace
'Crawford, James, 23 Cathcart place
i'Crawford, J. , 20 Gosford place
kGrawford, J. K. Home, photographer, 130
Princes street ; Telephone, 1828 Edinr., and
11 Y Portobello ; house, 39 Cluny gardens
- Crawford, J. W. {James Gurrie tfc Co.), 21
Stirling road, Trinity
Crawford, John, 20 Colville place
Crawford, John Dawson, M.A., tutor for all
preliminary examinations, 23 George iv.
Crawford, Richard, 35 Lome street
.Crawford, R. {Bernard & Co.), Newbank,
Trinity road
■'Crawford, Robert, 22 Lochrin buildings
'Crawford, Robert Richard, distiller, Leith Dis-
tillery ; house, 51 Stirling road, Trinity
■Crawford, R. W., 34 Strathearn road
''Crawford, Thomas, provision merchant, 171
Gorgie road ; house, 54 Ashley terrace
Crawford, William C, stationer and librarian,
81 Bruntsfield place ; ho. 20 Montpelier pk.
Crawford, W. C, 1 Lockharton gardens, Craig- i
lockhart j
Crawford, William, 20 St. Peter's place
Crawford, William, 24 Colville place
.Crawford, William ( W. G. & Sons), 8 Laverock-
Ibank terrace
'Crawford, William, 12 Carlton street
-Crawford, William, 36 Caledonian crescent
Crawford, Wm., confectioner, 56 Leith street
Crawford, Mrs Aikman, 13 Fountainhall road
Crawford, Mrs A. H., 4 Seton place
Crawford, Mrs D., 21 Windsor street
Crawford, Mrs James, 42 Marchmont road
Crawford, Mrs Jessie B., 81 Morningside drive
Crawford, Mrs Knox, 39 Cluny gardens
■ Crawford, Mrs Thomas, 57 Marchmont road
Crawford, Mrs, 24 Morningside park
Crawford , Mrs, Park lodge, 5 Tantallon place
Crawford, Mrs, 41 Ann street
■ Crawford, Mrs, 4 Rankeillor street
Crawford, Misses, 19 Bernard terrace
•Crawford, Miss A., apartments, 17 Grosvenor
■'Crawford, Miss J. G., 103 Marchmont road
^Crawford, Miss, stationer, 135 Gt. Junction st.
Crawford, Miss, 17 Mentone terrace
Crawford, Miss, 60 Marchmont road
Crawford, Janet Mackinnon, 76 Inverleith row
Crawford's Company of Porters, 1 Constitution
Cray, M., stationer and newsagent, 5 Tanfield
Cream, And., laundry, Heriot cottage, Brandon
Creamery Co. Ltd., The ; Wm. Anderson, agent,
30 Grindlay street
Crear, William J., 63 Warrender Park road
Crear, Mi-s, 57 Merchiston crescent
Crear, Miss, 33 Thirlestane road
Crease, James B., & Co. Limited, family linen
and outfit warehouse, 52 Hanover street
Crease, William, 4 Sylvan place
Creche, The, or Day Nursery, 40 Holyrood
square, 6 Grove street, and 27 Clarence street
Credit Reform Association, The, Trade Protec-
tion, 37 North Castle street
Creighton, Mrs, 24 Trinity road
Crerar& Houston, spirit merchants, 229 Cowgate
Crerar Brothers, corn merchants, 53 Bernard st. ;
Telegraph, 'Cereals, Leith'; Telephone, 175
Crerar, Daniel, 1 Fettes row
Crerar, James G. , teacher of music, 2 Windsor
Crerar, John, Braid Hill Hotel Co., Morningside
Crerar, J. {Q.P.O.), 16 Dal ziel place
Crerar, Rev. T., M.A. {U.F.C.), 7 Laverockbank
Crerar, Mrs, Tayville, 52 Craigmillar park
Crerar, Miss, 10 Home street
Crerar, Miss, teacher (Jb/wi. Watson's Institution),
Belford road. Dean
Crespigny, Charles Champion de, 5 St Andrew
square ; house, 5 Queen's Bay crescent, Joppa
Cresser, J. A., 29 Ros*neath terrace
Cresser, Robert, brush manufacturer and cooper,
40 Victoria street ; house, 86 West Bow
Cresswell, Robert, 12 Buccleueh place
Creswell, Clarendon H. {office^', Royal College
of Surgeons), 7 Hill sqnare
Creyk, John, 92 Montpelier park
Cribbes, George, engineer and electrical con-
tractor, Beaverhall Works, Beaverhall road ;
house, 2 Howard street
Cribbes, George, 4 Torphichen place
Cribbes, James, turner, 22 Greenside place
Cribbes, Miss, 13 Brandon terrace
CRICHTON, JAMES, & CO., silversmiths to
the Highland and Agricultural Society, 47
George street
Crichton, Alex., 43 Bangor road
Crichton, Alex., slater and glazier, 137 Rose st.
CRICHTON, DAVID {from James Crichton <b
Co.), goldsmith, silversmith, clock and watch-
maker, 89 Princes street ; Telegraph, ' Gems '
Crichton, David, R.N., M.I.N. A., consulting
engineer, Camperdown, 6 Duncan street
Crichton, David Douglas, 69 York place
Crichton, David J., engineer, 6 Ryehill gardens
Crichton, David W., printer and publisher, 38
Cockburn street
Crichton, George, 6 Cameron park
Crichton, George, 20 Nelson street
Crichton, James A., teacher of music, 29
Frederick street ; house, 3 Oxford street
Crichton, J., joiner, 118 Duke street, Leith
CK.ICHTON', J. D., jeweller, watchmaker,
gold and silver smith, 60 Leith Street ;
Telegraph, ' Vigilantibus ' ; Telephone, 981;
house, 15 Leopold place
Crichton, John, butcher, 3 Cadzovv' place ;
house, 5 Edina place
Crichton, John, silversmith, 215 Bruntsfield pi.
Crichton, John, 65 Spottiswoode street
Crichton, John L., grocer and wine merchant,
45 Cumberland st. ; house, 35 Bellevue road

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