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Craigside Envelope Co., The, 92 Dumbiedykes
road ; Telegraph, ' Craigside ' ; Telephone,
Craik, Andrew, railway guard, 6 Albert place
Craik, Andrew, tobacconist {successor to Robert
Beveridge), 3 Leith street and 11 and 13
Waterloo place
Craik, Andrew, 37 M 'Donald road
Craik, David, hosier and hatter, 59 Elm row
and 100 Leith st. ; house, 23 Brunswick st.
Craik, Edward, 3 Caledonian crescent
Craik, Jas. Bowstead, W.S., 13 Abercromby pi.
Craik, Jeft'rey Wm., 23 Eyre crescent
Craik, John, 16 Fettes row
Craik, Thomas, 24 Jameson place
Craik, Mrs James, 13 Abercromby place
Cram, Charles, 10 Comely Bank place
Cram, James, 7 Cornwallis place
Cram, Mrs, 7 Cornwallis place
Cramb, James, plasterer. Lower Gilmore place ;
house, 10 Viewforth terrace
Cramb, John, caretaker, 34 St Andrew square
Cramb, Peter, 66 Dundee street
Cramb, Robert, 35 Viewforth
coach and cab proprietor, New Veterinary
College, Elm row and Easter road ; liouse,
21 M'Douald road; Telephone, 1210. ^See
Adv. index
Cramond, Archibald, 26 Hay terrace
LIMITED ; receiving office, 93 Pitt street
Telephone, 1013. :^ See Adv. index
Cramphorn, Frederick T., 10 Bruntsfield gdns.
CRAN, JOHN, & CO., engineers, ship builders,
and boilermakers, Tower st., 5 and 6 Shore,
and Queen's Dock ; Telegraph, ' Cran, Leith ' ;
Telephone, 4005
Cran, Alex., M.A., D.Litt., Ph.D. (teacher of
modern languages, Royal High School), 1 Peel
Cran, James, 2 Rosebank terrace
Cran, John, engineer {J. C. <k Co.), 11 Bruns-
wick street ; Telephone, 1116
Cran, Peter, 20 Spittal street
Crane & Sons Ltd. (N. M. Livingstone, agent),
18 Cockburn street ; house, 20 Rodney street
CRANSTON & ELLIOT LTD., silk mercers,
general drapers, house furnishers, cabinet-
makers, upholsterers, house agents, and
removal contractors, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, and
38 Princes street ; Telegraph, ' Merit ' ; Tele-
phone, 98 ; factory, 3 South Gray street ;
London warehouse, 82, 84,86 Southampton row
Cranston Hill Baking Co., 89a Canongate
Cranston, A., & Co., coal masters, 189 Morrison
Cranston, James, & Co., stevedores. Constitu-
tion place
Cranston, David, grocer, 139 Gilmore place
and 130 VieAvforth
Cranston, George Easton, traveller, 35 Royal
Park terrace
Cranston, Henry, 5 Steel's place
Cranston, James, painter and decorator, 1a
Argyle place ; house, 1 Argyle place
Cranston, R., 28 Lauriston place
Cranston, Sir Robert, Rt. Hon. Lord Provost
(C. ds Elliot Ltd.), Dunard, Grange loan
Cranston, T., 4 Marchmont crescent
Cranston, Mrs, 7 East Restalrig terrace
Cranston, Mrs, 14 Caledonian place
Cranston, Mrs, 22a Fettes row
Cranston, Elizabeth C, 20 Lauriston gardens
Cranstonhill Bakeiy, 6 Jeffrey street
Craven, Goodwin, tutor, 6 Union place
Craven, Thomas, 24 St Peter's place
Craw, Alexander, & Sons, builders, 44 Eyre pi.;
liouse, 5 Eyre place
Craw, Henry, 6 Roseneath terrace
Craw, James A. {A. C. Jb Sons), 58 Eyre place
Craw, Robert F., 77 M 'Donald road
Craw, Robert Stobie, 39 Claremont terrace
Craw, Mrs, 25 Grange road
Craw, Miss R., ladies' tailor, 6 Roseneath terrace
Craw, Miss, costumier, 77 M'Donald road
Crawford & Crawford, S.S.C., 14b George street
Crawford & Gumming, consulting engineers
(electrical and mechanical), 41 George street ;
Telephone, 1222
Crawford, A. & A., dairy produce and rice
importers, 9 and 10 Quality street
Crawford, A. & A., wliolesale v.me and spiiit
merchants, 9 and 10 Quality street
Crawford, J. Knox, & Son, S.S.C, IOa George
street ; Telegraph, ' Crawford ' ; Telephone,
Crawford, Robert, & Co., whisky merchants, 41
Yard heads ; Telegraph, 'Mona, Leith'
Crawford Shoe Co., 8 Kirkgate
Crawford, Wm., & Sons, biscuit manufacturers,
Elbe St., and 24 and 25 Bevis Marks, London,
E.G., and Fairfield Biscuit Works, Liverpool ;
Telegraph, ' Crawson, Leith ' ; Telephone, 436
Crawford, Alexander, 34 Caledonian crescent
Crawford, A., 103 Marchmont road
Crawford, A. C, 5 Watson crescent
Crawford, A. Hunter, architect, F.R.I.B.A.,
10 Randolph place ; house, The Nook, Prim-
rosebank road. Trinity
Crawford, Archibald A. {A. d: A. C), 31
Fountainhall road
Crawford, Charles S., S.S.C. (C. cfc C), 14b
George street ; house, 13 Fountainhall road
Crawford, C, 39 Polwarth gardens
Crawford, C, spirit dealer, 10 Annfield; ho. 11
Crawford, David, stationer and newsagent, 75
S. Clerk street ; house, 13 E. Preston street
Crawford, David, S.S.C, N.P., IOa George st..
{J. Knox, C. & Son) ; house, 39 Cluny gdns.
Crawford, David, church-officer, 5 So. Clerk st.
Crawford, David, dairy, 40 Halmyre street ;:
house, 60 Lome street
Crawford, David S., baker and confectioner,
32 Shore (Telephone, Leith 834), and 51
Hanover street
Crawford, Donald, advocate. K.C. {sheriff of
Aberdeen, Kincardine, d: Banff), 35 Chester
Crawford, E. Mitchell, commercial traveller,
22 Warrender Park road
Crawford, Francis, 19 Royal terrace
Crawford, George (secy., Rosewell Gas Coal Co,
Ltd. ), 60 Marchmont road
Crawford, George, grocer, 10 Dean path ; house,
16 Belford road, Dean
Crawford, G. M., S.S.C. (C. dc C), 14b George
street ; house, 4 Seton jilace

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