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Cowe, E.., 19 Springweil place
Cowe, W. A., Civil Service messenger, 101
George street ; house, 19 Bruntslield avenue
Cowe, W. G. , 71 Dalmeny street
Cowe, Mrs B., 7 St Vincent street
.Cowe, Mrs, 38 Rankeillor street
Cowie & Dickson, analytical chemists, 26 Clyde
COWIE, WILLIAM, & SON, builders and
contractors, 6 Angle Park terrace ; yards,
west end Watson crescent ; house, 3 Eva
place, Blackford avenue. ^!iSee Adv. index
Cowie, Alex., Eden lodge, 2 Eden lane
Cowie, A. K. , 45 Madeira street
Cowie, Ebenezer G., 31 Ealcon avenue
•Cowie, Edward M., 71 Comiston road
Cowie, E. M., 233 Leith walk
Cowie, George, chemist and druggist, 40 Dublin
street ; house, 37 Dublin street
Cowie, George, livery stables and riding school,
2, 9, and 11 Charlotte lane
Cowie, George M., 14 Glenisla gardens
Cowie, George W, {W. C. ds Son), 3 Eva place
Cowie, Plarold, solicitor, 122 George street ;
house, 14 Zetland place
Cowie, Isaac J. (secretary to the Council of the
City of Edinburgh Charity Organisation
Society) , 28 Rutland^street ; house, The Cot-
tage, Corstorphine
Cowie, James, & Son, builder and house agent,
38 Haddington place
Cowie, John, 10 Lochrin buildings
Cowie, John, grocer, 213 Gorgie road
Cowie, John, 11 Grindlay street
Cowie, John W. , music teacher, 130 George
street ; house, 60 Spottiswoode street
Cowie, Eobert, dealer in antique furniture, 41
Shandwick place
Cowie, R. A., watchmaker and jeweller, 224
Dairy road
Cowie, R. H., 152 Morningside road
Cowie, William, 6 Rosslyn crescent
Cowie, William, joiner, 38 Haddington place
Cowie, Captain William, R.N.R., 14 Zetland
Cowie, W. Anderson [W.C.d: Son), 84 Polwarth
Cowie, William B., F.G.S., 26 Clyde street;
house, 26 East Claremont street
Cowie, Mrs G. Paxton, milliner, 46 Pitt street ;
house, 14 Cumberland street
Cowie, Mrs John, 38 Warrender Park road
Cowie, Mrs R. , 48 Braid road
Cowie, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 8 William street
Co^^^e, Mrs, 45 Minto street
Cowie, Mrs, 6 Rosslyn crescent
Cowie, Mrs William, 84 Polwarth gardens
Cowie, Miss Margaret M. , L.I.S.M., teacher of
pianoforte, 84 Polwarth gardens
Cowieson, P., publisher, printseller, picture-
frame maker, gilder, and general warehouse-
man, 39a and 41 Lothian street, and 1, 3, 5,
and 7 Brighton street; ho. 4 Morningside
Cowley, James, civil engineer, 4 St Clair terrace
Cowley, John, 13 Eyre crescent
Cowley, Miss H., 3 Monmouth terrace
Cowley-Brown, Rev. GeLiion {rector of St John' s
Episcopal Church), 9 Grosvenor street
Cownie, W., & Sons, tailors and clothiers, 63
South Bridge street
Cownie, Colin B., ordained surveyor, 17 Yiox:k
place ; house, 31 Mayfield gardens
Cownie, C. J., clothier, 39 South Bridge ; house,
15 Scotland street
Cownie, David S., 26 Dalrymple crescent
Cownie, Edward W. {Highgate. <fc C), 1 Wind-
sor street
Cownie, Francis S., S.S.C., 14 Queen street ;;
Telephone, 03085 ; house, 12 Braid road
Cownie, Harry, teacher of violin, 15 Scotland
COWNIE, HARRY, director of West End
School of Music, 15 West Maitland street j
ho. 15 Scotland street. ii<See Adv. index
Cownie, J. G., & Sou, tailors and clothiers, 3&
South Bridge street
Cownie, Stephen, 2 Woodburn place
Cownie, Mrs T. 0., 26 Dalrymple crescent
Cownie, Mrs, dressmaker, 2 Woodburn place
Cowper, Charles N., W.S., 3 Bruntsfield cres.
Cowper, Charles R., traveller, 134 BnmtoB-
Cowper, David, 2 Kinghorn place
Cowper, George S., 17 Scotland street
Cowper, James, 26 Pitt street
Cowper, James B., 59 Comely Bank road
Cowper, John E. B., potato merchant ; Hay-
market goods station ; Telephone, 20 ; house,
Gogar house, Corstorphine; Telephone, 15 Cor-
Cowper, John, 24 Calton hill
Cowper, John, 27 Comely Bank avenue
Cowper, John, 41 M 'Donald road
CowTier, John, 93 Morrison street
Cowper, Ralph C, shipping agent, 11 Commer-
cial street ; house, 4 Denham Green jjlace
Cowper, William G., plumber and gastitter, 16
N.-W. Circus place; house, 6 Spring gardens,.
Cowper, W. H. , 7 Scotland sti'eet
Cowper, Mrs Chas. N. , 3 Bruntsfield crescent
Cox, J. & G., Ltd., glue and gelatine manu-
facturers, Gorgie mills ; Telephone, Central
Cox, Douglas H., 10 Drumsheugh place
Cox, Frederick, 111 Montgomery street
Cox, Harold B., 10 Drumsheugh place
Cox, W^alter George, surveyor of taxes, 14
Waterloo place
Cox, Mrs Margaret Dryden, 29 Marchmont road
Cox, Mrs, 163 Lothian road
Coyle, R. M., 42 Sandport street
Coyne, Stephen, hotelkeejier, restaurateur, and
purveyor, 170-172 Constitution street
Cozens, Henry, jun., news agent, 25 Trinity
Cozens, Mrs Margaret Reid, 21 Darnell road.
Crabbe, A. M., gardener and florist, St Margaret's
nursery, Hope terrace
Crabbe, Charles (G.P.O.), 4 Downfield place
Crabbe, Miss, 2 Lord Russell place
Grabble, John, & Co. Limited, wine and spirit
merchants, distillers, and rectifiers, 108 Great
Junction street
Crabbie, George, 8 Rothesay terrace
Grabble, J. E., 8 St Colme 'street

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