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Cook. & Bernhemier, The Co. {New York agents),
James Munro & Son, Ltd., 123 Constitution
Cook, Thomas, & Son, World's Ticket Offices,
shipping agents, and passage brokers, 120a
Princes street ; Telegi-aph, ' Coupon '
Cook, W. & J., W.S., 61 Castle street; Tele-
graph, 'Sixty-one'; Telephone, 1826 Central
Cook, William, & Sons Ltd., oven builders,
Burnside Works, Piershill
Cook, W., & Son, hairdressers and perfumers,
20 Deanhaugh street ; house, 6 Perth street
Cook, Wni. Home,,& Co., C.A., 42 Castle, st.
Cook, Albert, 21 Rosebank cottages
Cook, Alex., fish salesman,: 14 Jeffrey St., Fish-
. market Edinburgh, Fishmarket Newhaven ;
. house, 12 Pilrig street
Cook, Archibald, grocer and spirit merchant,
24 Barony street
Cook, Charles, W. S. , 61 Castle street ; house,
11 Belgrave crescent
Cook, Sir Henry, W.S. & N.P., 61 Castle st. ;
■house, 22 Eglinton crescent
Cook, James (/. G. & Co.), 11 Richmond ter.
Cook, James, 17 Almondbank terrace
Cook, James, 7 Leslie place
Cook, James, 42 Stewart terrace
Cook, James Allan (Scottuh Union and National
Insurance Co.), 37 Buckingham terrace
Cook, J., 44 Ryehill avenue
Cook, Robert, 105 Mayfield road
Cook, Robert, office of the Inspector of Anatomy
for Scotland, 12 Buccleuch place
Cook,. Thomas, fishmonger, 22 Lothian street ;
house, 12 Pilrig street
Cook, William Home, C.A., 42 Castle street;
■ house, 11 Belgrave crescent
Cook, W. Lindsay, solicitor, 47 George street ;
house, 40 Strathearn road
Cook, Mis G. , 5 Ann street
Cook, Mrs, 22 India street
Cook, Mrs, teacher of music, cert. .R.A.M.,
105 Mayfield road
Cook, Misses, 27 Regent terrace
Cook, Miss C. A., 12 Buccleuch place
Cook, Miss, 374 Castle hill
Cook, Miss, 21 Coates crescent
Cook, Margaret, umbrella maker, 41 Haymarket
Cooke, Andrew, 9 Comiston terrace
Cooke, Edwin, M.A., A.Sc, 181 Morningside
Cooke, H. H., B.A., assistant master, Fettes
Cooke, James, 68 Ferry road
Cooke, Thomas, 14 Rosslyn crescent
Cooke, Mrs J. M., 12 Parkside terrace
Cooke, Miss, 3 Lonsdale terrace
Cooke Miss .(sMccessor to Miss Adam), baby linen
■ warehouse, 22 South Bridge street ; house,
12 Parkside terrace
Cooke, Misses, 14 Fountainh all road
; street. >}iSee Adv. index
Cookie, Mrs, 1 Broiighton place
Cooney, Mrs J., broker, 36 Blair street; house,
. 15, St. ,Mary street
Cooper k Brodie, W.S. and N.P., 40 Castle st.
Cooper & Durie, art photographers, 18 Ne wing-
ton road
Cooper & M'Leod, brewers. Castle Brewery,
79. Grassmarket; Telegraph, 'Castle'; Tele-
phone, 728
Cooper & Taylor, architects, 29 Frederick street
Cooper & Co., drapers and milliners, 14LHigh
Cooper & Co., grocers and provision merchants,
88 Leith street, 71 Lothian road, 140 Nicol-
son St., 170-172 Fountainbridge, 337 Leith
walk, 108 Kirkgate, and 36 Great Junction st.
Cooper, George, & Co., wholesale stationery
bookbinders, 40 Niddry st. ; Telephone, 1712
Cooper, Thomas, & Co. , wholesale warehousemen
andmanufrs., Jeffrey st. ; Telegraph, ' Wools' ;
Telephone,. 1395 Central
Cooper, Alexander, saddler, 60 Grassmarket ;
house, 17 Gillesj^ie crescent
Cooper, Arthur George, 92 Montgomery street
Cooper, A. H., W.S. and N.P. {C. <b Brodie),
40 Castle street ; house, 64 Manor place
Cooper, A. Johnstone, 18 Newington road
Cooper, Charles (it. Anderson tfc Co.), 10 Cor-
rennie drive
Cooper, Charles, teacher, 13 Lismore crescent
Cooper, David, teacher of piano and organ, 5
Morton street, Leith
Cooper, David {G.P.O.), 10 South Elgin street
Cooper, D., 9 South Elgin street
Cooper, Donald, 21 Jamaica street
Cooper, Francis, 29 Duke street, Leith
Cooper, F. T., K.O., 41 Drunisheugh gardens
Cooper, Frederick W. H., 342 Morningside
Cooper, George Paterson, chemist and druggist,
5 Anchorfield ; house, 4
Cooper, G., 8 Summerhall square
Cooper, James, stationer and tobacconist, 48
Craighall road
Cooper, James, 12 St. Vincent street
Cooper, James B., house painter and decorator,
9 Tanfield ; house, 3 Colville place
Cooper, J., fruiterer and florist, 70 Newington
road ; house, 62
Cooper, J. H. {(f C. <& Taylor), 115 Warrender
Park road
Cooper, J. W. {G. & Co.), 16 Jeffrey street
Cooper, John H. , Castle brewery, 79 Grass-
market ; house, Meggetland, 135 Colinton rd.
Cooper, John H. (Major), 29 Frederick street
Cooper, John W., commercial traveller, 15
Alderbank place
Cooper, John, 35 Darnell road
Cooper, Peter, 4 Crown street
Cooper, P., caretaker, 49 Albany street
Cooper, R., 37 Newington road
Cooper, R., tailor and clothier, 66 Great Junction
street ; house, 2 Albany street, Leilh
Cooper, R. P., 23 Gayfield square
Cooper, Thomas, 7 Reid terrace
Cooper, Thomas H. {Thos. C. & Co.), 10 Green-
hill jdace
Cooper, William, 16 Caledonian road
Cooper, William, waiter, 17 Upper Grove place
Cooper, William, 20 Bruntsfield avenue
Cooper, William, boot and shoe maker, 150
Easter road
Cooper, William, grocer, 151 West Port

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