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Condie, George James, wood carver, 174 Cow-
Gondie, George, 231 Great Junction street
Congleton, William, 1 Barclay place
Congregational Theological Hall, 30 George
square ; Rev. J. M. Hodgson, D. D. , principal ;
Ptev. A. F. Simpson, M.A., and Rev. A.
McNair, M. A. , professors ; treasurer, Mr J.
Orr, Glasgow
Conishead Priory Hydropathic Co. Limited ;
Arch. Langwill, C. A., sec, 19 Melville street
Conlan, Patrick, 269 Canongate
â– Conley, Helen, 16 Edina place
Connell & Campbell, S.S.C., 10 N. St David
-street; Telegraph, 'Tenacity'; Telephone,
€onnell, James T., & Co., Limitetl, maltsters
and hop merchants, 122 George street
Connell, Christopher James, 22 Inverleith row
Connell, Hardress L., 17 Comely Bank place
Connell, Isaac, S.S.C. (C. <& Campbell), secretary
- to The Royal Scottish Agricultural Benevolent
Institution, The Scottish Chamber of Agri-
culture, The Scottish County and Mercantile
Insurance Co. Ltd., 10 North St David street ;
house, 2 Lygon road
Connell, James T., hop, malt, and grain mer-
chant, 122 George street ; house, Lyndhurst,
Murrayfield avenue
Connell, Mrs, laundress, 15a Leslie place
Connelly, J. W., & T., tyre smiths, 28 King's
Stables road
Conner, Patrick, provision merchant, 267 &
269 Cowgate
Gonnet, John, 42 North Fort street
Connolly, James {G.P.O.), 73 Nicolson street
Connolly, M., butcher, 76 North Junction st. ;
house, 1 Bowling Green street
Connolly, Thomas, 2 Logie Green road
Connon, Peter T., 30 Carlyle place
Connon, Robert, solicitor {Davidson & Syvie),
28 Charlotte square ; Telephone, Central
2350 ; house, 59 Trinity road ; Telephone,
Granton 69
Connor, Hugh, 18 Eyi-e place
Connor, Robert, 22 Viewforth
Connor, Thomas, picture framer, 6 Albert place
Conochie, Peter, 7 Bruntsfield avenue
Conochie, W. B. , wholesale warehouseman, 30
Hanover street ; house, 32 Dundas street
Conquer, William, 76 Inverleith row
Conquergood, Frank, district agent, S. Allsopp
& Son Ltd., Lothian Road station ; house, 12
Antigua street
Conquergood, Miss, 2 Colinton road
Conradi, C. G., 51 Clerk street
Conservative Association, West Division, 34
Castle St. ; Roht. Stewart, solicitor, secretary
Conservative Club, Scottish, 112 Princes street
Considine, Hugh Patrick, Roman Catholic
clergyman, St Andrew's Church, Edgehill,
Ravelston place, Belford road, Dean
Considine, Wm., S.S.C. and N.P., 2 Queen
street and 12 North St David street ; house,
2 Alvanley terrace
Consolidated Petroleum Co. Ltd. ; William
Rutherford, manager, 10 Picardy place
Constable & Sym, W.S., 2 Hill street; Tele-
graph, ' Vindex ' ; Telephone, 2229
Constable, T. & A., printers to His Majesty, 11
Thistle street ; Telegraph, ' Constable ' ;
Telephone, 85
Constable, Andrew, solicitor, 20 George street ;
house, 35 Raeburn place
Constable, A. H. B., advocate, 23 Royal circus
Constable, James, 5 Seafield road, Leith
Constable, Joseph, 37 Stewart terrace
Constable, N. Briggs, W.S., 2 Hill street;
house, 4 Alvanley terrace ; Telephone, 1810
Constable, William, architect, 3 Hill street ;
house, 84 Inveresk road, Musselburgh
Constable, Miss, private school and teacher of
music, 60 Inverleith row
Consuls —
Argentine Republic, (acting) John S. Menzies,
jun., 56 Bernard street, Leith; house, 2
Netherby road. Trinity
Austro-Hungarian Imperial and Royal Vice-
Consul, Charles J. Turcan, 63 Constitution
Belgian, John Somerville, 53 Bernard street ;
house, 9 Cluny avenue
Belgian Vice-Consul, Chas. Sarolea, D.Ph.D.
Litt. University ; ho. Hermitage, Colinton
Brazilian, D. W. Stevenson, 15 Assembly st.
Chilian, Patrick Blair, W.S., 19 Ainslie
Congo Free State, Charles Sarolea, D.Ph.D.
Litt. University ; ho. Hermitage, Colinton
Danish Consul-General, Edmund Berry, 41
Constitution street ; house, 7 Belgrave pi.
Vice-Consul for Granton, F. J. Salvesen,
Danish Vice-Consul, 41 Constitution st., Leith
French, Theodore Salvesen, consular agent,
29 Bernard street ; Telephones, 450 and
290 Leitli
German Imperial, Hugo Knoblauch, 22 Baltic
street ; house, Agra lodge. Ferry road ;
Telephone, 417 ; house Telephone, 560
Greek, F. W. Hadden, 1 Bank street. Leith
Italian, Richard Mackie, 56 Bernard street ;
house. Trinity grove, Tiinity
Librarian, H. S. N. Callender, W.S., 30 Queen
Netherlands, Consul, A. V. Turnbull, 8
Commercial street
Ottoman, F. Brichta, 2 Commercial street
Portuguese, Vice, James Smith, 21 Bernard
Russian, Peter Macdougal, 68 Constitution
Spanish, John S. Menzies, jun., 56 Bernard
street ; house, 2 Netherby road, Trinity
Swedish, 68 Constitution street
United States Consul, Rufus Fleming ; Vice
and Deputy, Frederick P. Piatt, 8 York
Continental Hotel, 7 and 9 Mouse lane
Convalescent Home, Corporation, Campie Ho.,
Musselburgh ; Miss E. A. Stewart, supt.
Convent or Helpers of Holy Souls ; Mary
Chasseaud, mother superior, 8 Ravelston park
Convention of Royal Burghs ; joint agents,
W. & J. L. Officer, W.S., 21 Castle street
Conyngham, Rev. G. H. Lenox, M.A. {assistant
master, Fettes College), Kimmerghame house,
4 Moredun crescent

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