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Collier & King, plumbers and tinsmiths, 109
Giles street, Leith
Collier, David, cliautfeur, 13 Murrayfield place
Collier, John C. {Sasine Office, liegister Bouse),
10 St Ninian's terrace
Collier, Thomas J., 11 Glendevon place
Collier, W. A., caretaker, Tublic Library;
house, 14 George iv. Bridge
Collier, Catherine, draper, 18 Roxburgh place
Collin, Thomas, 1 J Warrender Park crescent
Collins, Wm., Sons, & Co. Ltd., publishers, 43
Jeffrey street
Collins, Andrew, bird dealer, 63a Cockburn st.
and 16 Flcshmarket close
Collins, Anthony, greengrocer, 37 Admiralty
Collins, James, trunk and portmanteau maker,
75 Lothian road ; house, 79
Collins, John, 21 St Andrew square
Collins, Lawrence, house jjjainter, 23a Howe
street ; house, 68 Raeburn place
Collins, Stuart, 12 Clarence street
Collins, Misses, 38 Moray place
Collins, Miss Jenuett, artist, 28 Forth street
Collins, Miss Mary, 28 Forth street
CoUinson, Thomas IL, Mus. Bac, organist and
choirmaster, 5 Portgower place
CoUison, James, 39 Bangor road
Collison, William, apartments, 95 AVarrender
Park road
Colman, And. Robertson, 247a Morningside rd.
Colman, J. & J., Limited, mustard and starch
manufacturers and millers, 22 N. Bridge st.
Colman, A. Robertson, 78 Comiston drive
Colonial Mutual Lite Assurance Society Ltd.,
8 North St David st. ; John H. H. Tu'rnbull,
resident secret.iry
Colquhouu, Colonel Alan, C. B. {2rd Brigade
Scottish Division, Royal Artillery), 1 Royal ter.
Colquhoun, Francis, pastry baker and confec-
tioner, 7 Keir street ; house, 5
Colquhoun, Mrs, 16 Viewforth square
Colquhoun, Mrs, 9 Merchiston crescent
Colquhoun, Sai-ah Jane, confectioner, 114
Bruntsfield place ; hoirse, 16 Viewforth sq.
Colson, Mrs LI., 165 Dalkeith road
Colston & Co. Limited, printers, 80 Rose street ;
John H. Young, manager and secretary
Colston, Mrs Mary, confectioner, 40 India place
Col tart, James D., 92 Easter road, Leith
Coltart, John, agent, B. L. Co.'s Bank, 2 North
Junction street ; house, 4 Derby st., Trinity
Coltart, Mrs, 264 Leith walk
Coltart, Miss Geoi-gina D., apartments, 322
Morningside road
Colthart, Alexander, dairyman, 22 India place
Coltherd, James, 38 Cumberland street
Goltman, William J. , 66 Thirlestane road
Coltness Iron Co. Limited, iron and coal masters,
22 Bernard street
Colville, Arthur, & Co., builders, 20 Mayfield
rd. ; stone yard, 201 Dairy rd. ; Telephone, 832
Colville, Dav. , greengrocer, 2 Viewforth : ho. 15
Colville, D. J., telegraphist {G.P.O.), 27 Glen-
devon jdace, Murrayfield
Colville, John, 4 Drumsheugh gardens
Colville, William, gardener, St Ronan's nursery,
St Ronan's terrace
Colville, William; pattern maker, 36 Bangor rd.
Colville, Mrs John, Glenlee, 20 Colinton road
Colville, Miss E., 8 Bridge place
Colville, Miss, dressmaker, 33 East cottages,
Colvin, Mrs, 193 Bruntslield place
Colyer, William Alexander, sinrit merchant, 34
Candlemaker row ; house. 111 Marchniont rd.
Colyer, Miss M., confectioner, 93 Canongatc
Comaskey, John L., 37 Forrest road
Combe, F., SOe Dairy road
Combe, George, 33 Commercial street
Combe, William, 55 Spottiswoode street
Combe, Mrs Charles J., 14 Clarendon crescent
Combe, Misses, 1 Easter road
Combe, Miss, teacher of music, 16 Spottiswoode
Combe's London Porter Stores, 9 and 10 Quality
street ; A. & A. Crawford, agents
Commercial Bank of Scotland Ltd., 14 George
street, Alexander Bogie, general manager :
Branches, 65 Easter road, 42 Grassmarket, 2
Greenside place, 2 Grosvenor street, 46 Home
street, 1 Comiston road, 52 ]\Iinto street, 80
Nicolson street, 31 North Bridge street, 12
North- West Circus place, 32 AVariender Park
road, 1 Shandwick place, Edinburgh, and 60
Constitution street and 145 Great Junction
street, Leith ; Telephone, 105
Bennett Cables), 18c George street (Telephone,
384) ; and 5 Bernard st. Leith (Telephone,
589) ; John Smith, superintendent
Commercial Hotel, 27 Sandport street, Leith ;
M. Hanson, proprietor
TION, 55 and 57 Shandwick place ; George
M'Adam, principal
Commercial Union Assurance Co. Limited, 6%
Hanover street; W. P. Wilson Brodie, C. A.,
district manager ; Telegraph, ' Cuaco ' ; Tele-
phone, 179
Commissary Office, 2 Parliament square ; Ralph
Richardson, W.S., clerk
J. R. Hay commanding, 99 Shandwick pi. ;
D. H. Robertson, sergeant-major
Common, F. J., com. trav., 7 Leven terrace
Common, John, 64 Rosemount buildings
Common, John S., dental surgeon, 4 Leopold pi.
Common, John S. {Darien Press), 20 Thirle-
stane road
Common, Ralfih S., electrotyper and stereotyper,
15 St James' square
Common, Mrs A., 4 Leopold place
Compton, J., 8 Caledonian place
Comrie Thomson & Ramage, stockbrokers, 29
St Andrew square ; Telephone, 1230 ; Tele-
graph, ' Sound '
Comrie, John {Inland Revenue), 8 Lauriston park
Comrie, Jn. D., M.A., B.Sc, M.B., M.R.C.P.E. ;
7 South-east Circus place
Connie, Mrs John, 16 Warrender Park crescent
Comrie, Miss H. S., 1 Morningside place
Comrie, Miss, 4 Upper Dean terrace
Conboy, John, grocer and spirit merchant, 8
Parliament place ; house, 13 East Hermitage
Conboy, Miss M. A., saleroom, 55 Candlemaker

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