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Cockburu, Eobert, & Co., grocers and wiue
merchants, 51 Frederick street
Cockburn, Alexander, 5 Airlie place
Cockburn, Alex., liorse dealer, 3t) Grassmarket
Cockburn, Alex.W., C.E. and architect, 39 York
place ; house, 5 Lady road
Cockburn, A. Myrtle, M.A., teacher, 10 Braid-
burn crescent
Cockburn, Andrew, 3 Upper Gilmore place
Cockburn, Andrew, captain, 165 Ferry road
Cockburn, Andw., dairyman, 42 Duke St., Leith
Cockburu, Andrew, 22 Dalziel place
Cockburn, Archibald, 9 West Newingtou place
Cockburn, A. J., 72 Canaan lane
Cockburn Association ; Victor A. Noel Paton,
"W.S., and A. E. Murray, AV.S., joint sees.,
43 Castle street
Cockburn, Charles, dairyman, 217 Canongate
Cockburn, George, camera and cabinetmaker, 8
Infirmary street ; house, 42 Argyle place
Cockburn, George, tobacconist and newsagent,
234a Leith walk
Cockburn, George, watchmaker and jeweller, 20
Shandwick place ; house, 52 Polwarth gardens
Cockburn, George K., 22 Napier road
Cockburn Hotel, The, 1 Cockburn street
Cockburn, James, St. Margaret's, 1 "Wester
Coates terrace
Cockburn, J., 18 Warrender Park road
Cockburn, J. F., 7 North-West Circus place
Cockburn, J. L. K. [J. <h G. C), wine merchant,
91 and 96 Hanover street ; house, Lyndhurst,
Brae head, Barnton
Cockl:)urn, John C, 26 Almond Bank terrace
Cockburn, John, 10 Mercliiston park
Cockburn, John, 29 Ryehill avenue
Cockburn, John, 35 E. London street
Cockburn, Peter, vocalist, 2 Baxter's place
Cockburn, R. J., 8 Cochrane place
Cockburn, Eobert, 52 Marchmont crescent
Cockburn, Robert {collector, Edinbunjh cfc Leith
Corporations Gas Commrs.), 17 Gt. King st.
Cockburn, Robert (C, Turnhull, d; Co.), 30
Rosslvn crescent
Cockburn, Robert W^, LL.B., W.S., 14 Hill
street ; house, 22 Napier road
Cockburn, Thomas, M.A., 168 Braid road
Cockburn, Thomas Stark, butcher, 27 Abbey-
hill ; house, 23
Cockburn, William, 4 Parkvale place, Leith
Cockburn, William, 12 Upper Grove place
Cockburn, William, 4 Thistle place
Cockburn, AVm., fruiterer and confectioner, 111
Comiston road ; house, 22 Comiston terrace
Cockbui-n, Wm., contractor and coal merchant,
Gayfield house, East London street
CocklDurn, AVilliam, 4 AYaverley place
Cockburn, W. R. (ColtneM- Iron Co. Limited).
22 Bernard st. ; ho. 15 Clareraont gdns., Leith
Cockburn, Mrs A., 22 Panmure place
Cockburn, Mrs George, Broomlea, 22 Napier rd.
Cockburn, Mrs James, St Margaret's, 1 Wester
Coates terrace
Cockburn, Mrs Margaret, club mistress, Morton-
hall Golf Club
Cockburn, Mrs M., dairy, 68 Hay ter. ; ho. 66
Cockburn, Misses, 11 Coates crescent
Cockburn, Miss Lizzie, dairy, 109 St Leonard's
street ; house, 59 Causett-ayside
Cockburn, Miss Mary, grocer, 106 Giles street
Coghill, Donald A. T., 26 Forbes road
Coghill, John, 47 James street
Coghill, William, 41 Clerk street
Coghill, Miss, 6 Salisbury street
Coglan, John, fishmonger and poulterer, 82
Newingtou road ; Telephone, 844
Cogman, Arthur George {In. Rev.), 16 Braidburn
Cohen, A., wholesale picture-frame manufac-
turer, 20 Bristo street
Colam, William Newby, M.I. C.I. , M.I.M.E.,
consulting engineer, 27 Rutland square ; ho.
Wareika, Primroselank road
Colclough, Rev. Howard J., M.A. {Tncumhent of
St Thomas' Church), 8 Coates gardens
Coldstream., G. E. R., W.S., 55 Frederick st. ;
ho. 15 Morningside park ; Telephone, 2140
Cole & Co., electrical engineers, 42 Frederick
Cole, W. E., com. traveller, 6 Greenbank place
Cole, Miss, apartments, 4 Coates crescent
Coleman, Mrs C, 33 Old Fishmarket close
(190 High street)
Coleman, Mrs, Nursing Home, 18 Minto st.
Colenutt, Mrs, 12 Randolph place
Coles, Walter G., 122 George street : house, 18
St Ninians terrace
Collector's Office, City Assessments and
Electric Lighting Revenues, City
Collector's Office, Excise Duties, Licences,
Land, Property, k Income Tax, 12 and 14
Waterloo place ; STAJftrs, 10
Collector's Office, Police, 31 Charlotte
street, Leith
College for Daughters of Ministers of Church of
Scotland and Professors in Scottish Univer-
sities, 11 Kilgraston road ; Miss A. P. Robert-
son, lady principal ; Arch. Langwill, C.A., 88
George street, treasurer
Collet, Allan, v.'holesale ironmongei', 46
George iv. Bridge ; Telegraph, ' Collet ' ;
Telephone, 679 Central
Collet, Allan, commercial ti'aveller, 158 Mont-
gomery street
Collet, Robert T., 81 Comely Bank avenue
Collet, Thomas, 268 Causewayside
Colley, Alex., 3/2 Dr Begg's buildings
Colley, Alexander, letterpress machineuian, 18
West Claremont street
Colley, George, 16 St Leonard's hill
Colley, John, 3 Leslie place
Colley, J. A., 113 Comiston road
Colley, Robert, 14 Deanpark street
Colley, Mrs A., 9 Gardiner's crescent
COLLIE, WILLIAM, & SONS, coal merchants,
16 West Maitland street; house, 13 Murray-
field avenue
Collie, George, newsagent, 202 Canongate
Collie, James, 68 Great Junction sti'eet
Collie, James, 3 Leamington terrace
Collie, Reginald, C.A., 34 York place; house,
15 Regent terrace
Collie, William, com. traveller, 5 Mentone ter.
Collie, William, 35 Willowbrae avenue
Collie, jMrs, 73 Ashley terrace
Collie, Mrs, 148 Lauriston place
Collie, Miss apartments 20 Stafford street

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