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Charles, Pfingle, agent for The Nestle and Anglo-
Swiss Condensed Milk Co., 15 Union street;
house, 48 Marchmout road
Charles, William [J. Dalrymph d: Co.), 7
Tautallon place
Charles, Miss, 30 Woodburn terrace
Charles, Miss, draper, 60 15 Inverlcitli row
Charleson, Daniel, 61 Coruhill terrace
Charleson, George, tobacconist and newsagent,
110 Kirkgate
Charleson, John, 68 Blackford avenue
Charleson, William, 140 Marchmont road
Charleson, Mrs, 11 Brunton place
Charleton, James, grocer^ 8 Rodnej" street ; ho.
21 Bellevue crescent
Charlton, James, 2 West Fountain place
Charlton, John, 15 Bothwell street
Charlton, Mrs W. A., 93 Comely Bank avenue
Charlton, Mrs, 7 Maxwell street
Chartered Accountants' Annuity, etc., Fund;
J. Maxtone Graham, C.A., collector, 123
George street
■ Chartered Accountants of Scotland General
Examining Board ; Richard Brown, secretary,
23 St Andrew square
Chartered Bank of India, Australia, and China,
19 Charlotte square; Hope, Todd, & Kirk,
Charteris, Misses, apartments, 10 Atholl cres-
Cliarters, John, 37 Lady Menzies place
(.!harters, Mrs, apartments, 19 Montscomery st.
Chartreux, Peres Liqueurs ; agents, Livingstone
& Weir ,7 Roxburgh place
Chase, l^ev. C. F., St. Patrick's Rectory, 56
High street
Chatham, James {secretary and actuary, Scottish
Life AsHurance Co.), 19 St. Andrew square;
house, 93 Inverleith place
liOCK CO. LIMITED, manufacturers of
Chatwood's patent 'Solid' steel safes, steel
strong rooms, strong roonr doors, locks, etc.,
129 Trongato, Glasgow ; P. & W. MacLellan,
Checkley, George, caretaker, S. S.C. Library,
Parliament square ; 4 Gillespie crescent
Chequers, Miss, dressmaker, 10 Rutland square
(!herrybank Laundry, 253 Causewayside
Cheshire, Janres, 1 Choyne street
Chesney, Andrew C, 34 Thirlestane road
Chess Club, The Edinburgh, 4a St Andrew sq. ;
A. Orrock, secretary
Cliesser, John William, S.S.C, 45 Frederick st. ;
house, 14 North Park terrace
Cheyne, A. L., 12 James place, Leith
Cheyne, Harry, W.S. & N.P., 9 Hill street;
house, 4 iloray place
Cheyne, J. G. C, 18 Glencairn crescent
Cheyne, Sir John, K.C. {sheriff of Renfrew
and Bide), 13 Chester street
Cheyne, Robert, 13 Elm row
Cheyne, Robert, jobbing carter, 161 Dairy
Chiene & Tait, C. A., 3 Albyn place ; Telegraph,
'Chiene"; Telephone, 319
Chiene,_ Geo. L., M.B., F.R.C.S. Ed., assistant,
Surgical Department, Edinburgh University ;
house, 23 Alva street
Chiene, Hall C, C. A., 3 Albyn place
Chiene, Misses. 19 Palmerston place
Chiene, John,'C.B., F.R.C.S.E., Professor of
Surgery, Edinburgh University ; house, 26
Charlotte square and Aitheriiie, Davidson's
Mains ; Tel., No. 242 x 1 ; Telephone, 397
Children'sConvalescentHome, Gilmerton ; James
Pollard & Bird, C.A., hon. treasurers, 17
DiilcG strGct
Children's Shelter, 142 High street
CHILTON, BENJAMIN, teacher of the
banjo, mandoline, and guitar, 24 Shandwick
China Inland Mission (Scottish Council), 121
Bath street, Glasgow ; Geo. Graham Brown,
secretary ; Telephone, Nat. 75 Douglas, Corp.
75; Telegrams, 'Lammermuir'
Chinnery, Herberts., 21 Westfield road
Chirnside, David, baker, 25 Lauristou place ;
house, 5 Graham street
Chirnside, John, joiner, 13 Murieston crescent
Chirnside, Mrs, 1 Blackford road
Chisholm, J. & M., grocers and spirit dealers,
7 Citadel street
Chisholm, J. & W. , dairymen, 42 N. Richmond
Chisholm, Lillico, & Inglis, wholesale provision
merchants, 37 Constitution street
Chisholm, Adam, hO West Port
Chisholm, Alex. W. {Mackay & C), 7 Clare-
mont crescent
Chi.sholm, Benjamin, 37 Comely Bank road
Chisholm, Daniel, hairdresser, 61 Henderson
Cliisholm, David, 3 Cochrane terrace
Chi.sholm, David, 47 Gilmour road
Chisholm, Edward A., grand treasurer. Grand
Lodge of Scotland, 96 and 98 George street ;
house, 40 Great King street
Chisholm, George, 4 Kinghorn place
Chisholm, G. H., 18 Balcarres street
Chisholm, James {C. LlUico <b Inglis), 37
Sunmrerside place
Chisholm, James, 10 Palmerston road
Chisholm, James Kerr, 17 Wellington street
Chisholm, J., tailor and clothier, 138 Nicolson
Chisholm, J. K. , dental surgeon, 31 Dublin
Chisholm, John, advocate, K.C, 7 Gloucester
Chisholm, John, 14 Marchmont .street
Chisholm, John, deputy chief constable. Central
Police Chambers, Parliament siiuare
Chisholm, John C, solicitor and N.P., 44 Queen
Chisholm, Peter, tailor and clothier, 34 BristD
street ; house, 32 Warrender Park terrace
Chisholm, Robert, draughtsman, 4 Tay street
Chisholm, Robert, builder and joiner. Canning
street ; house, 62 Thirlestane road
Chisholm, S., 22 Caledonian road
Chisholm, Thomas {of Thomas llowatt & Sons),
2 Woodburn terrace
Chisholm, T. , 16 Chancelot terrace
Chisholm, Walter, 1 Rossie place
Chisholm, William D. , 31 Montague street
Chisholm, W. G., church officer, Arthur street
U.F. Church, 3 Arthur street

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