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Chalmers, George, Esslemont house, Esslemont
Chalmers, Hector, artist, 3 Brandon terrace
Chalmers, James, commercial agent for Brazil,
15 Assembly street
Chalmers, James M., 34 Rosslyn crescent
Chalmers, James Walker, 13 East Arthur place
Chalmers, J. F., commercial traveller, 40 Almond
Chalmers, J. T. {G.P.O.), 35 Home street
Chalmers, John, dairykeeper, 29 Slateford rd. ;
house, 35
Chalmers, John ( W7n. Leitch & Co. Ltd. ),
aerated water manufacturers, 11 Greenside
lane ; house, Berryhill, Alnwickhill road,
Chalmers, John, 3 Newton street
Chalmers, John {Lorimer d; G.), 7 Bright's
Chalmers, John A., 298 Leith walk
Chalmers, Joseph, S.S.C, 68 George street;
house, 12 Glenorchy terrace
Chalmers, Peter, 34 Haymarket terrace
Chalmers, Richard, 202 Morningside road
Chalmers, R. Scott, S.S.C, 13 Rutland street;
Telephone, 1875 ; Tel. address, ' Lyric ' ;
house, 36 Ormidale terrace, Murrayfield ;
Telephone, 3265
Chalmers, Stewart, 87 Morrison street
Chalmers, Thomas, 5 Summerside street
Chalmers, Thomas, telegraphist {G.P.O.), 52 i
Craighall road
Chalmers, Thomas, wine and spirit merchant, j
11 St Vincent street
Chalmers, William Graham, agent {Nat. Bank
Ltd. ), branch, 184 Bruntsfield place; house, 59
Oolinton road ; house. Telephone, 4017.
Chalmers, Mrs, 12 Glenorchy terrace
Chalmers, Mrs C. S. , 9 Bennington terrace
Chalmers, Mrs James, 39 George street
Chalmers, Mrs Margaret, 1 Grange terrace
Chalmers, Mrs, 10 Dudley gardens
Chalmers, Mrs, 8 Brandon terrace
Chalmers, Mrs, 41 Comely Bank avenue
Chalmers, Misses, 23 Magdala crescent
Chalmers, Miss Dorothy, violin teacher, 130
George street ; house, 3 Braudon terrace
Chalmers, Miss E. G., fruiterer, 4 Comely
Bank avenue
Chalmers, Miss, St Leonards, Murrayfield road
Chalmers, Miss, 14 Caledonian place
Chalmers, Miss, Murrayfield house, Murrayfield
Chalmers, Miss Mary, Hawkhill villas, Lochend
road, Leith
Chalmers, Ethel, decorative art teacher, 15
west stair, Albert Hall, Shandwick place
Chamber of Commerce and Manitfactures,
A. K. Wright {Royal Bank of Scotland),
honorary secretary, 22 Hanover street
Chamber of Commerce, Leith Exchange, 35
Constitution st. ; F. F. Reid, secretary
Chamberlain's Office, 85 Charlotte st., Leith
Chambers & Murray, umbrella makers, 38 Dairy
Chambers, W. & R., Ltd., publishers, 339 High
st. ; Telegraph, 'Chambers'; Telephone, 900
Chambers, Arthur {W. d: E. 0. Ltd.), Belford
bank, 3 Queensferry terrace, Belford road
Chambers, C. E. S. {W. <& B. G. Ltd.), 44
Drumsheugh gardens
Chambers, George, 19 Argyle place
Chambers, Thos., umbrella maker, 1 Brunswick
pi. and 69 Cockburn st., and fancy stationer,
115 Brunswick street
Chambers, Mrs, 5 E. Mayfield
Chancellor & Peterkin, electrical engineers, 30
Frederick street
Chancellor, Henry, 125a Princes street
Chancellor, J. S. H., B.Sc. (C. & Peterkin), 8
Duke street
Chancellor, Mrs, 10 Stafford street
Chancery, H.M., Director's office, 42, 44, and
46 New Register house
Chandler, Frederick, I.A.S., officer on the stafl",
8 Hartington place
Chanler, Albert, 9 Hawthorn buildings, Belford
Chapel, D., advocate, 31 India street
Chapin & Co. {Louis Duvau Aine) Saumiir;
agents, J. & W. Hardie, 4 Picardy place
Chapin, Trull, & Co., distillers of New England
rum, Boston, U.S.A. ; Robertson & Baxter
Limited, 90 Constitution street, agents
Chapman & Co., tailors and clothiers, 8 North
Bridge street
Chapman, Watson, & Co., printers and law
stationers, 21 Hanover street
Chapman, Arthur {cashier, Prudential Assur-
a7ice), 92 Spottiswoode street
Chapman, H. H., L.D.S., 31 Howe street;
Telephone, 279 x 5
Chapman, James, 39 Polwarth gardens
Chapman, J., 4 M'Laren terrace
Chapman, John, 54 South Clerk street
^Chapman, John(C. <& Go.), 149 Dalkeith road
Chapman, John R., 3 E. Register street ; house,
54 South Clerk street
Chapman, Robert, general manager {Caledonian
Insurance Co.), Gattonside, 6 Abbotsford
crescent ; Telephone, 03197
Chapman, William, 16 Upper Grove place
Chapman, Wm. Lennox, commercial traveller,
22 Craighall road, Leith
Chapman, William H. , brewer, 34 Ivy terrace
Chapman, Mrs Laurence, 21 Morningside place
Chapman, Mrs Mary, 3 Grosvenor street
Chapman, Mrs, 10 Dundonald street
Chapman, Mrs, 85 Great King street
Chappuis, P. E. & Co., By Royal "Warrant
manufacturers of patent silvered reflectors to
His Majesty the King, and all the Govern-
ment offices, leading architects, etc. , Fleet
street and Stamford street, London. Awarded
Silver Medal at Health Exhibition, 1884.
Representative for Scotland, H. E. Newman,
13 Comely Bank terrace
Chard, Mrs, 32 Montgomery street
Charing Cross Bank, 8 South St. Andrew street ;
James T. Edwards, manager
Charity Organisation Society, City of Edinburgh
(Edinburgh Association for Improving the
Condition of the Poor), 28 Rutland street ;
Isaac J. Cowie, secretary to the council
Charles, E., grocer, 82 Abbey hill
Charles, H. W. W., 2 Blacket place
Charles, M., baby linen warehouse, 201 Canon-

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