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Cavaye, Andrew, cask commission and insurance
agent, 26 Timberbush ; Telegraph, ' Empties,
Leitli ' ; Telephone, 211 Leith ; house, 16
Melville street, Portobello
Caverhill, Thomas F. S., M.B., F.R.C.P., 6
Manor place
Cavers, Mrs, 34 Haymarket terrace
Caw, James, manager. General Steam Fishing
Co. Ltd. , Gran ton harbour ; house, 2 Mayville
gardens, Trinity
Caw, James, fish salesman, Fishmarket, New-
Caw, James L., curator of Scottish National
Portrait Gallery, Queen street ; house, 14
Cluny place
Caw, Lewis, messenger-at-arms and sheriff officer,
257 High street ; house, 131 Warrender Park
Caw, William Strathie, J. P., treasurer and
clerk. Royal Lifirmary ; ho. 19 Queen's cres.
Caw, Mrs Thomas, 24 Morningside road
Caw, Miss, 3 Viewforth square
Cawfield, William, 10 Wardlaw place
Cawfield, Mrs W. M., 10 Wardlaw place
Cawood, Charles John {acting manage?-, Empire
Theatre), 22 W. Preston street
Cay & Johnston, tinplate workers and lamp
manufacturers, 10 Swinton row
Cay, William Dyce, C.E., 1 Albyn place
Cay, Mrs, 10 Alva street
Cemeteries —
Eastern, Easter road ; James Wilson, supt. ;
house, Dram Lodge, Drum terrace
Edinburgh Cemetery Co. Ltd. ; W. A. Wood,
C.A., 4 Melville st., secretary ; Warristori,
John Richardson, superintendent ; New-
ington, W. M. Forrester, superintendent ;
Dairy, David Christie, superintendent ;
North Merchiston, Wm. M. Moffat, supt. ;
Comely Bank, John Smith, superintendent
Edinburgh Eastern Cemeterv Co. Ltd. ; John
M. Bell, W.S., 4 Randolph place
Edinburgh and Leith Cemetery, Rosebank,
Broughton rd. ; J. Aikman Smith, C.A., 11
Duke St., sec. ; G. Simpson, superintendent
Edinburgh and Portobello Cemetery, Jock's
Morningside Cemetery Co.; James Pollard &
Bird, sees.; Wm. Galloway, superintendent
Southern, Grange ; W. H. Riddell, secretary,
treasurer, and superintendent
Western, Dean; John Mathison, S.S.C, 21
York place, secretary ; Wm. Black, supt.
Center, J. A., chemist, 20 Angle Park terrace
Center, John, bagpipe and reed maker, 64 Grove
street ; house, 20 Angle Park terrace
Center, Robert J. {G.P.O.), .56 Maryfield
Central Arcade Co., fancy bazaar, 76 South
Bridge street and 127 Leith street
Central Edinburgh Unionist Association and
Club, 46 Nioolson street, A. Nisbet, secretary
Central Hall, West ToUcross ; S. E. Baker, sec. ;
William M'Kenzie, caretaker
Central Halls, 18 Nicolson street
CENTRAL HOTEL, 122 Princes street ;
communications to secretarv ; Telephone, 242
(G. A. Edmunds, local manager), 16 Queen
Central Loan Office, 10 Riddle's close, Leith
Central Meat Market Co. Limited, 22, 24, and
26 Ponton street ; manager, R. Smith
Central Saw Mills, 10 James pi. and 33 Bath st.
Central Station Post Office, 14 Dnke st., Leith
Central Temperance Halls, 84 Leith street
Century Club, 60 Castle street
18 Charlotte square ; Henry Brown, general
manager ; A. J. Young, secretary ; R."m. M.
Roddick, actuary. >f:See Adv. index
Cervi, A., confectioner, 7 Lothian street
Cessford, Charles {church officer, Old Kirk), 51
Arthur street
Cessford, James, 1 6 St Leonard's lane
Chaffey, Francis G., 41 Ladysmith road
Chalk, George, 31 Gayfield square
Challeuder, John, dairy, 48 Easter road; house
Challenger Expedition Office, Yilla Medusa,
Boswell road ; director, Sir John Murray,
K.C.B. ; assistants, James Chumley, R.
Dykes, C. E. Wragge, Leon W. Collet,
D.Sc, and G. W. Lee, D.Sc. ; housekeepei'.
Miss Gordon
Chalmeru, J. L., 8 Plewlands terrace
Chalmers Hospital foe Sick and Hurt, 55
Lauriston pi. ; Miss A. M. Milligan, matron
Chalmers House for Working Girls, 39 Gilmore
Chalmers Institute, 20 Ponton street
Chalmers Memorial Church Mission Hall, 95
and 97 Gausewayside ; J. N. Craig, hallkeeper
Chalmers & Co., produce and grain brokers,
wholesale and export fish merchants, 4 Bank
street, Leith ; Telegraph, ' Chalmers ' ; Tele-
phone, 622
Chalmers & Scott, cabinetmakers, upholsterers,
and furniture dealers, 21 S. St Anch'ew street ;
works, Broughton market
Chalmers & Watson, C.A., 3 North St. David
street ; Telegraph, ' Chartered ' ; Telephone,
1849 Central
SALE PAPER STOCK, woollen rag, rope,
paper, and metal merchants, 32-36 Newhaven
road, Bonnington ; Telegraph, ' Giles, Leith ' ;
Telephone, 213 and 214. ^See Adv. index
Chalmers, John & Co., coal and coke merchants
144 Lothian road, and 8 Port Hopetoun
Chalmers, H. & A., hatters and hosiers, 23 Ferry
Chalmers, Adam, cabinetmaker, 18 Torphiehen
Chalmers, Alexander, 55 Comely Bank avenue
Chalmers, Alexander R., 44 Montgomery street
Chalmers, Ai-chibald, grocer and wine merchant,
328 Lawnmarket
Chalmers, Charles, saddler, 65 Clerk street and
229 Morningside road
Chalmers, Charles M. , harness maker, 132
Comiston road
Chalmers, D. R. {David Robertson d: Son), 17
Elbe street ; house, 9 Bonnington terrace
Chalmers, E., 4 Hawthornbank terrace
Chalmers, Ebenezer {E. 0. <& Co. Ltd.), 178
Ferry road
Chalmers, Frank, solicitor, 24 Bruntsfield

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