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Carmichael, "W., 2 St John street
Carmicliael, W. {hi. Rev.), 22 St Ronan's terrace
Carmichael, Mrs C, draper, 11 Charlotte street,
Carmichael, Mrs D. , 25 Rankeillor street
Carmichael, Mrs John, 21 Mertoun place
Carmichael, Mrs J. T., 33 East Claremont st.
Carmichael, Mrs William, 21 Braid crescent
Carmichael, Mrs, 27 Scotland street
Carmichael, Mrs, 57 Prince Regent street
Carmichael, Mrs, 84 Cornhill terrace
Carmichael, Miss A. H., 9 Hope Park terrace
Carmichael, Miss, butcher, 15 Canongate
Carmichael, Miss, laundress, 18 Broughton pi.
Carmouche, Eugene, Swiss warehouse, 8, 10 and
12 4-i'cade, 105 Princes street; house, Dal-
morton, Midmar gardens
Carnegie & Beattie, cafe and grill rooms, 15, 16,
17, 18, and 40a Commercial st., 9 and 11
Waterloo place
Carnegie, James, 32 Roseburn street
Cai'negie, The Trust for the Universities of
Scotland, Merchants' Hall, Hanover street ;
sec. to Carnegie Trust, W. S. M'Gormick,
LL.D. ; house, 13 Douglas crescent
Carnegie, John, 76 Blackford avenue
Carnegie, John, tobacconist, 37 Leven street
Carnegie, Peter (C. tfc Beattie), 14 Laverockbank
Carnegie, Mrs Elsie, 13 Pohvartli crescent
Carnegie, Mrs M. A., 16 Bruntsfield avenue
Carnie, John, grocer and spirit merchant, 13
Couper street ; house, 65 Lome street
Carnie, Robert Liddel, 5 Hawthornvale
Carnie, Watson, 8 New lane
Carnie, Mrs, 30 Hillside crescent
Carnie, Miss Janet, grocer, 37 New lane ; hoiise,
10, Newhaven
Carnochan, Robert, 1 Hill square
Caron, Mrs F., 10 Madeira place
Carpenter, Prof., M.R.C.V.S., vet. surgeon,
infirmary, Hope Crescent lane ; house, 5 Had-
dington place
Carphin, George H., C.A., 29 Stafford street;
house, 3 Abinger gardens, Mun-ayfield
Carphin, Misses, 24 Northumberland street
Carphin, Miss S. A., masseuse and medical
rubber, 24 Northumberland street
Carr & Co., bootmakers, 52j Fountainbridge
Carr, James, wine and spirit merchant, 31
William street ; house, 82 Bruntsfield place
Carr, Michael, 16 Cluny avenue
Carr, Mrs Mary E. , 76 Grange loan
CARRICK & RITCHIE, engineers' and makers
of hand, steam, and electric derrick cranes,
hoisting engines, and contractors' plant, wood
working machinery, turbines, etc., Waverley
engineering works, Norton park ; Telegraph,
' Crane ' ; Telephone, 853 Central
crane makers of every description, steam,
hand, or electric, overhead travellers, etc.,
electrical and mechanical engineers, Dairy
ironworks, 108 Dairy road; Telegraph,
'Derrick' ; Telephone, 1515 Central
Carrick, A. H. , commercial traveller, 53 Spottis-
woode street
Carrick, John, furniture dealer, 30 Dundas st. ;
house, 32
Carrick, John, M.A., 32 Dick place
Carrick, William, engineer, 10 Grove street
Carrick, William Y., surveyor, 76 Findhorn pi.
Carrie, J. & J., milliners, 37 Ferry road
Carrie, A., 16 Oakville terrace
Carrie, George, 10 Caledonian crescent
Carrie, George (North Briiish Aidoviatic Co.),
2 East Broughton place
Carrie, W. L., M.A., 43 Fountainhall road
Carriers' Quarters, 42 Bernard street
Carrigan, James, 149 Buccleuch street
Carrington & Co., 18 St Peter's place
Carrol & Son, tailors and clothiers, 48 and 50
Lochrin buildings ♦
Carrol, C, & Co., tailors and clothiers, 5
Chapel street
Carrol, Charles, tailor, 40 Buccleuch street
Carrol, C. (C. d; Co.), 81 Clerk street
Carrol, C. F., 20 St Peter's place
Carrol, Mrs Susan, fishmonger, 213 Cowgate
Carron Company, coal and iron masters, 122
George street ; John D. Buchanan, salesman
Carron, Mrs, 80 Leamington terrace
Carruth, Mrs D., 21 Waverle}^ park
Carrubbers Close Mission, 65 High street ;
William Robertson, superintendent
Carrubbers Close Mission {Raymarket Branch),
246 Morrison street ; John Rae, superinten-
dent ; house, 15 Stanhope place
Carruthers, George {A. Matheson & Co.), 39a
George street ; house, 24 Comiston drive
Carruthers, George Hewit, Museum attendant,
60 Brunswick street
Carruthers, Geo. J. R., M.B., Ch.B., 4a Mel-
ville street
Carruthers, G. R. [G.P.O.), 28 Springwell place
Carruthers, Jas. Alex., teacher of music, 187
Bruntsfield place
Carruthers, James Bell, M.D.Ed., L.R. C.S.Ed.,
L.M., 4a Melville street
Carruthers, John B., grocer, 39 Candlemaker
Carruthers, Thomas, dairy, 5 Gillespie place ;
house, 9 Lauriston pai'k
Carruthers, Thos., jun., golf-club maker, Golfer's
Tryst, Braid Hills
Carruthers, Wni., 3 Bruntsfield place
Carruthers, Wm. A., 44 Cornhill terrace
Carruthers, Mrs C, 8 Buccleuch place
Carruthers, Mrs Mary, 7 St Vincent street
Carse, Edward C, architect and surveyor, 37
Frederick street ; house, 1 Scienues Hill
Carse Industrial School, 26 Greenside row ; Miss
Veitch, superintendent
Carse, George, 16 Ashley terrace
Carse, George, painter, 120 Lauriston place
Carse, George, 62 Cornhill terrace
Carse, George D. , painter and decorator, 17
Argyle place ; house, 31 Marchmont crescent
Carse, James M Arthur, 22 Eyre crescent
Carse, John, shoemaker, 26a Barony street
Carse, Stewart, Birklea, 7 Hermitage drive
Carse, Stewart Wallace, clerk, 22 Bonaly road
Carse, Stuart, 3 Bernard terrace
Carse, Mrs George, 17 Livingstone place
Carse, Mrs William, 1 Sciennes Hill place
Carse, Miss M., 1 Roseneatli terrace
Carson & Henderson, milliners, 48 George street

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