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Nelson, Miss C. B. Butter, Miss Barclay, Miss
Physician, J. O. Affleck, M.D., F.R.C.P.
Surgeon, Joseph Bell, F. E.G. S.Ed.
Assistant Medical Officer, Francis Troup, M.D.
Matron, Miss Beveridge.
Secretary and Treasurer, J. T. Maclagan, 6 North
St David street.
Leith Hospital, and Edinburgh and Leith
Humane Society, Dispensary, and Casualty
Hospital, Mill Lane, head op Sheeipf Beae.
President, John Struthers, LL.D., M.D.,
Vice-Presidents, Peter "Waddell and W. J. Ford.
Directors, Provost Bennet, Bailie Blackie, Coun-
cillor Ramage, Rev. David Robb, Rev. Canon
Jackson, Dr Calder, Dr Elder, Robert Tod, W.
A. Thomson, A. R. Gillespie, R. Somerville,
WilUam Walker, John Gran, G. J. Turcan, G.
L. Forrest, and the Secretary and Treasurer.
Treasurer, Wm. Graham, Union Bank, Bernard st.
Secretary, George V. Mann, 33 Bernard street.
Consulting Surgeon, P. Heron Watson, M.D.,
LL.D., F.R.G.S.E.
Consultinct Physicians, G. W. Balfour, M.D. ,
F.R.G.iP.E., and John Henderson, M.D.,
Medical Officers, Drs William A. Finlay, H. L.
Calder, William Stewart, James Mill, and
William M'Creadie.
Out-Patients Department — Medical Officers, Drs
Elder, Beveridge, and Eraser Wright.
Chaplain, William Walker.
Lady Superintendent, Miss Eliza W. Paterson.
Royal Maternity and Simpson Memorial
Laueiston Place.
Under the immediate patronage of
Hee Most Geacious Majesty the Queen.
President, The Lord Provost.
Vice-Presidents, The Principal of the University,
the President of the Royal College of Physicians,
the President of the Royal College of Surgeons,
the Master of the Merchant Company.
Extram'dinary Directors, The Very Rev. Dean
Montgomery, D.D., Professor Sir Douglas
Maclagan, M.D., William F. Burnley, Lord
Balfour of Burleigh, the Earl of Home, the
Earl of Rosebery, the Marquess of Lothian,
Claud H. Hamilton.
Directors, The Lord Provost, the Dean of Guild,
Councillor Murray, Councillor J. A. Robertson,
Councillor Mitchell Thomson, ex officiis; Surg.-
Gen. John Eraser, C.B., Dr John Moir, John
Turnbull Smith, G.A., William John Menzies,
W.S., Dr J. Batty Tuke, Josiah Livingston,
Alexander Gray, Deputy Surg. -Gen. Andrew
Fleming, M.D., James Thin, Rev. John Webster,
D.D., R. L. Stuart, W.S., Duncan Shaw.
Secretary and Treasurer, Andrew Scott, C.A., 2
York buildings.
Consulting Physicians, Dr Moir, Dr Graham Weir.
Consulting Surgeon, Professor Annandale.
Ordinary Obstetric Physicians, Professor Simpson,
Dr J. Halliday Groom, Dr C. E. Underbill,
Dr David Berry Hart.
Assistant Physicians, Dr A. H. Freeland Barbour,
Dr R. Milne Murray.
Apothecaries, Messrs J. F. Macfarlan & Co.
Matron, Miss Edward.
Lying-in Institution.
5 NicoLSON Steeet.
Committee of Management, Mrs George Allan, Mrs
Wemyss Anderson, Mrs Baxter, Mrs J. G. Bow,
Mrs Buchanan, Mrs Fraser, Mrs Giffen, Miss
Inglis, Miss Maclaine, Mrs Forbes Mackay, Miss
Robertson, Mrs J. R. Stewart, Mrs Thatcher,
Mrs C. Thatcher, Mrs Tod, Mrs Dawson Turner,
Mrs Morrison, Mrs T. Balfour.
Hon. Secretary and Treasurer, Mrs J. R. Stewart,
31 George square.
Physician, Dr Thatcher.
Wardrobe Keeper and Collector, Mrs Rowan.
Royal Edinburgh Asylum for the Insane.
{Telephone, MS. 1.)
Physician Superintendent, T. S. Clouston, M.D.,
Assistant Physicians, Frank A. Elkins, M.B.,C.M.,
George R. Wilson, M.B. CM., James Middle-
mass, M.B. CM., B.Sc.
Pathologist, William F. Robertson, M.B., CM.
Chaplain, Rev. Thomas Downie.
Steivard, James C. Gray.
Matrons, Miss Peter, Eastern Division ; Mrs
Macdougall, Western Division ; Miss Mary Peter,
Craig House ; and Miss Elkins, South Craig.
The Incorporated Edinburgh Dental Hospital
and School.
31 Chambees Steeet.
Directors, W. Bowman Macleod, L.D.S., Deam;
Andrew Wilson, L.D.S., Malcolm MacGregor,
L.D.S., George Wilkie Watson, L.D.S., J.
Stewart Durward, L.D.S., James Mackintosh,
dentist, and Wm. Forrester, dentist, ex officiis;
Dr John Smith, F.R.G.S.E., Bailie Andrew
M'Donald, Councillor W. J. Kinloch Anderson,
David F. Lowe, M.A., Dr R. W. Philip.F.R.C.P.,
Dr Peter H. Maclaren, F. R. CP. , John S. Amoore,
L.D.S., Dr H. D. Littlejohn, F.R.CS.Ed.,
Thomas Wallace, F.F.A., Walter Campbell,
L.D.S., Dundee, Charles Matthew, L.D.S.,
Rev. James MacGregor, D.D., Dr James Jamie-
son, F.R.G.S.E., Professor Sir William Turner,
M.B., Wm. Guy, F.R.G.S., L.D.S.
Administrative Committee, W. Bowman Macleod,
L.D.S., Dean; Dr John Smith, F.R.CS.Ed.,
Andrew Wilson, L.D.S. , Malcolm MacGregor,,
L.D.S., George W. Watson, L.D.S., Dr James
Jamieson, F.R.G.S.E., David F. Lowe, M.A.
Consult. Med. Officers, Dr Alex. Peddie, F.R.C.P.E.,
physician; Dr Jos. Bell, F.R.G.S.E., surgeon;
Dr John Smith, F.R.G.S.E., surgeon-dentist.
Dental Surgeons, W. Bowman Macleod, L.D.S.,
Dean; And. Wilson, L.D.S., Mai. MacGregor,
L.D.S., J. Stewart Durward, L.D.S., Geo.- W,
Watson, L.D.S., Jas. Mackintosh, W. Forrester.
Assistant' Dental Surgeons, John S. Amoore,
L.D.S., J. Graham Munro, L.D.S., T. Gregory,
L.D.S., John Turner, L.D.S., David Munroe,
L.D.S., Frederick Page, L.D.S.
Extra Assistants, Sewell Simmons, L.D.S., R.
Nasmyth Hannah, L.D.S., George J. Goldie,
L.D.S., Alex. Wilson, L.D.S., Hume Purdie,
i L.D.S., John Malcolm, L.D. S.

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