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Vert, Wm., toTjacconist, 115 and 119 Nicolsonst.
Vert, Mrs Francis, 22 Windsor street I
Vertue, William, & Co., tea, wine and spirit
merchants, 39 Water street ; house, 3 Aber-
crombj'' place
Vertue, George ( W. V. <& Co. ), 3 Abercromby pi.
Vetch, Henry, S.S.C, N.P., 8 Hill street
Vetter, George, 28 Carnegie street
Victoria Dispensary for Consumption and Dis-
eases of the Chest, 26 Lauriston place ;
E. W. Philip, M.A., M.D., F.R.C.P., hon.
physician; David Wallace, M.B., F.R.C.S.,
hon. surgeon ; Wallace & Guthrie, W.S., 1
North Charlotte street, hon. secretaries ; C.
H. Carj^hin, C.A., treasurer ; Pt. Pi. Congdon,
Victoria Hotel ; William Blyth, proprietor, 3
Broughton street
Victoria Industrial Girls' School, Restalrig road ;
Miss Mackenzie, matron
Victoria Lodging - houses, 85 West port, 115
Cowgate, and 3 Merchant street
Victoria Rubber Co., Victoria indiarubber mills,
Leith walk ; Pat. Millar Matthew, managing
partner ; Telegraph, ' Victoria Rubber, Leith'
Victoria School, Newhaven ; Robt. Scott, teacher
Videon, M. C. (agent, British Linen Co. Bank),
2 Hart street
Viewforth Golfing Club, 7 Tollcross
Viewpark School, Bruntsfield links ; William
Donaldson, M.A., master, Alvanley terrace
Virtue, J. S., & Co. Limited, publishers and
booksellers, 35 George iv. bridge ; James
Mackay, agent
Visick, C, 147 Dalkeith road
Visiting Committee of H. M. Prisons, Edinburgh ;
James Gow, S.S.C, 67b Hanover street, clerk
Vivian, F. P., 135 Bruntsfield place
Vogler, H. , basket maker and cane worker,
6 St Patrick square ; house, 34 Clerk street
Vogrie Coal and Fire Clay Co. Limited, Francis
Bringloe, C. A. , secretary ; works, Gorebridge,
Voice, Edward, Oakfield house, W. Arthur pi.
Volunteer Medical Staff Corps, 2nd Division, 2
Graham street
Vornberger, Hirsch, & Co. Limited, whip-string
and sausage-skin manufacturer, 68 Fountain-
Wadbeook, Mrs, apartments, 14 W. Preston st.
Waddecar, A., 31 Cambridge avenue
Waddel, Andrew, 37 St Leonard's street
Waddel, R., tailor and clothier, 96a Constitu-
tion street ; house, 4 Craighall gardens
Waddel, Wm., school of music, 137 Princes st. ;
house, 140
Waddell & M'lntosh, W.S., 87 George street
Waddell, Andrew, & Son, contractors, 22 Com-
mercial street ; Telephone, 529
Waddell, John, & Sons, railway and public
works contractors, 21 St Andrew square ;
Telegraph, ' Waddell ' ; Telephone, 68
Waddell, Alex. Peddie, W.S., 4 Great Stuart st.
Waddell, Andrew, builder and contractor, Freer
street ; house, 12 Leamington terrace
Waddell, Geo. (/. W. & Sons), 19 Ravelston park
Waddell, Hugh, bootmaker, 25 St Leonard's
street ; house, 24
Waddell, James, writer, 10 Royal crescent
Waddell, J. J., 172 Dairy road
Waddell, Peter, 5 Claremont park
Waddell, Robert, teacher, 85 Marchmont road
WADDELL, WILLIAM, bell-hanger gasfitter,
locksmith, and venetian-blind maker, 13 South
Clerk street ; house, 12 East Preston street.
^See Adv. index
Waddell, Wm. {A. W. d; Son), 121 Gilmore pL
Waddell, Wm., jeweller and watchmaker, 8
Union place ; house, 4 George place
Waddell, Mrs Wood, 71 Comiston road \
Waddell, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 18 Tay street ''
Waddie & Co. Ltd. , manufact. stationers, printers,
bookbinders, lithographers, and publishers, ■
St Stephen's works, St Stephen street
Waddie, John, & Co. , coal exporters and ship- ''
brokers, 41 Bernard street
Waddie, Charles ( W. & Co. ), GlenifFer house, :
Trinity road
Waddie, James S. (/. W. & Co.), 42 Summer-
side place
Waddie, J. [J. W. cfc Co.), Ardenlee, Trinity rd.
Waddilove, Miss, 16 Chalmers crescent
Wade, George, 43 Regent place
Wade, H. F., florist, Pirniefield nursery, Seafield
Wade, John, bootmaker, 6 Lothian street
Wade, Peter, tailor, 11 West Adam street
Wadler, Richard, 18 Dryden street
Waghorne, Archibald, 8 Wardlaw street
Waghorne, Mrs, 7 Roseburn place
Wagner, George P. , 33 Maryfield place
Wagner, Thomas L., 16 Spittal street
Wagstaff, Mrs, 52 Grove street
Wahab, Mrs Lieut. -general Charles; 38 Royal
Waikato Land Association Limited, 35 Queen
street; now called the New Zealand Land
Association Limited
Waite, Alexandei", gardener, 15 Avondale place
Waite, James, 32 Raeburn place
Waite, Peter, restaurant, 243 Great Junction
street ; house, 249
Waite, Peter, 32 Raeburn place
Waite, P. C. , 5 Merchiston place
Waite, Thomas, joiner, 13 Saunders street
Wakelin, Henry, solicitor, 37 George street ;
house, 1 Greenhill gardens
Wakelin, W. J., 18 Leamington terrace
Wakelin, Misses, 9 Wardie road
Walcot, George Callam {O. Callam & Co.), 10
Henderson row
Walcot, John ((?. Callam & Co.), 50 Northum-
berland street
Waldener, George Frederick, manager to Bass, ■
Ratcliff, & Gretton Limited, 96 Princes street;
house, Mostyn, Abercorn park, Portobello
Waldensian Missions Aid Society; J. Forbes Men- 1
crieff, C.A., 15 Hill street, sec. and treas.
Waldie, Burt, & Co., woollen warehousemen, 11 !
WALDIE, JAMES, & SONS, coal a.nd coke;
merchants, and colliery lessees, 103 Leith walk, d
Telephone 453 ; 57 Haymarket ter.. Telephone i;
608; and 46 Constitution st.. Telephone 464; |
for other offices, see Adv. index '•

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