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established 185 7.
Subscribed Capital, ..... £200,000.
Paid-up Capital and Reserve Fund, .. 40,000.
James Romanes, Esq., C.A.
Robert Beatson, Esq., W.S.
Alexander Gray, Esq., 4 Royal Terrace.
John Boyd, Esq., Publisher.
Robert Morham, Esq., City Architect.
J. Hope Finlay, Esq., W.S.
G. H. Potts, Esq., Fettes Mount, Lasswade.
J. Duncan Smith, S.S.C., 62 Frederick Street.
Messrs. Howden & Molleson, C.A. j Messrs. Cousin & Ormiston.
DEPOSITORS with this Company possess Security of a high character. The Funds
are lent over Heritable Properties within Scotland. The Loans are, on the
average, very moderate in amount, and in most cases are repayable by instalments
embracing principal and interest, so that the margin of security is being steadily increased.
In addition to these Investments, the Company's Uncalled Capital, amounting to
£180,000, furnishes a valuable Guarantee to Depositors ; while the Reserve Fund,
amounting to £20,000, which is separately invested in Bank of England Stock, affords
a still further Security.
The Rate of Interest allowed on Deposits varies from 2 £ to 4 per cent., according to
the term for which the money is lodged.
BORROWERS will find the Company's arrangements simple and equitable. Parties are
assisted in the Purchase of Houses or Shops for their own occupation.
The Instalments by which Loans are repayable are moderate, and a portion of the
sum advanced may he at interest. No Commission or Fines are charged, and no Assess-
ment is made on Borrowers in name of additional interest dependent on the rise of the Bank
JAMES WATSON, C.A., Manager.
Company's 0ffice-20 SOUTH ST, DAVID STREET.
Agent in Leith— THOMAS DOWIE, S.S.C., 46 Constitution Street.

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