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Chalmers, D., Redhall, Slateford
Chalmers, G., scavenger, "West Calder
Chalmers, M., Lauriston castle lodge, Davidson's
Chalmers, Mrs Dr, 25 Lee crescent, Portoloello
Chalmers, Miss, St Leonard's, Murrayfield
Chamblen, R., 3 Ormiston terrace, Corstorphine
Chant, Mrs, 7 St Mary's place, Portobello
Chapman, Robert, Ferry bank, Corstorphine
Charles, Miss, 4 Grove street, Musselburgh
Charlton, Peter, grocer, Roslin
Chatter, Misses, Bellevue place, Dalkeith
Cherry, Alex., joiner, Avenue road, Lasswade
Chesser, Mrs, Dorlin, Corstorphine
Cheyne, John, police constable, Heriot
Chiene, Major Pat. John, 5 Upper Coltbridge
terrace, Murrayfield
Chisholm, Arch., joiner, Elmfieldpl., Dalkeith;
house, 11 High street
Chisholm, Frank A., 222 High street, Portobello
Chisholm, James, steward, Little Catpair, Stow
Chisholm, John C. (Anderson & C), Ivy lodge,
Eskbank, Dalkeith ; Telephone, 2406
Chisholm, Thomas, Prestonholm, Bonnyrigg
Chisholm, Miss, 34 Joppa
Chisholm, Miss, 9 Rosefield place, Portobello
Chollet, Ch. , professor of violin, Cremona villa,
Duddingston.park, Portobello
Chouler, Christopher, keeper, Dalkeith park,
Chrichton, James, 95 Back street, Dalkeith
Christian, Major Hugh H, J. P. for Midlothian,
Bilton lodge, Durham road, Portobello
Christie, Alex., police-inspector, Gorebridge
Christie, Geo. , Culloden villa, St. Mark's place,
Christie, Rev. James, D.D., Manse, Gilmerton
Christie, J. P., 37 Tower street, Portobello
Christie, John, 41 Henderson row, Portobello
Christie, William, Police station, Colinton
Christie, William, Ardveich, Liberton
Christie, MissE., Millburn villa, Portobello
Chumley, James, Brandon house, Regent street,
Clague, Edward, Ballamona, Colinton
Clapperton, John, & Son, slaters, Gorebridge
Clapperton, Adam, grocer, Gorebridge
Clapperton, Alex., grocer and wine merchant,
123 High street, Musselburgh
Clapperton, James, mer. , Clerk street, Loanhead
Clapperton, James, Maybank, Penicuik
Clapperton, John, farmer, The Mount, Gore-
Clapperton, John, grocer, 1 Dundas st., Bonny-
Clapperton, Thomas, W.S., Gorebridge
Clark, Abram, 23 High street, Musselburgh
Clark, Alex., builder, Argyle crescent, Joppa
Clark, Charles, agent, Bank of Scot., Lasswade
Clark, Charles G. , 9 Coltbridge terrace, Murray-
Clark, David, baker and inspector of poor, Ratho
Clark, James, Pyper hall, Juniper green
Clark, J. , Railway inn, Colinton
Clark, John, 14 Pipe street, Portobello
Clark, Robert, Arniston Coal Co. , Gorebridge
Clark, Thomas, Anglenook cottage, Liberton
Clark, T. Bennet, C.A., Comiston ho., Lothian-
Clark, Wm. (In. Rev.), Orchardvale, Dalkeith
Clark, Dr William J., St Agnes, Liberton
Clark, Mrs A., 15 Smart's wynd, Musselburgh
Clark, Mrs J. A., Maxwellton, Milton rd., Joppa
Clark, Mrs Robert, 136 High street, Dalkeith'
Clark, Mrs W., 181 High street, Musselburgh
Clarkson, A., Ormiston villa, Kirknewton
Clarkson, Smith, dairyman, West Calder
Cleghorn, Thomas, farmer, Craigo'er, Liberton
Cleghorn, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 42 Tower street,
Clephane, John, Jane cottage, Duddingston
Clerk, Dowager Lady, Penicuik house, Peni-
Clinkscales, Mrs, 8 Mentone avenue, Bath street,
Clippens Oil Company Limited, Pentland Mines
and Crude Oil Works, and Straiton Refining
Works, Loanhead ; Telephone, 2603a ; head
office, 27 Royal Exchange square, Glasgow
Clydesdale Bank Limited; W. Baird, agent,
Cochar, Miss, Rhoda villa, Liberton
Cochrane, C, & Son, painters, Gorebridge
Cochrane, Colin, 16 and 18 South st., Dalkeith
Cochrane, James, of Bradshaw, West Calder
Cochrane, James G., spirit merchant, Ratho
Cochrane, John (D. Cochrane & Co., Leith),
Rosebank, Murrayfield
Cochrane, John, Liberton
Cochrane, W., inspector of poor and registrar,
Park villa, Liberton
Cockburn, Alex,, 25 Wellington st., Portobello
Cockburn, Lieut. -General H. A., Pmkieburn,
Cockburn, John, Glencorse house, Milton bridge
Cockburn, Philip, 43 Back street, Dalkeith
Cockburn, Robert, 85 High street, Musselburgh
Cockburn, William, 6 Rosslyn terrace, Joppa
Cockburn, Mrs Janet G. , Parkend, Dalkeith
Coffer, E., hedger, Currie
Collie, Mrs, Ratho park, Ratho
Collier, F. W., Millerhill, Dalkeith
Collins, W., stationmaster, Loanhead
Colville, Arthur, quarryrnaster, Hermand,
West Calder
Colville, John, stationmaster, Kirknewton
Combe, Joseph, Juniper green
Combe, P. J., V.S., Ford, Dalkeith
Combe, Robert, upholsterer, 40 Joppa
Comfort, Charles, gardener, Broomfield, David-
son's mains
Commercial Bank of Scotland Limited, 118
High street, Dalkeith ; James Gray, agent
Commercial Bank of Scotland Limited, 8 Bridge
street, Musselburgh ; James Gibson, agent
Comrie, Mrs, Stenhouse, Liberton
Conn, John, watchmaker, High street, Penicuik
Conner, Mrs, publican, Masons' Arms, 102 Clerk
street, Loanhead
Convalescent Hospital ; Miss Fergusson,
matron, Murrayfield
Cook, James, factor, Arniston, Gorehridge
Cook, James, Clifton villa, Currie
Cook, John M., Hillfoot house, Duddingston
Cook, Robert, inspector of poor and collector of
rates, and registrar, 5 Bridge st. , Musselburgh
Cook, William H., teacher, Fountainhall
Cook, Mrs H. D. , Newton villa, Portobello

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