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Passport 6d.
Patent Medicine —
Price not exceeding Is. — l^d. ; not exceeding
2s. 6d. — 3d. ; not exceeding 4s. — 6d. ; not ex-
ceeding 10s.— Is. ; not exceeding 20s. — 2s., etc.
Playing Cards. — For and in respect of every pack
made fit for sale or use in the United Kingdom
(25 Vict. c. 23) 3d.
Policy op Sea Insurance.
(1.) Where the premium or consideration does
not exceed the rate of 2s. 6d. per centum of
sum insured Id.
(2.) In any other case —
(a.) For or upon any voyage — in respect of
every £100, and fractional part of £100,
thereby insured 3d.
(6.) For time —
For every £100, and any fractional part of
£100, thereby insured —
For any time not exceeding six
months 3d.
Exceeding six months and not exceed-
ing twelve months ..6d.
(See Note a )
a. Sea, Life, Accident, and Sickness Policies
Policy. — § 91. For purposes of Act the expres-
sion ' policy of insurance ' includes every writing
whereby any contract of insurance is made, or
agreed to be made, or is evidenced ; and the
expression 'insurance' includes assurance.
Sea Insurance. — § 92 (1.) For purposes of Act
the expression ' policy of sea insurance ' means
any insurance (including re- insurance) made upon
any ship, or the machinery, tackle, or furniture of
any ship, or upon goods, merchandise, or property
on board of any ship, or upon the freight or other
interest which may be lawfully insured in or re-
lating to any ship, and includes insurance of
goods, etc., for transit, which includes not only
sea risk, but also any other risk incidental to the
transit insured from commencement of transit to
ultimate destination covered by insurance.
(2.) Where any person, in consideration of
money paid or to be paid for additional freight or
otherwise, agrees to take upon himself any risk
attending goods, etc., while on board any ship, or
to indemnify the owner of such goods, etc., from
any risk, loss, or damage, such agreement shall be
deemed a contract for sea insurance.
Contract to be in writing, time policy not to be for
more than twelve months, etc — § 93 (1.) A contract
for sea insurance (other than such insurance as is
referred to in § 55 of Merchant Shipping Act
Amendment Act, 1862) not to be valid unless
expressed in a policy of sea insurance.
(2.) No time policy to be for more than twelve
(3.) Policy not valid unless it specifies particular
risk or adventure, names of subscribers or under-
writers, and sum insured, and is made for not more
than twelve months.
Policy for voyage and time, two duties. — § 94.
Where insurance made for a voyage and also for
time, or to extend to or cover any time beyond
thirty days after ship shall have arrived at her
destination, and been there moored at anchor, the
policy is to be charged with duty as a policy for a
voyage, and also with duty as a policy for time.
Policy invalid unless stamped. — § 95 (1.) Policy
may not be stamped after being signed or under'
written by any one, except —
(a.) Any policy of mutual insurance having a
stamp impressed thereon may, if required, be
stamped with an additional stamp, provided that
at the time when the additional stamp is required
Policy of Life Insurance.
Where the sum insured does not exceed
£10 Id.
the policy has not been signed or underwritten to
an amount exceeding the sum or sums which the
duty impressed thereon extends to cover.
(5.) Any policy made or executed out of, but
being in any manner enforceable within, the
United Kingdom, may be stamped within. ten days
after it has been first received in the United King-
dom on payment of the duty only.
(2.) Provided that a sea policy shall, for the
purpose of production in evidence, be an instru-
ment which may be legally stamped after execution,
and the penalty payable by law on stamping shall
be £100.
Alteration of policies. — § 96. Nothing in Act
shall prohibit any lawful alteration in terms and
conditions of a sea policy after it has been under-
written, provided alteration be made before in-
timation of determination of original risk, and that
it do not prolong time covered by the insurance
thereby made beyond six months in the case of a
policy made for less than six months, or beyond
twelve months in the case of a policy for a greater
period than six months, and that the articles in-
sured remain the property of the same person, and
that no additional sum be insured.
Penalty. — § 97 (1.) If any person —
(a.) Becomes an assurer, or contracts for sea
insurance, or directly or indirectly receives or
contracts or takes credit in account for any pre-
mium, etc., for sea insurance, or knowingly takes
upon himself any risk, or renders himself liable to
pay, or pays, any sum upon any loss, peril, or
contingency relative to sea insurance, unless ex-
pressed in a duly stamped policy, or
(6.) Makes, or effects, or knowingly procures to
be made or effected, a sea insurance, or directly or
indirectly gives, or pays, or renders himself liable
to pay, any premium, etc., or enters into any con-
tract for sea insurance, unless expressed in a duly
stamped policy, or
(c.) Is concerned in any fraudulent contrivance
or device, or is guilty of any wilful act, neglect,
or omission, with intent to evade the duties on sea
policies, or whereby the duties may be evaded, he
shall for every such offence incur a fine of £100.
Penalty on broker transacting without stamped
policy. — (2.) Every broker, agent, or other person
negotiating or transacting sea insurance contrary
to intent and meaning of Act, or writing a policy
on material not duly stamped, shall for every such
offence forfeit £100, and to have no legal claim to
brokerage, etc., or for money expended by him,
and any money paid to him in respect of any such
charge shall be deemed to be paid without con-
sideration, and remain property of his employer.
Penalty for making or issuing copy of unstamped
policy. — (3.) Person making, or issuing, or causing
to be made or issued, a document purporting to be
a copy of a sea policy, and there is not at the time
a policy duly stamped whereof said document is a
copy, shall, in addition to other fine to which he
may be liable, incur a fine of £100.
Life and Accident Insurance Policies,
Meaning of.— § 98 (1.) For purpose of Act the
expression 'policy of life insurance' means a
policy of insurance upon any life or lives, or upon
any event or contingency relating to or depending
upon any life or lives, except a policy of insurance
against accident; and the expression 'policy of
insurance against accident' means a policy of
insurance for any payment agreed to be made upon
the death of any person only from accident, or

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