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Hop Exchange (B.O.), S.E. T
Hornsey, High Street (61), N. T
Hornsey, Hampden Eoad, N.
JHofnsey Park, N. T
. Hornsey Kise, Hornsey Eoad
(518), N. T
Hornsey Eoad (285), N. T
House of Commons (B.O.~), S.W. T
Hoxton, East Eoad, N.
Hoxton, St John's Eoad (22), N .T
Hoxton, High Street (217), N.
Hyde Eoad, Hoxton, N.
Ilderton Ed., S. Bermondsey, S.E.
Isle of Dogs, near the Church, B. T
Jamaica Eoad, S.E.
Judd Street (137), W.C.
Junction Eoad (103 and 255), N.
Kennington Cross, S.E. T
Kennington Park, S.E. T
Kensal Green, W.
Kensal Town, W".
Kensington, Young Street (B.O.),
W. T
Kensington, Napier Eoad, W.
Kensington, Victoria Grove, W.
Kensington Park Eoad, W.
Kentish Town Ed. (175), N.W. T
Kentish Town, N.W.
Kilburn, High Eoad (56) (B.O.),
N.W. T
Kilburn, High Eoad (222), N.W. T
Kilburn, Belsize Ed. (206), N.W.
Kilburn, Cambridge Ed., N.W. T
Kilburn, Fortune Green Ed., N.W.
Kilburn, Hemstal Eoad, N.W.
Kilburn, Lincoln Terrace(9),N.W.
Kilburn, West End, N.W.
King Henry's Walk, N.
King Street West (118 and 323),
Hammersmith, W.
King's Cross, Caledonian Eoad (5)
' (B.O.), N. T
King's Cross Eoad, W.C.
King's Eoad (110 & 365), S.W. T
King's Eoad (194, 267, and 510),
Kingsland, High St. (15) (B.O.),
E. T
Kingsland Eoad (122), N.E.
Kingsland Crescent, N.E.
Kingsland Eoad (273), E. T
Kingston Vale, S.W.
Knightsbridge, St George Place
(B.O.) S.W. T
Ladbroke Grove, W. T
Ladbroke Grove Eoad, W. T
Lambeth, Kensington Eoad (42)
(B.O.), S.E. T
Lambeth Eoad (81), S.E.
Lambeth Walk, S.E.
Lamb's Conduit Street (70), W.C.
Lancaster Street (17), W. T
Landor Eoad, Stockwell, S.W.
Langham Place Hotel (B.O.), W. T
Larkhall Lane (113), Clapham,
Lavender Hill (1 & 100), S.W. T
Lawford Eoad, N.W.
Leadenhall Street (B.O.), E.C. T
Leather Lane, E.C. T
Lee Green, S.E. T
Lee, High Eoad (177), S.E. T
Lee, High Eoad (226\ S.E.
Lee, Dacre Park, E.C.
Lee, Weardale Eoad, S.E.
Leicester Square (B.O.), W.C. T
Leighton Eoad, N.W.
Leinster Terrace, W. T
Leman Street (141), E. T
Lewisham, High St. (192), S.E.
Lewisham, Ladywell Euad, near
Station, S.E. T
Lewisham, Lee Bridge, S.E. T
Lewisham, near Station, S.E.
Lewisham Eoad (82), Lewisham,
Lewisham High Eoad (139), S.E. T
Lewisham High Eoad (245), S.E.
Leyton, Broadway.
Leyton, Capworth Street.
Leyton, Church Eoad.
Leyton Green.
Leyton, High Street.
Leyton, Lea Bridge Eoad.
Leyton, near Town Hall.
Leytonstone, Holloway Down,
' N.E. T
Leytonstone, Cann Hall Eoad,
Leytonstone, near the Church,
E. T
Leytonstone Eoad, Stratford, E.
Leytonstone, Harrow Green, E.
Leytonstone, Harrow Eoad, E.
Leytonstone, The Pavement, E.
Lillie Bridge, Eichmond Eoad
(102), S.W. T
Lillie Eoad (132), S.W.
Limehouse (near Church), E. T
Lincoln's Inn, Portugal St. (B.O.),
W.C. T
Lisson Grove (33), N.W. T
Little Sussex Place, W.
Liverpool Ed. (283 and 387), N.
Loampit Vale, S.E.
Lombard Street, P.O., E.C.
London (Chief Office), E.C. T
London Eields, Broadway, N.E.
London Eoad, Southwark, S.E.
Long Acre (42), W.C.
Lordship Lane (near Stn.), S.E. T
Lordship Ter., E., Dulwich, S.E.
Lorrimore Sq., Walworth, S.E.
Lothbury (B.O.), E.C. T
Lots Eoad, Chelsea, S.W.
Lower Clapton, Lea Bridge
Eoad, E. T
Lower Clapton, Downs Eoad (32),
Lower Edmonton T
Lower Fore St., Edmonton, S.W.
Lower Eoad, Eotherhithe, S.E. T
Lower Sydenham, S.E. T
Lower Tottenham T
Ludgate Circus (B.O.), E.C. T
Lupus St., Pimlico (6), S.W. T
Lyhani Eoad, S.W.
Lynton Eoad. S.E.
Maida Hill, Clifton Eoad, W.
Maida Hill, Elgin Avenue, W. T
Maida Hill, Warwick Ed., W. T
Maida Vale (227), Yi.
Manchester Eoad (487), E. T
Manor Park T
Mansfield Eoad, N.W.
Marchmont Street, W.C. T
Mare Street (203 and 305), Hack-
ney, N.E. T
Mark Lane (B.O.), E.C. T
Marlborough Eoad (148), N.
Marloes Eoad, W.
Marsham Street, S.W.
Maryland Point, E.
Masboro Eoad, N, W.
Meeting House Lane, S.E.
Melbourne Grove, S.E.
Merton, Haydon Eoad.
Merton Bridge T
Merton Eoad, Merton.
Merton Eush.
Mile End Ed. (148 and 291), E. T
Mile End Eoad (387), E.
Millbank Street, S.W. T
Mill Hill, Middlesex, N.W. T
Mill Lane, Kilburn, N.W.
Mill Wall, W. Ferry Ed. (53), E. T
Mill Wall, W. Ferry Ed. (244), E.
Minories (44), E. T
Mortlake, S.W.
Mount Street (121), W. T
Murray Street, N.W.
Muswell Hill, N. T
Neasden N.W.
Netherwood Eoad, W. T
iNew Beckton, E.
New Bond Street, Grosvenor St.
(83), W. T
; New Cross, Brocklehurst St., S.E.
| New Cross, near Brighton Line
Station, S.E.
| New Cross, Edward St. (94), S.E.
New Cross Eoad (177 and 393),
S.E. T
New Cut, S.E.
New Kent Eoad (151), S.E.
New King's Eoad, S.W.
New North Eoad (157 & 277), N.
Newington Butts, S.E.
Newington Causeway, S.E.
Newington Green Eoad, N. T
New Southgate, Station Ed., N. T
New Street, St. Martin's Lane,
W.C. T
New Street, Vincent Sq., S.W.
Newland Ter., Kensington, W. T
Nightingale Lane, Balhani, S.W.
Nile Street. Hoxton, N.
Northcote Eoad (74), S.W.
North End, Hampstead, N.W. T
North End Eoad (251); Fulham,
North Finchley, N. T
North Kensington, Kensal Eoad.
North Kensington, Wornington
Eoad, W.
North W. District Office, 28
Eversholt Street, N.W. T
N. Woolwich, 117 Albert Eoad r
E. T
North Woolwich Eoad, E.
Norton Folgate(26)(B.O.), N.E. T
Northern D.O., 46 EssexEd.,N. T
Norwood, Central Hill, S.E.
Norwood Eoad (26), S.E,
Norwood Eoad (357), S.E. T
Norwood Head Office (Westow
St.) S.E. T
Notting Hill, Archer St. (B.O.),
W. T
Notting Hill, Bramley Eoad, W.
Notting Hill, High Street (B.O.),
W. T
dotting Hill, Portobello Eoad, W.
Notting Hill, Eoyal Cres., W. T
Notting Hill, Norland Ter., W. T
Notting Hill, St Ann's Eoad, W.
Nunhead Grove, S.E. T
Nunhead, IvydaleEoad(220),S.E,

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