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Dalston, 59 and 207 Q.ueen's Koad,
Dalston, Lansdown Boad (88),
Dalston Lane (84 and 176),
Hackney, N.E
Dan vers Street, Chelsea, S.W.
Dartmouth Park Hill, N.
Dartmouth Bow, Blackheath,
S "P T
Denmark Hill, S.E. T
Deptford Broadway, S.E. T
Deptford, Creek Boad, S.E.
Deptford, Etta Street (85), S.E.
Deptford, High Street, S.E. T
Devonshire Street, W. T
Dockhead, S.E. T
Doctors' Commons, E.C. T
Downham Boad, N.
Down Street (26), Piccadilly T
Downs Park Boad (64), N.E. T
Drury Lane (42 and 100), W.C.
Dulwich, S.E. T
Ealing Boundarv, Uxbridge
Boad, W.
Ealing, Broadway, W. T
Ealing Dean, W. T
Ealing, Banelagh road, W.
Earlscourt, S.W. T
Earlsfield, S.W. T
East Acton, W.
Eastcheap (B.O.), E.C. T
East Dulwich, Crystal Palace
Eoad, S.E.
East Dulwich Grove, S.E.
East Dulwich Boad, S.E.
East Dulwich, Friern Eoad,
S.E. T
East Dulwich, Lordship Lane
(93), S.E. T
Eastern D. O., Whitechapel Eoad
(195), E. T
East Finchley, Market PL, N. T
East Finchley, near Bwy. Stn. N
East Greenwich, Blackwail Lane,
S.E. T
East Greenwich, Trafalgar Boad
(190), S.E. T
East Ham, E.
East Hill, Wandsworth, S.W.
East India Dock Eoad (226 & 475),
E. T
East Putney, near Eailway
Station, S.W.
East Sheen, S.W. T
East Strand (178), W.C. T
Eaton Terrace, S.W. T
Ebury Bridge, S.W. T
Ebury Street (18), S.W. T
Edgware Boad (74) (B.O.), W. T
Edgware Eoad (228, 310, and 441),
W. T
Edmonton, Hertford Boad, N.
Edwardes Terrace, W. T
Elgin Crescent, Notting Hill, W.
Elizabeth St., Eaton Sq., S.W. T
Elm Park, Brixton, S.W.
England Lane, Hampstead, N.W.
Essex Eoad (202), Islington, M.
Euston Eoad (402) (B.O.), N.W. T
Euston Square Station (B.O.),
N.W. T
Evelyn Street, Deptford, S.E.
Evering Eoad, N.
Exmouth St. (64), Clerken. W.C.
Falcon Eoad, S.W.
Ferme Park Ed., Finsbury, N. T
Ferndale Eoad, Stockwell, S.W.
Finchley. Church End, N. T
Finchley Eoad (217), N.W. T
Finsbury Park (B.O.), near G.
N. E. Station, N. T
Finsbury Park, Endymion Eoad.
Finsbury Park, Fonthill Boad,N.
Finsbury Pavement, E.C.
Finsbury Square (B.O.), E.C. T
Fleet Street (43) (B.O.), E.C. T
Fore Street, E.C.
Forest Gate, Dames Boad, E.
Forest Gate, Goodwin Boad, E.
Forest Gate, Odessa Eoad, E.
Forest Gate, Eomford Eoad
(471), E.
Forest Gate, Thorpe Eoad, E.
Forest Gate, Woodgrange Eoad
(60), E. T
Forest Hill (B.O.), S.E. T
Forest Hill, Dartmouth Ed., S.E.
Forest Hill, Stanstead Eoad (147),
Forest Hill, Wood Vale (118), S.E.
Forest Hill Boad, S.E.
Fortess Eoad, N.W. T
Fortis Green, N.
Friern Barnet Eoad, N.
Fulham, S.W. T
Fulham, High Street (59), S.W.
Fulham,. 1 Hazelbury Eoad, S.W.
Fulham Cross, S.W.
Fulham Palace Ed. (119), S.W. T
Fulham, Eostrevor Ter., S.W. T
Fulham Eoad (8, 94, 127, and
303), S.W. T
Fulham Ed. (262) (B.O.), S.W. T
General Post Office (Chief
Office), E.C. T
Gipsy Hill, S.E. T
Gipsy Lane, Upton Park, E.
Gledhow Terrace, S.W. T
Globe Boad (107), Bethnal Green,
Gloucester Boad, Queen's Gate,
S.W. T
Gloucester Ed., Hereford Square,
"S.W. T
Goswell Eoad, near the Angel
(B.O.), E.C. T
Goswell Eoad (114), E.C. T
Goswell Eoad (237), E.C.
Gower Street (161), W.C. T
Gracechurch St. (82) (B.O.)E.C. T
Grange Boad, S.E. T
Gray's Inn Eoad (211), W.C. T
Gray's Inn Eoad (220), W.C.
Great Dover Street, S.E.
Great Marylebone Street (10), W.
Great Portland Street (127), W. T
Great Eussell Street, W.C.
Great Tower Street (B.O.),E.C. T
Greek Street, Soho, W. T
Green Lanes, Newington, N. T
Green St. (34c), Bethnal Green,
Greenwich, Nelson Street (B.O.),
S.E. T
Greenwich, Trafalgar Boad (61),
Greenwich Eoad, near Stn., S.E.
Grenville Street, W.C. T
Gresham Ho., Bishopsgate (B.O.)»
E-C. T
Greyhound Lane, S.W.
Grosvenor Ed. (57) Pimlico,
S.W. T
Grove Lane, Camberwell, S.E. T
Grove Park, Lee, S.E. T
Grove Boad (63), Bow, E.
Grove Street, Deptford, S.E.
Hackney Eoad (328), N.E.
Hackney Wick Boad (260), N.E.
Hackney Wick, near Stn., N.E. T
Hammersmith (B.O.), W. T
Hammersmith, Brackenbury Ed.,
Hammersmith, Fulham Palace
Eoad (72), W.
Hammersmith Eoad (87), W. T
Hammersmith, King Street West
(148 and 323), W.
Hammersmith, The Grove. W.
Hampstead, Belsize Park, N.W.
Hampstead, Fairfax Eoad, N.W.
Hampstead Green (B.O.), 200
Haverstock Hill, N.W. T
Hampstead, High St. (48) (B.O.),
N.W. • T
Hampstead Boad (161), N.W. T
Hampstead Eoad (29), N.W.
Hampstead. S. Hill Park, N.W. T
Hanwell, W. T
Harlesden Green, N.W. T
Harlesden, High St. (242), N.W.
Harringay (40), Wightman Eoad,
N. T
Harrow Eoad, College Park, W.
Harrow Eoad (Jonson's Place), W.
Harrow Eoad (620), Queen's Park,
HarrowEd.,WoodfieldTer.,W. T
Harrow Boad, Frankfort Ter., W.
Hartington Ter.,Battersea, S.W.
Hatton Gard. (110) (B.O.), E.C. T
Hazelville Eoad, Hornsev Lane,
N. '
Hemingford Boad, N. T
Hendon, Brent Street, N.W. T
Hen don. Church Lane, N.W.
Hendon, near Station, N.W.
Heme Hill, Milkwood road, S.E.
Heme Hill. Baily. Station, S.E. T
Hertford Ed., De Beauvoir Sq., N.
Higham Hill, Walthamstow
Highbury, Aubert Park, N.
Highbury Park, near Grange,
N. T
Highbury, near Stn., (B.O.), N. T
Highbury, Grosvenor Ed. (89), N.
Highgate, High Street, N. T
Highgate, North Hill, N.
Highgate, Archway Eoad, N. T
Highgate Eoad (141), N.W.
High Ed., Knightsbridge, S.W. T
High Street (39), Islington, N.
High Street, Merton.
High Street (229), Poplar, E.
Hindmans Eoad, S.E.
Hither Green, S.E.
Holborn(near Gray's Inn)(B.O.),
W.C. T
Holland Eoad, Kensington, W. T
Holloway Ed. (118 and 269), N.
Holloway (B.O.), Parkhurst Eoad,
N. T
Homerton, High Street (37 & 162"),
N.E. T

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