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Abbey Koad, BlenheimTerrace,
N.W. T
Abbott Road (94), Poplar, E.
Acre Lane (2), S.W. T
Acre Lane (89), S.W.
Acton, High Street, W. T
Acton, Strafford Road, W.
Acton, Churchfield Road, W. T
Acton Green, Chiswick.
Acton, near G. W. Ry. St., W.
Acton (7), Uxbridge Terrace, W.
Adelaide Road, Hampstead, N.W.
Akerman Road, N. Brixton, S.W.
Albany Road (99 and 309), Cam-
berwell, S.E.
Albany Street (115), N.W. T
Albion Street (24), W. T
Aldermanbury (72) (B.O.),E.C. T
Aldersgate Street (69), E.C.
Aldgate (B.O.), E. T
Allen Road, Stoke Newington, N.
Amhurst Rd., Stoke-Newington N
Amwell St. (42), Pentonville, E.C.
Anerley, Anerley Station, S.E. T
Anerley Road, near Crystal Palace,
S.E. T
Arbour Sq. (127) Charles St., E. T
Baker Street (B.O.) (66), Portman
Square, W. T
Balham, High Road, S.W. T
Ball's Pond, N.
Barbican, E.C. T
Barnes, High Street, S.W. T
Barnes, Westfields, S.W.
Barnsbury Road (125), N.
Battersea, Bridge Road (78), S.W.
Battersea, High St. (130), S.W. T
Battersea Park Road (25 and
329), S.W.
Battersea Park Road (20 and 242),
S.W. T
Battersea Rise (15), S.W. '
Battersea Rise (131), S.W. T
Battersea Square, S.W. T
Bayswater, Queen's Rd. (11), W. T
Beckton, N. Woolwich. E.
Bedford Hill Road, S.W.
Bedford St. (B.O.), Strand, W.C.
Bell Green, Lr. Sydenham, S.E.
Belsize Park, Hampstead, N.W.
Bemerton Street, N.
Beresford Street, S.E.
Bermondsey, Jamaica Road (68
and 196), S.E.
Bermondsey, St. James Rd. (74),
Bermondsey Street (171), S.E. T
Berners Street, W. T
Berwick Street, W.
Bethnal Green, Columbia Road
(82), N.E.
Bethnal Green Road (B.O.) (173),
N.E. T
Bethnal Green Road (422), N.E.
Bethnal Green, Old Eord. Road
(174), E.
Beulah Hill, Norwood, S.E. T
Billingsgate (B.O.), S.E. T
Bishopsgate St. Without (47a),
E.C. T
Bishop's Road, Paddington, W. T
Bishop's Road (98), Victoria Park
Blackfriars Road (165), S.E.
Blackfriars Road (228), S.E. T
Blackheath, East Combe Terrace,
S.E. T
Blackheath, Grotes Place, S.E.
Blackheath Hill, S.E.
Blackheath Village (B.O.), S.E. T
Blackstock Road, N.
Blythe Hill, Catford, S.E.
Borough, High Street (19a) (B.O.),
S.E. T
Borough, High Street (239), S.E.
Boundary Rd. (22 and 108), N.W.
Bow (B.O), near the Church, E. T
Bow, Addington Road (2), E.
Bow,DevonsRd.(112and202), E.
Bow (628 Mile End Road), E. T
Bow, Monier Road, E.
Bow, Mostyn Road, E.
Bow, Old Ford Road (265), E.
Bow, 120 St Leonard Street, E.
Bow, St. Paul's Road (117), E.
Brick Lane, N.E. T
Brixton Hill (98), S.W. T
Brixton Hill (238), S.W.
Brixton Road (193), S.W.
Brixton Road(37, 304, 420), S.W. T
Broad Sanctuary (B.O.), S.W. T
Broad Street, Bloomsbury, W.C.
Brockley Boad (185), S.E. T
Brockley Road (77 & 254), S.E.
Brompton Road (110), S.W. T
Brondesbury, N.W. T
Brook Street, Lambeth, S.E.
Broughton Road, N.
Brownswood Park, N.
Bruce Grove, Tottenham.
Bunhill Row (79), E.C.
Burdett Road (113), Bow Road, E.
Burlington House (B.O.), W. T
Burnt Ash Road, S.E. T
Buxton Street, Mile End, N.E.
Cale Street, Chelsea, S.W.
Caledonian Road (172, 273, 406,
and 480), N.
Camberwell, Denmark Park, S.E.
Camberwell Green (1) (BO.), S.E.
Camberwell, Linnell Road, S.E.
Camberwell New Road (197), S.E.
CamberweU Road (178), S.E.
Cambridge Heath, N.E.
Cambridge Road (167), N.E.
Cambridge Road (343), N.E. T
Cambridge St., Pimlico, S.W. T
Camden Road (57) (B.O.), N.W.T
Camden Town, High St.,N.W. T
Canning Town, Rathbone Street
(67), E.
Canning Town, Bidder St. (120)
Canning Town, Barking Road
(152), E. T
Canning Town, 14 Victoria Dock
Road, E. T
Cannon St. (101) (B.O.), E.C. T
Cannon Street Road, E.
Canonbury (218) St Paul's Rd., N.
Canterbury Road, N.W.
Castlenau, Barnes, S.W. T
Catford, near George Lane, S.E.
Catford, Rushey Green (160),
S.E. T
Catford, Southend, S.E.
Catford Hill, S.E.
Central Hill, Norwood, S.E.
Chalk Farm Rd. (65) (B.O.), N.W.
Chancery Lane, W.C. T
Chapel St., Belgrave Sq., S.W. T
Charing Cross, W.C.
Charles Street (B.O.), Haymarket,
S.W. T
Charlwood Street (82), S.W.
Chase Gate, Southgate, N.
Chatsworth Rd.(48),Clapton,N.E.
Chesterton Boad, W. T
Chichester St., Paddington, W. T
Childshill, Kilburn, N.W. T
Chingford T
Chiswick, High Rd. (276 & 437) T
Chiswick, High Rd. (349 & 627)
Chiswick, Grosvenor Terrace.
Chiswick, Bedford Park.
Chiswick, Church Street T
Chiswick, Devonshire Road.
Church Street, Kensington, W.
Church Street, Lisson Grove,N.W.
Church St., Stoke Newington, N.
Churton St. (26) (B.O.), S.W. T
City Road (100 and 219), E.C.
City Road, E.C. T
ClaphamCommon(B.O.), S.W. T
Clapham Junction (16), Queen's
Parade, S.W. T
Clapham Park Road (159) S.W.
Clapham Rise (8) High St., S.W
Clapham Road (154), S.W. f
Clapham Road (24 and 225), S W
Clapham, Old Town, S.W.
Clapton, Clarence Road (77), N.E.
Clapton, Rushmore Road, N.E.
Clapton Road, Portland PL, nIe.
Clarendon Road, Notting Hill, W
Clerkenwell Green (41), E.C.
Cleveland GardeDS, Bayswater, W„
Cloudesley Road, Islington, N.
Coborn Road (94), Bow, E. ' "
Cold Harbour Lane (182), Cam-
berwell, S.E.
Cold Harbour Lane (338), S.W.
Coleman Street (80), E.C. T
Commercial Road (153), E. T
Commercial Road (439), E.
Commercial Road, Peckham, S.E.
Cornhill (B.O.), E.C. a?
Cornwall Road, Westbourne Park,
W. t
Cottenham Park, Wimbledon T
Covent Garden (B.O.), W.C. T
Cranbrook Street, Deptford.S.E.
Craven Park, Willesden, N.W.
Craven Road, Bayswater, W.
Crawford St. (25), Marylebone-.
W. rp
Cricklewood,GranvilleTer.,N.W t
Cricklewood, Yew Ter., N.W. T
Crouch End, Broadway, N. ' T
Crouch End, Park Road, N.
Crouch Hill, Upper Holloway.N. T
Crownhill, West Norwood, S.E.
Crowndale Road (7), N.W.
Crystal Palace, New Bank Court
Crystal Palace (B.O.), S.E. T
Curtain Road, E.C. q>
Curzon Street (43), Mayfair, W. T
Custom House Station, Victoria
Docks, E. rp
Dalling Rd., Hammersmith, W. T
D alston, Greenwood Rd. (64), N, E.

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