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Maclean, Samuel, M.B., CM., 95 Mayfield road
M'Lean, William, 6 Hawthorn bank place
M'Lean, William, 96 Fountainbridge
M'Lean, William, 60 Brunswick street
M'Lean, William, grocer, 76 Canongate
M'Lean, Wm., linen mer., 14 Livingstone place
M'Lean, Wm., lapidary, 3 East Register street ;
house, 15 Livingstone place
M'Lean, William M., 19 Rintoul place
M'Lean, Mrs A., greengrocer, 30 Sandport street
Maclean, Mrs A., 19 Leamington terrace
M 'Lean, Mrs J. , 8 Chamberlain road
Maclean, Mrs May, grocer, 6 Little King street ;
house, 4
M'Lean, Mrs, 5 Eildon street
M'Lean Mrs, 15 Greenhill place
M'Lean, Mrs, waitress, 2 Church street
M'Lean, Mrs, 34 Warrender park terrace
Maclean, Mrs, 9 Westhall gardens
Maclean, Mrs, 3 St Ninian's terrace
Maclean, Mrs, 23 Scotland street
Maclean, Misses, 100 Thirlestane road
M'Lean, Miss, dressmaker, 35 Lome street
M'Lean, Miss, 1 Palmerston place
M'Lean, Miss, 39 Mayfield road
Maclean, Miss, 82 Great King street
Macleish, A. L., M.D., medical missionary, 3
Merchiston bank avenue
M'Leish, Alexander, 16 Bryson road
M'Leish, James, 17 Marchmont road
M'Leish, John, 11 Polwarth gardens
M'Leish, Mrs, 24 Westhall gardens
M'Lellan, Alexander, 36 Forbes road
•M'Lellan, A., coachman, 46 Mayfield road
M'Lellan, James, fruiterer, 10 Gladstone place ;
house, 17
M'Lellan, James, coal salesman, 20 Barony st.
M'Lellan, William, 1 Caledonian road
M'Lellan, Mrs J., 6 Wolseley terrace
M'Lellan, Mrs, 4 Brunton terrace
M'Lelland, Mrs, 28 Marchmont road
M'Lennan, Alex. (6. P.O.), 12 Beaverhall ter.
M'Lennan, Andrew, 12 Marchmont street
M'Lennan, Don., joiner and builder, 2 Cross-
causeway ; house, 27 Oxford street
Maclennan, D. G., teacher of dancing, 13
Jordan lane
Maclennan, George, grain merchant, Lochrin;
house, 3 Admiral terrace
M'Lennan, John, 13 Halmyre street
M'Lennan, John, wine and spirit merchant, 22
W. Nicolson street and 104 St Leonard's st. ;
house, 18 E. Preston street
M'Lennan,' J. (lieut. of police), 31 Buccleuch.pl.
M'Lennan, John F. , advocate, 20 Heriot row
M'Lennan, Kenneth, wine and spirit merchant,
19 Bread street ; house, 5 Upper Gilmore ter.
M'Lennan, Kenneth, East lodge, Donaldson's
M'Lennan, William, wine and spirit merchant,
43 and 45 N. Junction street ; house, 37
Madeira street
MacLennan, Mrs, 13 Jordan lane
M'Lennan, Mrs, 11 Lauriston place
M'Lennan, Miss G., greengrocer, 5 Bridge pi.
M'Lennan, Miss, 10 Dean terrace
M'Lennan, Miss, laundress, 5 M'Neill street
Macleod, A., & Co., tailors and clothiers, 18
Forrest road
Macleod Brothers, lithographers, printers, anil
stationers, Bank lane, Clyde street
M'Leod, D. & J., joiners and cabinetmakers, 12
Hope park terrace
M'Leod, J., & Co., painters and paperhangers,
58 Albert street, house, 10 Buchanan street
M 'Leod, R. & R. , & Co. , wholesale tea merchants,
7 Royal Exchange ; Telegraph, ' M'Leod '
M'Leod, Alex., china merchant, 84 Candlemaker
row & 10 Poultry market ; ho. 18 Nicolson st.
M'Leod, Alex., draper, 317 Leith walk
Macleod, Alex. , Edina cottages, Edina place
M'Leod, Alex. C. (J. Turner & Co. ), 3 Brougham
M'Leod, Alex. G., 4 Great King street
M'Leod, A., 7 Upper Grove place
M'Leod, A., 23 Kemp place
Macleod, A. D., 13 Jessfield terrace
M'Leod, A. H., waiter, 44 Cumberland street
M'Leod, Allan, 169 Fountainbridge
M'Leod, Angus, gardener and florist, Ventnor
terrace ; house, 196 Dalkeith road
Macleod, Angus, cutter, 18 Melville terrace
MacLeod, Angus, golf club and ball maker, 7
Vanburgh place
M 'Leod, Angus A. , supt. of parks and gardens,
City chambers ; house, 6 Sylvan place
MacLeod, Cameron (/. Crombie & Co.), 7 May-
field gardens
M'Leod, Daniel, 8 Breadalbane terrace
M'Leod, Daniel, coffee-house, 50 High street
M'Leod, David, dairy, 5 Montague street
M'Leod, David, joiner and cabinetmaker,
Lower Gilmore pi. ; house, 69 Warrender park
M'Leod, David, bootcloser, 91 Rose street
M'Leod, D. F. (G.P.O.), 33 Marchmont cresct.
M'Leod, Donald, 31 Causewayside
M'Leod, Duncan, furniture dealer, 1 Jeffrey st. ;
house, 6 Roxburgh street
M'Leod, George, 9 Murdoch terrace
Macleod, Hector, advocate, 2 N.-E. Circus pi.
M'Leod, Hugh, grocer and wine merchant, 6
Richmond lane ; house, 4 Dalkeith road
Macleod, Rev. James ( Wardie U. P. Church), 9
Strowan terrace
M'Leod, James, 42 Argyle place
M'Leod, James R. S. (inland Revenue officer),
15 Shandon crescent
MacLeod, James, grocer and wine merchant, 62
Bristo street ; house, 8 Chapel street
M'Leod, James, joiner and carpenter, 9 Elder
street ; house, 18 Gardner's crescent
Macleod, J. A., 15 Montpelier
M'Leod, John, 6 Bryson road
M 'Leod, Lieut. -General Sir John, K. C. B. , Wardie
lodge, Boswell road
M'Leod, John, 14 Bell place
MacLeod, John, 1 Livingstone place
MxVCLEOD, MATTHEW, artist, proprietor of
Wax Work and Museum, 11 South bridge ;
house, 2 Buccleuch place. ^See. Adv. index
Macleod, Murdo, tutor ; classrooms, 37 Chambers
M'Leod, Neil, 22 Viewforth gardens
M'Leod, Neil, builder and contractor, 70 Mer-
chiston avenue ; house, 25 Polwarth gardens
Macleod, Norman, bookseller, 7 N. Bank street ;
house, 1 Inverleith avenue

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