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Hamilton, W. L. , hatter, 43 North bridge ;
house, 7 Wellington street
Hamilton, Win., goldsmith, 9 Marchhall cres.
Hamilton, Madame Agnes £>., teacher of violin,
12 St Vincent street
Hamilton, Mrs A., 18 Manor place
Hamilton, Mrs J. A. , 7 Granby road
Hamilton, Mrs John, dairy, 49 N. Fort street
Hamilton, Mrs Mary, 7 Balfour street
Hamilton, Mrs R. G., 10 Glengyle terrace
Hamilton, Mrs R. S., 5 Summerhall square
Hamilton, Mrs Sarah, 16 Montague street
Hamilton, Mrs Wm., 36 Newington road
Hamilton, Mrs, 19 Lauder road
Hamilton, Mrs, 90 Findhorn place
Hamilton, Mrs, apartments, 69 Warrender pai'k
Hamilton, Mrs, 16 Grove street
Hamilton, Mrs, 17 Leopold place
Hamilton, Mrs, 6 Montague street
Hamilton, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 2 Huntly street
Hamilton, Mrs, 42 Morningside road
Hamilton, Mrs, ladies nurse, 19 Rosemount bdgs.
Hamilton, Miss, fringe, tassel, and trimming
maker, 68 George street
Hamilton, Miss, 30 Forth street
Hamilton, Miss, 110 Duke street, Leith
Hamilton, Miss, 18 Buccleuch place
Hammond, Charles, 1 West Maitland street
HAMMOND, THOMAS, fireworks artist, Castle
works, Craigmillar ; house, 16 East Majdieid,
Dalkeith road. ^See Adv. index
Hammond Type- Writer Agency, A. R. Archi-
bald, 123 George street
Hammond, Mrs, 18 South Morningside drive
Hamond, Captain W. J., 19 Pol warth gardens
Hampton, J. Scott, S.S.C., Amphion cottage,
Trinity road, East
Hampton, Wm., 30 Albany street, Leith
Hampton, Misses, 4 Merchiston place
Hanan, Hugh, seedsman and florist, 16 Bank st. ;
house, Magdalen Bridge cottages, Musselburgh
Hand-in -Hand Fire and Life Insurance Company
(Estab. 1696); Richard Brown, C.A., 23 St
Andrew square, agent
Hand-in-Hand Fire and Life Insurance Society,
76 George street
Hand-in-Hand Insurance Society, William
Brown, 10 St Andrew sq.; Telegraph, 'Focus'
Hand, Mrs, saleroom, 131 High street
Handley, A., com. traveller, S Gt. Stuart street
Handyside, G. B., & Co., coal merchants, 163
Handyside, A. G., stock and sharebroker, 7
George street ; Telegraph, ' Handyside ; '
Telephone, 79
Handyside, Adam, 103 Montgomery street
Handyside, David, 11 Albert place
Handyside, David, 30 Hillside crescent
Handyside, James, 7 Maxwell street
Hand3 r side, Robt. C, commercial traveller, 16
Princes street ; house, 24 Nile grove
Handyside, William, 21 Magdala crescent
Handyside, William, spirit merchant, 12 Shore;
house, 16 Dudley avenue
Handyside, Mrs J., 35b Restalrig terrace
Handyside, Miss, 16 Lansdowne crescent
Hanlon, John, dairy, greengrocer and confec-'
tioner, 52 Charlotte street, Leith I
Hanlon, John, picture dealer, 52 Charlotte st.,
Hanlon, Mrs Catherine, broker, 186 Cowgate
HANNA, JAMES, wardrobe dealer, 47 Cum-
berland st. ifcSee Adv. index
Hanna, T. Chalmers, C.A. (Wood <Sj H.), 7
Magdala crescent
Hanna, J., 23 Balfour street
Hannah, George, 4 Brougham place
Hannah, James, 18 West Claremont street
Hannah, J., 18 West Claremont street
Hannah, John, 25 Milton street
Hannah, Robert, 10 Royal crescent
Hannah, R. Nasmyth, L.D.S., dental surgeon,
67 Northumberland street
Hannah, T., 18 Broughton street
Hannah, Wm., surgeon-dentist, 67 Northumber-
land street
Hannah, William, 9 Rosebank cottages
Hannah, Mrs, milliner, 41 Lutton place
Hannan, Robert, 22 East Preston street
Hannan, Mrs J. A., 10 Dean terrace
Hannay, William, 1 Abbey street
Hanning, A., tailor and clothier, 52a Grove st. ;
house, 24 Westhall gardens
Hansell, Rev. W. J., 17 Raeburn place
Hansen & Co., vice-consul for Monte Video,
shipbrokers, coal exporters, and commission
agents, 2 Dock place ; house, 8 Cherry bank ;
Telegraph, ' Hansen, Leith '
Hansen, A., fruiterer and confectioner, 59
Henderson street
Hansen, Hakon, 9 Bowhill terrace
j Hansen, Hans, artist, 3a Shandwick place
■ Hansen, Hjalmar C, shipbroker and general
agent, 4 Albany street, Leith
Hansen, Mrs L. C, 66 Elm row
Hanson, R. W., 38a Findhorn place
Hanson, William, com. mer., 54 Bernard street;
house, 21 Fettes row
Hanton, Mrs James, 71 Clerk street
Harcus, Henry, 14 St Ronan's terrace
Hardie Brothers, hatters and hosiers, 1 Spring
gardens, Stockbridge
Hardie & Turnbull, stock and share brokers, 53
George street ; Telegraph, ' Hardie ; ' Tele-
phone, 222
Hardie, D. , & Son, general drapers, 235 and 241
High street and 34 South Bridge ; house, 12
Newington road
Hardie, J. & W., merchants and commission
agents, 4 Picardy place
Hardie, Robert, & Co., printers, 77 Rose street
Hardie, Alexander, 19 Gayfield square
Hardie, Alexander, landscape gardener, Glen-
corse cottage, Morningside park
Hardie, Alexander, Turkish baths, 90 Princes st.
Hardie, Archibald, 3 Gordon terrace
Hardie, Charles, com. trav., 44 Cumberland st.
Hardie, Charles, musician, 16 Murano place
Hardie, C, dairj', 3 Brunswick road
Hardie, C. M., A.R.S.A., artist, Lynedoch
house, Belford road
Hardie, David, newsagent and stationer, 64
Cumberland street
Hardie, Donald, plumber, 160 Morningside rd.
Hardie, George, 36 Regent place
Hardie, George, hat manufacturer, 289 High st. ;
house, 37 Forrest road

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