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Greig, John, 17 Morningside place
Greig, Peter (J. & W. Greig), wool broker, 2a
Inverleith place
Greig, Peter M., Perciville, "Willowbrae
Greig, R. F., wine and spirit merchant, 14 Dock
street ; house, 13
Greig, Robert, wine and spirit merchant, 20
Commercial st. ; ho., 13 George street
Greig, Robert, 25 Dundee terrace
Greig, Robert (/. G. <£• Sons), 25 Gillespie cres.
Greig, Major Robt., Craigmichen, St Alban's road
Greig, Sommerville, W. S. , 55 Frederick street ;
house, 5 Coates place
Greig, Thomas, grocer and provision merchant,
92 Main street
Greig, Thomas, hosier, 16 Morningside drive
Greig, William, 26 Grindlay street
Greig, Wm, C., grocer, wine and spirit merchant,
40 and 42 Trafalgar lane ; ho. 101 Ferry rd.
GREIG, MRS J., Peacock hotel, Main street.
^See Adv. index
Greig, Mrs James, greengrocer and confectioner,
24 Haymarket terrace
Greig, Mrs John, 19 Brunton place
Greig, Mrs John, 87 Bruntsfield place
Greig, Mrs Robert, 5 Teviot place
Greig, Mrs, dairy, 20 Spottiswoode street
Greig, Mrs, 3 Montgomery street
Greig, Mrs, 4 Princes street
Greig, Mrs, 16 Danube street
Greig, Mrs, 2 S. Oxford street
Greig, Mrs, Perciville, Willowbrae
Greig, Caroline, teacher of music, 122 George st.
Greiner, Charles F., watchmaker and jeweller,
153 Fountainbridge
Greiner, Madame de, teacher of singing, 11
Castle terrace
Greliehe, Edward A. C, cook, 62 Thistle street
73 George street ; Francis Rankine, local secy.
Greville, Ernest E., 21 Teviot place
Grey & Son, M.E.C.V.S., veterinary surgeons,
31 Pleasance, 119 Rose street, and 109 Dundee
street ; house, 20 Lauriston place
Grey, Alex., F.R.C.V.S., veterinary surgeon,
Pirrie street
Grey, John E. (G. & Son), M.R.C.V.S., veter-
inary surgeon, 119 Rose street, 31 Pleasance,
and 109 Dundee st. ; house, 20 Lauriston pi.
Grey, John Ogilvie, 37 Gilmour place
Grey, William H., architect and surveyor, 59
Gcotgtg street
GREY, MADAME ANNIE, Scottish vocalist
(diplomee and gold medallist, R.A.M. Lon-
don), teacher of singing, 2 Palmerston place
Grey, Mrs, 37 Gilmore place
Grier, Robert B. , agent for James Miller, Sons,
& Co., 27 Quality st. ; house, 173 Ferry road
Grier, Mrs, 3 Rosslyn street
Grierson, Chas., smith and farrier, 21 N. B.
Canongate ; house, 3 Leopold place
Grierson, George, 20 Lome street
Grierson, G. G., advocate, 7 So. Charlotte st.
Grierson, Grieve D., 25 Angle park terrace
Grierson, Henry, Craigend park, Liberton
Grierson, James R., 107 Montgomery street
Grierson, John, 14 Gordon street
Grierson, William, 19 Carlyle place
Grierson, Mrs, 72 Northumberland street
Grierson, Misses, lodgings, 3 North Charlotte
Grierson, Miss, 30 Alva street
Grierson, Miss, 37 Argyle place
Grierson, Miss E. , 8 Montague street
Grierson, Margaret, 8 Chapel street
Grieve's Balmoral Hotel,. 91, 92, 93, 95, and 98,
Princes street and 3 Frederick street
Grieve, J. & C, Bank Park Fireclay Works,
Low Calton
Grieve, R., & Co., carpet, chintz, damask, floor-
cloth, iron and brass bedstead, and bedding
warehousemen, 83 George street
Grieve, Adam, registered plumber and gasfitter,
30 Argyle place ; house, 82 Marchmont cres.
Grieve, George, grocer and spirit merchant, 28 ;
Clerk street ; house, 4 Mentone terrace
Grieve, George Alison, 6 Orwell terrace
Grieve, George, joiner and bird cage maker, 45-
Niddry street
Grieve, George A., 11 Lilly hill terrace
Grieve, George K., 12 Cambridge avenue
Grieve, H., plumber and gasfitter, 10 Morrison
street ; house, 14 Spittal street
Grieve, James, dairy, 7 Yeaman place
Grieve, James, engraver, 9 Lillyhill terrace
Grieve, James, gardener, Pilrig cottage, Pilrig st.
Grieve, James, 28 Rosebank cottages
Grieve, Jas. (Bass & Co.), commercial traveller,
110 Craiglea drive
Grieve, James B. , 8 Kirk street
Grieve, James Johnstone, 25 Buckingham ter.
Grieve, J. G., 4 Melville terrace
Grieve, John, messenger, 35 St Andrew square
Grieve, John, 44 Dairy road
Grieve, John, 75 Dundee street
Grieve, John, 9 Montague street
Grieve, John, 21 Bellevue crescent
Grieve, John (collector, Scottish Legal Assurance
Society), 2 Thornville terrace
Grieve, John C, teacher of music, 3 E. Preston
Grieve, Nathaniel, builderandjoiner, Washington
lane, Dairy road ; house, 15 Ardmill an terrace-
Grieve, Surgeon - General Robert, M.D., IS
Eildon street
Grieve, Robert, contractor, Depot, 189 Morrison
street ; house, 46 Home street
Grieve, Robert, bank agent, National Bank of
Scotland Limited, 25 Leith walk
Grieve, Robert, painter and decorator, 5 Melville-
terrace ; house, 7 Moncreiff terrace
Grieve, R., grocer and spirit merchant, 18&
Pleasance ; house, 190
Grieve, Sommerville (Innes & G.), 21 Queen's
Grieve, Symington (Innes <fc <?.), 11 Lauder rd.
Grieve, Thos. (superintendent, British League)*
3 Belhaven terrace
Grieve, Thomas, 29 Hillside crescent
Grieve, Thomas, 3 East Cromwell street
Grieve, Walter, 27 Bangor road
Grieve, W., tailor and clothier, 24 Clerk street
Grieve, W. A., weigher, Port Hamilton
Grieve, Mrs Wm., 64 Dalkeith road
Grieve, Mrs, lodgings, 65 Thistle street
Grieve, Mrs, fruiterer, 3 South Drum place
Grieve, Mrs, 6 Upper Grove place
Grieve, A. S., draper and milliner, 18 Argyle pL

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