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Edwards, John, 11 Keir street
Edwards, John, slater and chimney sweeper, 48
Drmdas street
Edwards, John, fancy paper and drapers' box
maker, 21 St James' square
Edwards, Joseph, 1 Panmure place
Edwards, P. , 9 Taylor place
Edwards, Robert, 43 Marchmont crescent
Edwards, Thomas, 46 Comiston road
Edwards, "William, insurance broker and agent,
Plate Glass, Accident, Fire and Life Insurance
Companies, 1 Hanover st. ; ho., 18 Leopold pi.
Edwards, "William, tailor and clothier, 138
Nicolson street
Edwards, William (successor to T. S. Aitchison),
surgeon-dentist, 61 Queen street, Edinburgh,
and 138 Constitution street, Leith
Edwards, William Peacock, S.S.C. , 5 Albyn
place ; house, 17 Belgrave crescent
Edwards, Mrs John, 19 Bellevue crescent
Edwards, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 13 Abbey hill
Edwards, Mrs, greengrocer, 515 Lawnmarket
Edwards, Mrs, machine boot closer, 5 Leith st. ter.
Edwards, Misses, 12 Perth street
Edwards, Miss Isabella, 24 Howe street
Effingham, Mrs, 61 Lothian road
Egan, Mrs, 1 Wardie avenue
Eggeling, Julius, Ph.D., Professor of Sanscrit
and Comparative Philology, University ; ho.
15 Hatton place
Eggers, J. C, & Co., ship chandlers and pro-
vision merchants, 10 Commercial street ; ho.
13 Summerside place
Eggers, J., 13 Summerside place
Eglinton iron Co. , The, manufrs. of briquettes ;
agent, D. Munro, coal merchant, 122 George st.
Eichler, Frederick, 3 St Bernard's row
Eichler, Miss S., dressmaker, 3 St Bernard's row
Eisenmann, R., Berlin ; John Kidd & Co.,
agents, 11 & 12 Assembly st. ; Telephone, 487
Elba Temperance Brewing Stores, 2 Forth st.
Eld, T. W 7 ., corn, hop, & seed merchant, 1 India
buildings ; house, 20 Warren der park crescent
Elder & Campbell (successors to the late John
Howe), sculptors, Brandon street
Elder, Alex., sauce manufr., Holyrood sauce,
ketchup, and essence of coffee and chicory ware-
house, 6, 7, and 8 York lane; ho. 45 Comely
bank road
Elder, Alexander, 28 Gillespie crescent
Elder, Andrew, 9 Upper Grove place
Elder, Charles, baker, 209 Pleasance ; house, 22
West Preston street
Elder, David, stonecutter, 7 St Vincent street
Elder, George, 14 William street
Elder, Hugh, commercial traveller, 1 Malta ter.
Elder, James, 19 Brunton terrace
Elder, James, com. trav., 9 Dundonald street
Elder, John, W.S., 3 West Circus place
Elder, John, S.S.C, 32 York place; house,
4 John's place, Leith
Elder, John, 12 Caledonian road
Elder, John G., 5 N. St. James' street
Elder, Robert, 7 East Preston street
Elder, Robert, leather merchant, 9 Johnston
Elder, Robert G. , 1 Prospect place
Eider, Thos. H., baker, 5 E. Crosscausewav; ho. 56
Elder, T., 34 Balcarres street
Elder, William, medical practitioner, 4 John's
place, Leith
Elder, William B., 2 Union place, Trinity
Elder, Wm. N., M.D., 6 Torphichen street
Elder, Mrs Alex., 64 Broughton street
Elder, Mrs William, Ellerton, Grange loan
Elder, Mrs, 5 Church hill
Elder, Mrs, 33 Howe street
Elder, Mrs, 9 Dundonald street
Elder, Mrs, 54 Dean path
Elder, Miss, 3 Rintoul place
Elenovsky, Mrs, dressmaker, 51 Tolbooth wynd
ELGIN & M'PAKE, rope and twine manu-
facturers, 6a Gilmore place
Elgin, Geo., manufacturing stationer, account
book and envelope maker, paper ruler, litho-
graphic printer and embosser, 8 Elder street
Elgin, Thomas, 9 Marchmont street
' Ellice Home,' 12 Lauriston park
Elkins, F. A., M.B. CM., Royal Asylum,
Morningside place
Elkins, Miss, matron, South Craig, Plewlands
Ellingsen, M. J., shipbroker, coal exporter, and
com. agent, 2 Commercial st. ; ho. Lilly ville,
Ferry road
ELLIOT & CO., Wholesale Dental Depot, 30
Hanover street
Elliot, W. Smith, & Co., wholesale stationers
and printers, 31 North Bridge
Elliot, Andrew, bookseller, publisher, and sta-
tioner, 17 Princes street; house, 8 Rillbank
Elliot, G., tobacconist and neAvs'agent, 71 Elm
Elliot, J., provision merchant, 276 Canongate
Elliot, John, 35 Mayfield gardens
Elliot, John, 59 Marchmont road
Elliot, John, builder, 31 Royal park terrace
Elliot, John, 8 Thistle place
Elliot, John, butcher, 23 Montrose terrace
Elliot, John, grocer, 226 Dairy road
Elliot, Nenion, S.S.C. (Cleric of Teinds, New
Register Ho. ), Callander lodge, Sciennes gdns.
Elliot, Robert, 16 Saunders street
Elliot, Stuart Douglas, S.S.C. (Kirh Machic
& E.), 41 Great King street
Elliot, Thomas, 6 Morton street
Elliot, W. E. H. (ofE. & Co.), 12 Montagu ter.
Elliot, W. J., 19 Waverley place
Elliot, W. Scott, 3 Bonnington terrace
Elliot, W. Smith, 40 Warrender park terrace -
ELLIOT, WILLIAM, builder and house car-
penter, house agent and contractor, Ferry
road ; house, 4 Montagu terrace. >^See
Adv. index
Elliot, Wm., collector, Scottish Legal Society, 19
Royal park terrace
Elliot, Wm., greengrocer, 96 Buccleuch street
Elliot, Mrs Joseph, 46 Causewayside
Elliot, Mrs Ralph, 1 Blackford road
Elliot, Mrs, 7 Chamberlain road
Elliot, Miss Ann H, 14 Henderson row
Elliot, Miss, 38 Gilmore place
Elliott, James S., Woodville Cottage, Canaan
Elliott, John, 7 Elliott street
Elliott, Isabella, Dining Rooms, 8 Dock street
Ellis, George, Clarendon Hotel, 104, and 160
Princes street

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