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Distillery, North British Distillers Co. Ltd.,
Gorgie road ; William Andrew, secretary
Diston, Miss, tobacconist and newsagent, 15
Portland place
District Nurses' Home, Miss Duncan, 27 Ran-
keillor street
Dixon, Arthur P., artist, 38 York place; house,
4 Wardie avenue
Dixon, David A., butcher, 46 Dundas street;
ho. 2 Perth street
Dixon, George, 87 Morrison street
Dixon, James, 25 Upper Grove place
Dixon, Jas. (Baikie & D.), 16 Gilmour road
Dixon, M., 40 St Leonard's street
Dixon, R. , china merchant, 27 Water street and
105 Kirkgate ; house, 1 East Restalrig
Dixon, Wm. Jas., commercial traveller, 3 Gay-
field street
Dixon, William, Limited, iron and coal masters,
36 Constitution street ; depots, George street,
Leith, and Morrison street
Dixon, Wm. Etherington, horticultural agent,
valuator, &c, 4 Wardie avenue
Dixon, Mrs Thomas, 12 Lauriston place
Dixon, Misses, 23 Royal crescent
Dixson, Jas. H. , W. S. , 25 George street ; house,
9 Mayfield gardens
Dixson, Mrs, Invertiel house, 46 Blacket place
Dobbie, James, 13 Caledonian road
Dobbie, James, 10 Gardner's crescent
Dobbie, J., tar distillery, 31 Salamander street
Dobbie, John, pavement merchant, Pavement
wharf, Sheriff brae ; and 86 Lothian road ;
house, 13 E. Hermitage place, Leith ; Tele-
phone, Edinburgh, 316 ; Leith, 482 ; Tele-
graph, ' Dobbie '
Dobbie, John, hay dealer, insurance and com-
mission agent, 15 Catherine street
Dobbie, Joseph, teacher, 13 Leamington ter.
Dobbie, Joseph, solicitor, 21 Hill street
Dobbie, Rev. Lockhart, 50 Rankeillor street
Dobbie, William Ritchie, 10 Ashville terrace
Dobbie, Mrs J., Royal temperance hotel, 2a
Little King street
Dobbie, Mrs Lockhart, 30 Hamilton place
Dobbie, Mrs, 2 Gladstone terrace
Dobbin, Leonard, Ph.D., professor's assistant,
Edinburgh University ; ho. 12 Kilmaurs road
Dobie, George, & Son, painters and decorators,
23 George street ; Telegraph, ' Dobie ; ' Tele-
phone, 168
Dobie, Alexander, 8 Greenbank terrace
Dobie, Andrew, dairyman, 5 Union place ; ho.
New Hailes
Dobie, George (G. D. & Son), 9 Priestfield road
Dobie, Hugh, 94 Dairy road
Dobie, J. M., bookseller, 12 North Bank street;
house, 3 Dundas street
Dobie, John, ironmonger and tinsmith, 11
Comiston road and 10 Braid road
Dobie, John, solicitor, 8 York buildings ;
house, 133 Dalkeith road
Dobie, W. Fraser, (Geo. D. & Son), 47 Grange
Dobie, Mrs Agnes, 1 West Norton place
Dobie, Mrs, 13 St Bernard's crescent
Dobie, Mrs, 83 Mayfield road
Dobles, Mrs, 102 Comiston road
Dobson, Molle, & Co. , wholesale stationers, litho-
graphers, and printers, St Clair works, 11
Elliot street, off Albert street
Dobson, Alexander, slater, plasterer, and glazier,,
2 Bernard terrace ; yard, 42 Causewayside
Dobson, E., builder, 11 Gardner's crescent
Dobson, James, com. trav., 30 William street
Dobson, Robert, accountant, 28 Carnegie street
Dobson, Thomas D., 47 Charlotte st., Leith
Dobson, W. T., 1 Sciennes hill place
Dobson, William, china merchant, 65a Cockburra
street ; house, 8 Wallis place
Dobson, Wm., confectioner, 69 Causewayside
Dobson, Wm., contractor, 2 Spottiswoocle st.
Dobson, Mrs Geo., 7 Wellington place
Dobson, Mrs John, 37 William street
Dobson, Mrs, 10 Gladstone terrace
Dobson, Mrs, milliner, 55 Clerk street ; house,,
4 Livingstone place
Dobson, Miss, milliner, 107 Lauriston place
Dochard, Mrs, 10 Braid crescent
Docherty, Hugh, shooting saloon, 26 Greenside
Docherty, John, 88 St Stephen street
Docherty, P., 23 Lauriston street
Docherty, Peter, 16 Glen street
Docherty, Wm., 21 Jeffrey street
Doctor, George, bookbinder, 505 Lawnmarket
Dodds & Company, egg merchants, Howders
street ; house, 16 Marshall street
Dodds, A., 18 Livingstone place
Dodds, Edward, violin maker and repairer, 1
Charlotte place
Dodds, Rev. George, 14 Kilmaurs road
Dodds, James, Beehive hotel, 18 and 20 Grass-
Dodds, J. M., artists' colourman, 245 Morning-
side road
Dodds, John, 11 Blackwood crescent
Dodds, Nicholas, 174 Albert street
Dodds, Peter, 8b Gayfield square
DODDS, ROBERT, joiner, cabinetmaker, and!
appraiser, 27 Clarence street and 63 N.-W.
Thistle street lane
Dodds, Thomas, 90 Easter road
Dodds, Walter, grocer, 70 Easter road, Leith
Dodds, W. R., teacher of violin, 8b Gayfield sq.
Dodds, William, joiner, Wellington place
Dodds, William S., 3 Ashville terrace
Dodds, Mrs James, 14 Roxburgh street
Dodds, Mrs R., 2 Elm Row
Dodds, Mrs Theophilus, 17 Nile grove
Dodds, Mi's, staymaker, 10 Pirrie street
DODDS, MRS, Governess Institution and Select
Register Office for Male and Female Servants,.
1 Charlotte place. sfcSee Adv. index
Dodds, Miss J. B., 1 Lord Russell place
Dodds, Miss, 4 Inverleith terrace
Dods, John, 37 St Leonard's street
Dods, John A., 20 Lilly hill terrace
Dods, John, quartermaster, 49 Lochend road
Dods, Professor Marcus, D.D., 23 Gt. King St..
Dods, Peter, dairy, 164 Albert street
Dods, Robert, 45 Comely bank road
Dods, Thomas W. , 37 Montgomery street
Dods, Mrs, 89 Lothian road
Dods, Miss, 5 Westhall gardens
Dods, Miss, dress and mantle maker, 56 George

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