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Cunningham, Andrew, Slateford
Cunningham, Cornelius, V.S., Slateford
Cunningham, David, Malleny grove, Balerno
Cunningham, John, Xew Pentland, Loanhead
Cunningham, John, Nether Longford, West
Cunningham, Thomas, Look-about-ye, Broxburn
Cunningham, Thos., Thornbank, Juniper green
Cunningham, Thomas, grocer and spirit mer-
chant, 30 High street ; house, 4 Tower street,
Cunningham, Thomas, Esklee, Roslin
Cunningham, "Wm., 33 Joppa, Portobello
Cunningham, "William, Bridge street, Colinton
Cunningham, Mrs, Anworth cottage, Prestonpans
Currer, Adam [A. G. & Son), Seafield ho., Roslin
Currie, J. {J. G. & Go.), Lothian villa, Leven-
hall, Musselburgh
Currie, James, hairdresser, 99 High street;
house, 2 Wellington street, Portobello
Currie, James, Halkerstone, Gorebridge
Currie, John, Adne and spii'it merchant, 87 High
street ; house, 93, Portobello
Currie, Thomas, Gorgie mills, Murrayfield
Currie, William, 30 High street, Fisherrow
Currie, Mrs John, 119 High street, Fisherroiv
Curriehill, Lord, Curriehill, Currie
Curror, John, Comiston, Lothian burn
CuiTor, Pat. R. , Upper Braid, Lothian burn
Cuthbert, Andrew, Hillside, Lasswade
Cuthbertson, William, Mid-Calder
Cuthill, William, Lennie school, Cramond
Dale, William, grocer, Hamilton pi., Penicuik
Dalgleish, William, & Son, 115 High street;
house, 21 West glebe, Dalkeith
Dalgleish, Alexander, 90 Back street, Dalkeith
Dalgleish, C, 11 Pitt street, Portobello
Dalhousie, Admiral the Earl of, Dalhousie castle,
Dall, Alexander, police sergeant, Gorebridge
Dalling, Thomas, Kaimes, Liberton
Dalrymple, Alexander, Slateford
Dalrymple, Mrs, Davidson's mains
Dalzell, Miss, 3 Elcho terrace, Portobello
Dalziel, J. & W., Muirhousedykes, West Calder
Dane, Jessie, dining-rooms, 75 High street,
Darge, J., milliner, Corstorphine
Darling, Adam, West Calder
Darling, James, Monkton cottage, Musselburgh
Darling, John, Mid-Calder
Darling, Robert A., 9 High street, Dalkeith
Darling, Mrs, Ashlea, Stow
Darling, Mrs, Burgess Golf Club house, Mussel-
Dassanville, P. A. , 3 Hamilton villas, Portobello
Davidson, Henry, Muirhouse, Davidson's mains
Davidson, Henry, 9 Rosefield avenue, Portobello
Davidson, James, Curriehill, Cunie
Davidson, James J. , Dean park, Balemo
Davidson, John, London road, Dalkeith
Davidson, John, John's cottage, Lasswade
Davidson, John, dairy, Hatton, Wilkieston
Davidson, Mrs George, Dean park, Balerno
Davidson, Mrs John, grocer, 100 High street ;
house, 7 Marionville, Portobello
Davidson, Mrs, Eden cottage, Musselburgh
Davidson, Mrs, Summerhall cottage, Ratho
Davidson, Mrs, 3 Sandford street, Portobello
Davie, George William, Prestonpans
Davie, John, grocer. Bank house, Prestonpans
Davie, John B. , Prestonpans
Davie, William, Colinton
Davie, Mary Jane, Todd's bridge, Musselburgh
Dawson & Horsburgh, joiners, Balerno
Dawson, Andrew, & Co., Croft street, Dalkeith
Dawson, J., & Co., 22 and 24 High street,
Dawson, Ebenezer, Glenesk, Dalkeith
Dawson, James {J. D. & Go. ), Glencairn house,
Dawson, Thomas, grocer, Balerno
Dawson, Mrs, Warriston, Henniston
Dawson, Miss, teacher, Hermiston
Day, Walter, Millhill, Musselburgh
Dea, Wm., jun. , slater. Juniper green
Dea, William, Mavis cottage. Juniper green
Dean, David, 40 Tower street, Portobello
Dean, William G., Stoneyhill ho., Musselbm-gh
Deans & Moore, coalmasters, lessees of Carberry,
Elphinstone tower, Pencaitland, Penston, St
Germains, and Wallyford collieries, and
Gladsmuir ironstone ; head - office, Smeaton
park, Inveresk, Musselburgh
Deans & Moore, 'Tranent
Deans, James, Dalkeith park, Dalkeith
Deans, James, Whitehill, Dalkeith
Deans, P. D. , Mount charles, Portobello
Deas, The Hon. Lord, Pittendriech, Lasswade
Deas, William, saddler, Slateford
Delgaty, James, spirit merchant, 52 High st.,
Dempster, George, Ormiston hall, Tranent
Denham, James, Kilcoulter, Heriot
Denholm & Chisholm, drapers, 6 Brighton
buildings, Portobello
Denholm, Alex. S., Blackhall
Denholm, James, Cauldcoats, Liberton
Denholm, Thomas, Niddrie mill, Liberton
Denholm, William, Juniper green
Denholm, Mrs Jas. David, Cauldcoats, Liberton
Denholm, Mrs, farmer, Carberry mains, Mussel-
Dennis, John, brickmaker and furnace builder,
Ellonville, Eskbank
Dent, Irving, Ravensnook, Penicuik
Dewar, AndreAv, Broomieknowe, Lasswade
Dewar, Rev. G. F., Grove street, Musselburgh
Dewar, Dr Jas., Viewforth house. So. Queens-
Dewar, Mrs James, 2 Morison place, Jock's lodge
Dewar, Mrs, 132 High street, Portobello
Dewar, Miss, 34 High street, Fisherrow
Dick, R. & W. , Davidson's mains
Dick, David, Birniehill, West Calder
Dick, George, Pencaitland
Dick, James, Broxburn
Dick, James, West Calder
Dick, John, Fountainhall, Stow
Dick, Robert, slater, Corstorphine
Dick, Thomas, Kirknewton
Dick, Thomas, Milk houses, IJphall
Dick, Thomas, Medwin bank, Corstorphine
Dick, William, newsagent, Bonnyrigg
Dick, William, inspector of poor, Kirknewton
Dick, Mrs, grocer and draper, Kirknewton
Dick, Miss, milliner, Mid-Calder
Dick, Misses, 220 High street, Portobello

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