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Ferguson, John, gi-ocer, High street
Ferguson, Robert, bleacher and dyer, Eskvale
bleaehfield ; offices, 48 Hanover street and 9
South College street, Edinburgh
Fergusson, Lady Dalrjonple, New Hailes
Ferrier, John, gardener, Dalrymple loan
Forbes, Charles, Millhill
Forman, Mrs, publican, Leven hall
Fon'est, George, temperance hotel, 100 High st.
Forrest, Eobert, china merchant, 142 High
street, Fisherrow
Forrester, Mrs James, 44 High street
Forster, James, potter, Newbigging
Fraser, John, smith and ironmonger, 119 High
Frier, James, manager, Musselburgh and Fisher-
row Co-operative store. Bridge st., Fisherrow
Gairdner, Mrs, 7 Eskside
Gardener, John Frederick, Bush house, Fisherrow
Gardner, Daniel, farmer, Barbachlaw
Garvie, Miss H., 131 High street, Fisherrow
Gavin, P., & Sons, canvas manufacturers, MiU-
Gay, John, flesher, 40 High street, Fisherrow
Gibson, Charles & John, cabinetmakers and
joiners, 8 Millhill
Gibson, Henry, tobacconist, 67 High street
Gillies, James, gardener, Wallj'ford
Gillon, Mrs, lodgings, 1 High street
Gordon, James, stationer and news-agent, 107
High street, Musselburgh
Gourlaj-, Jas. , market gardener, Dalrymple's loan
Goiirlay, John, Golf house, Links
Graham, William, Principal, Campie house
boarding school
Gray, Hugh, spirit dealer, 26 Newbigging
Gray, James {G.P.O.), 2 Smeatou park, In-
Grey, Mrs, Monktonhall house
Grieve & M'Kinlay, Pinkie brick and tile works
Grieve, John, salt manufacturer, Pinkie pans,
and lessee of Pinkie quany
Grieve, John, smith, etc., 2 Bridge street
Grieve, Thomas, blacksmith, High street,
GuUand, John, fanner, Monktonhall
Hall, Mrs, Dalrymple's loan
Handyside, Thomas, niu'sery, seedsman, and
florist, 109 High street, Fisherrow, Glen nur-
series ; house. Glen cottage
Handyside, Misses, Greenhall
Harper, Francis, Springfield, Inveresk
Hawkins, Joseph, bootmaker, 89 High street
Hay, J., surveyor, 150 High street, Fisherrow
Hay, Miss, Herkes loan
Henderson, Auld, & Co., seed crushers, "West
bush oil-mill
Henderson, James, gi'ocer and provision mer
chant, 37 Newbigging
Hewitt, Josiah, grocer, 174 High st., Fishen-ow
Hill, John (H.M. Customs), 129 High street,
Hill, Mrs Isabella, baker, etc., High street,
Hirschfeld, Guido, commission merchant, Old
Hogg, James, hairdresser, 90 High street
Home, A. M. (Royal Bank, Edin. ), Eskbank
Hood, Mrs Mary, spirit dealer, 45 High street
Hooker, James, teacher, Free Church school,
Hope, Sir Archibald, Pinkie house
Howden, Miss H. C, 17 Bridge street
Howie, Alexander {Edinhur<jh carrier), Dambrae
Huie, Hector Munro, 16 Market st., Fisherro\\-
Hume, Thomas, gi-ocer, High street, Fishen-ow
Hume, Miss, 94 High street, Fisherrow
Hunter, Henry H., baker and confectioner, 91
High street
Hunter, P., farmer, Whitecraig
Hunter, Eobert, plasterer, 28 Eskside
Hurst, George, bricklayer and furnace-builder,
Market street
Imrie, Eev. James, A. M. , Moray cot. , Esk gi-een
Inglis & Porteous, grain and flour merchants, 78
High street
Inglis, Alexander, gardener, 43 High street
Inglis, John, corn and meal merchant. Steam
mills, Musselburgh, and 22 Corn Exchange,
Inglis, Eobert, provision dealer. High street,
Inglis, W. A. , commission agent and corn dealer.
High street
Innes, Adam, baker, 32 Market street, FLsherrow
Innes, Miss M. , draper, 34 Market street
Jack, James, commission agent, 68 Newbigging
Jack, Rev. Dr, Eskside
Johnston, Andrew, 96 High street, Fisheri'ow
Johnston, James (Agent, Scottish Legal Burial
Loan Society), 24 Wonder street
Johnston, Eobert, druggist, 89 High street,
Johnstone, John, Esk Green cottage, Fisherrow
Keir, P., boatbuilder and ship^\Tight, West bush,
Kemp, J., & Co, wine merchants, 25 High street
Kemp, James, parsonage house. High street
Kemp, John F., parsonage house, High street
King, George, tacksman of Musselburgh petty
and general customs, 26 High st., Fishen-ov.'
King, John Brown, N.B. Eailway, Inveresk
Laing, Walter (Inland Revenue), 64 FisheiTov,'
Laing, Miss Beatrice, Cairnie house
Lambert, Robert, clerk, Calder cottage
Lang, Mrs, Stoneyhill house
Lauder, Alexander, farmer and gardener, Goshen
Laurie, George, surgeon, 32 Bridge street
Laurie, James, West Eosehall, Fisherrow
Lawrie, Miss Catherine, Herkes loan
Lawson, Archibald & Stephen, painters, glaziers,
and paperhangers, High street
Lees k, Edwards, writers and notaries public, and
agent for Caledonian Insurance Company, 36
Bridge street
Lees, Thomas, town-clerk, writer, and notaiy
pubHc, agent for Royal Bank of Scotland, 36
Bridge street
Legat, John, & Co., tanners and curriers, MiU-
hiU ; house, 3 Linkfield place
Legat, Thomas & D. C, tanners and leather
merchants, Millhill
Legat, Eobert, W.S., Esk park
Legat, Thomas, farmer, Piukie mains
Legat, Mrs James, ilillhill
Legat, Mrs, Trafalgar lodge, Millhill
Legat, Misses, Holly bush house
Leitcli, John, grocer, tea, %\-ine, and spirit mcr-

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