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Anxiety to produce a Rappee /ree from all artificial flacour, has led U8 to
investigate tlie qualities of the various Tohaccos imported into Britain ; and
after practically studying the development of the Aroma peculiar to each,
we have, through a combination of these, produced a SnufF peculiarly mild
and agreeable. As this Snuff will materially improve both in flavour and
pungency by being kept for some time, we have, by extending our premises,
made arrangements for always holding a large stock.
We still continue to manufacture and make up in packages of pounds,
halfs, and quarters, our old standard Rappees and Mixtures, viz. : —
Black Rappee Macouba Mixture
Gillespie do. Tonquin do.
Brown do. Fraserh do.
Dark Brown do. Rob Roy's do.
I Light Brown do. Ahercrornby' s do.
Imperial and Scotch.
Orders from Dealers throughout Scotland will be received in the diffe-
rent districts by our agents,
Mr D. ]\I'DoNALD, High Street, Inverness ;
Messrs Re id & Sov, Union Street, Aberdeen ;
Mr John Lowe, Kirkside, Perth ;
Messrs Henderson & Co., Castle Street, Dundee ;
or at our Shops in Kirkaldy, Alloa, and Edinburgh.
By Special Appointment,
Snuff Manufacturers in Scotland
105 West Bow, Jmu: 1839. ^' ^ '

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