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Association very much next year, and enable the Committee to
increase the amount of the larger prizes.
Mk C. B. Tait moved the thanks of the meeting to the
Chairman for his conduct in the chair ; after which the meeting-
adjourn ed.
The Committee have farther to mention, as will be seen by the
before-mentioned Statement, that upwards of d£'120 has been
added by the prizeholders, in the selection of their pictures, to
the amount gained by them in prizes, thus making the sum spent
in promotion of the Fine Arts, by the purchase of pictures and
engraving, ^£'790 ; and also to state, that the Engraving, after
Mr Innes's picture of " Auld Robin Gray," .will be distributed
as soon as ready. An Engraving will likewise be provided for
the Subscribers of next season.
The Committee have, with much pleasure, carried into effect
the desire of the General Meeting — " That Mr Humble be pre-
sented with a silver snuff-box in approbation of his conduct as
The following is the plan of the New Association for the
Promotion of the Fine Arts in Scotland : —
I. That the Subscriptions be One Guinea each Share.
II. That the whole of the sum subscribed up to tlie month of Februarj' next (when
the Subscriptions close), after setting apart a sum for Engraving and necessary expenses,
will be divided into Large and Small Prizes, and dra\^Ti for during the second week after
the opening of the Roj^al Scottish Academy Exhibition ; after which, each Prizeholder
will be entitled to select a Picture, or other Work of Art, from either the Royal Scot-
tish Academy Exhibition, or that of the Edinburgh Society of Artists, then open in
Edinburgh, to the amount of his Prize.
III. That all sums collected, during the present year, vnW be lodged in the National
Bank of Scotland, in the name of the Treasurer.
IV. For the convenience of Subscribers residing at a distance, and who may not have
friends in Edinburgh, to whom to delegate their choice, a Sub-Committee, consisting of
Gentlemen of acknowledged taste, is appointed, to select Pictures for, and othermse
comply with tlie \rishes of the Prizeholders thus sitiiated ; and the Committee will
proceed to make purchases for such of the Prizeholders, as shall not have themselves
selected Pictures within one week of the closing of the Exhibitions.
V. The Committee retain to themselves the power of selecting any Picture, pur-

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