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chased beyond the walls of the Exhibition on the Mound. He
held that an Association like it ought to be liberal ; and that the
Committee should be allowed to purchase at whatever Exhibition
they pleased. He concluded by moving the approval of the Re-
port ; and, if it was strictly in order, that the thanks of the meet-
ing should be given to the Committee for their excellent manage-
ment of the affairs of the Association. (Cheers.)
John Veitch, Esq. of Woodside, seconded the motion.
Mr Trotter was glad to understand that the Secretary was
now to be allowed some remuneration for his trouble in collect-
ing the funds of the Association ; but he wished to remind the
meeting that that gentleman had received nothing for his labours
during the first year of the Association ; and as every one knew
that the first year's duty was the most difficult — when, in fact,
the Association was to be organized — he begged to suggest that
the Secretary should be presented by the Association with a silver
snufF-box, or some other acknowledgment for his services during
that time. (Applause.) He also begged to suggest that some
check ought to be put upon members breaking down their large
prizes, in order to purchase several pictures of comparatively mo-
derate price. In order to encourage the higher departments of
art, he suggested that the members ought not to be allowed to
break down their large prizes below ^£"40. (Cheers.)
The Chairman said these suggestions would receive every at-
tention from the Committee.
Bailie Richardson moved that a list of gentlemen, whose
names he read, should be members of Committee for the ensuing
year. He agreed with Mr Cassels in his remarks as to the old
Association. He had been a member of that Association from
the beginning ; and he entirely disapproved of their late resolu-
tion, which, however, was carried by a very small majority. Were
the subscriptions to that Association confined entirely to Edin-
burgh, such a resolution might be very proper ; but there were
not pictures in the Exhibition sufficient for their funds to be ex-
pended upon, at all events, it was improper they should be so
expended, especially when there were many pictures in other
quarters equally worthy to be purchased. (Applause.)

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