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taste and knowledge ;* and trusting that the exertions of tlie
members will add largely to the List of Subscribers for next year,
they proceed to lay before you the proceedings of the General
Meeting of the Association, held in the Saloon of the Royal
Hotel, on the 2d of March : —
Captain D. Boswell, R.N. in die Chair,
in the absence of the Lord Provost, by indisposition.
The Chairman opened the Meeting by stating the purpose for
which it had met, ms. to draw the prizes ; and he begged to read
the following statement, to shew the great increase of the Asso-
ciation for the present year : —
State of the Affairs of the New Association for Promoting the
Fine Arts in Scotland, for the year 1837-8.
Number of Subscribers 340, amounting to~~^™ „,„„ . ^357
Sum divided in Prizes .™.™,™™.™™,™,„™™.™.,™ 281
Sum added by Prizebolders to their Prizes in the purchase of
State of the Accounts for the year 1838-9.
Number of Subscribers 811, amounting to ~^w~~~-™.— ~~~-~~ £851 11
Sum divided in Prizes „^~,v~~™~~~™, — .,™...-~™,™™™.~^™.~~ 548
Sum expended in Advertising, Printing, Secretaries and Pro-
vincial Honorary Secretaries' Expenses, Engraving and
Printing the Plate for Subscribers 303 11
-|- Sum added by Prizeholders in the purchase of Pictures 121 5
Alexander Cassels, Esq., W.S., begged to move that the
Report be approved of. He was glad to hear that the Associa-
tion was in such a flourishing condition ; and he had no doubt
that it would soon equal the old Association. That body had
lately passed a resolution, which, though he was a member, he
could not approve of, to the effect that no picture should be pur-
* A prizeholder of the old Association does not even require to enter the doors of
the Exhibition-room, and has no power to add to the amount of his prize.
t This, of course, has been added since the General Meeting ; but it was thought
better to introduce it heie, to show the general effect of the working of the principles
of the Association.

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