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to choose between the two. In the original Association the plan
is, that a Committee select and purchase such pictures as appear
to them of sufficient merit, and these are subsequently disposed
of by lottery amongst the Subscribers ; whilst in the New Asso-
ciation, the prizes are drawn in money,* and the fortunate holder
allowed to select, according to his own taste, a picture or pictures.
By the former of these plans, it is not unlikely that a picture
may be forced on a member, suited neither to his taste nor cir-
cumstances — all which is avoided by the plan adopted in your
Association, of allowing the party to choose for himself. It is
proper to add, that, for the benefit of members at a distance, a
Committee of Taste is formed from the General Committee of
Management, who give their assistance and advice, when required,
in the selection of pictures.
One other distinction of some importance, your Committee
think, in an Association for the Promotion of the Fine Arts in
Scotland, exists between the two Associations. The holder of a
prize in the New is entitled to select a picture from either of
the Exhibitions annually open in Edinburgh ,--f- whilst the Com-
mittee who purchase for the other Association are not entitled to
purchase any thing except at the Exhibition of the Royal Scot-
tish Academy, and 07ily the works of Scottish artists.
Your Committee are sanguine, that the more extensively the
plan of the New Association is known, the more will it receive
the approbation and support of the public. They believe that
the plan of money -prizes will diffuse and create, in a much greater
degree, than picture -prizes, a taste for the Fine Arts. The
prizeholder being under obligation to purchase a picture, requires
to exercise his own judgment, and, in doing so, must increase his
* The money does not go into the possession of the prizeholders, hut is payable to
the artist, whose worlvs are purchased, by a checqne on the National Bank.
+ The New Association has no connection with the one Exhibition more than the

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