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Miscellaneous Advertisements.
ri"1HE Mid- Lothian Coal Proprietors bring
A many kinds of Coal into the Railway
depots at Edinburgh and Leith. All those of
the finest qualities are sent thither, carefully
selected and handpicked ; and those of inferior
quality are sold at proportionally inferior
It will be. evident to all, of how great im-
portance it is to the consumer, as a security
against fraud, to have the stores of the coal
proprietors thus brought into town. In rail-
way-borne coal, no dealer could commit a
fraud without a connivance with the servants
of one of the coal proprietors, and also with
the servants of the Railway Company. It is
especially to be remembered, that the Railway
Company and their oificers have no common
interest with the dealers in any article carried
on the Railway ; they only furnish the means
of transport 5 and it is their interest to see
justice done to the public, in which the officers
exercise the functions of a police, in virtue of
the Railway Act, which empowers them to
compel all coal carried out of the depots to
undergo the test of the Company's weighing
machines. The weighers enter in their re-
gister the weight and quality of every cart of
coals, the name upon the cart, and the time
of the day ; so that the purchaser may refer
to the weigher's book if he suspects a fraud.
Let consumers of coals attend pointedly to
the following instructions :
1st, Never receive coals without a certificate
of weight and quality from one of the Railway
Company's weighers.
2dly, Attend to the hour of departure
marked in the certificate ; and if the carter
appears to have travelled under the rate of
three miles an hour, reject his coals.
3dly, Never allow the certificate to be kept
a,nd carried away by the carter; but when
inspected, let it be destroyed, or inclosed to
the Manager or the weigher, if it has any
ajppearance of being a forgery.
4thly, If coals appear on delivery to be of a
different quality from what were ordered, a
competent person shall be sent to inspect them,
on application being made to the weigher.
Stdly, Avoid any coal merchant who ap-
per^ unreasonably averse to supplying Rail-
way-borne coal. The respectable portion of
the coal-merchants in Edinburgh and Leith
have a great advantage in supplying their
customers directly from the stores of the coal
proprietors in the Railway depots ; for they
save thereby the expense of private coal-yards,
and of storing, selecting, and loading ; and,
through the Railway Weigher's Register, they
can always obtain a check upon their carters,
and evidence of their own honesty.
N.B No coals are allowed to be weighed
in the Railway Depots, except those purchased
Weigher in Edinburgh Depot Mr William
Weigher in Leith Depot, Mr M. Hamilton.
JOHN ANDREW, Junior, Agent for
^ STANDRIG COLLIERY is daily re-
ceiving supplies of the above excellent COAL,
fresh from the Pits, which he sells at the cur-
rent prices.
Orders addressed to him by post, or other-
wise, will be carefully attended to.
Standrig Colliery Office,
Canal Basin, Edinburgh.
JOHN NOBLE, Coal- Merchant, Port-
Hopetoun, takes this method of intimating
to his Friends and the Public, that he con-
tinues to receive a regular supply of CANAL
COAL. He also furnishes the different kinds
N.B Paid on delivery.
13 OBERT FORTUNE, Spinal Stay and
•*-*' Artificial Leg and Arm Maker, re-
spectfully intimates, that he makes improved
Elastic Stays, for curvature or weakness of
the Spine, — Bandages for every description
of Deformed Limbs, — Artificial Legs, Arms,
and Hands, made uncommonly light, at the
same time very durable, — Patent and Common
Trusses for every kind of Hernia, — Prolapsus
Ani Instruments, — Laced Stockings for Vari-
cose Veins, or Swelled Legs, &c. &c. on im-
proved principles.
N.B Mrs FORTUNE makes Ladies'
Belts and Bandages on the shortest notice.
67 Nicolson Street, Edinburgh.
JOHNSTON begs to intimate, that
his CLASSES for the above meet as
usual in his Splendid New Hall, 11 East
Thistle Street. There is also a daily Class
for You'jg- Ladies, which meets at 1 o'clock.
N.B. — Private Families attended for the
Correctional Exercises.

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