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328 Insurance Companies,
:E street, EDINBURGH.
Thomas Burns, Esc(.
Thomas Duncan, Esq.
Adam RoHand, Esq.
J. A. Cheyne, Esq.
Walter JolUe, Esq.
Thomas Thomson, Esq.
G. L. Finlay, Esq.
Thomas Mansfield, Esq. '
Sir James Gibson-Craig
John Andbrsoo, E^q.
1 Thomas Duncan, Esq.
1 Eagle Henderson, Esq.
Robert Christie, Esq. '
The Royal Bank.
The National Bant.
J. G. Hopklrk, LL. B., W.S., Chambers, 12, Duke Street, Edioburgh.
THIS Company has been instituted exclusively for the purchase of Reversionary Rights —
absolute or contingent — Annuities or Liferent Interests — Policies of Assurance on
Lives — Shares in Government and Private Tontines — and in general of all rights extending
over Property Funded or Real, or otherwise well secured — the emergence, or term of pay-
ment of which, depends upon some contingency of life or survivorship, susceptible of calcu-
Every man of Business must have found, in the course of his experience, much diflSculty
in securing or realizing those rights belonging to his Clients, which, among the manifold
relations of society and individuals, now so frequently arise, under Contracts of Marriage —
Entails — and other Destinations, Family Settlements, and similar Deeds, where limited rights
of Liferent and Fee, depending in many cases on complicated contingencies, are secured to
Parties having separate and frequently conflicting interests. Even where the contingencies
by which such rights may be defeated, are comparatively of a remote and improbable nature,
they nevertheless are found to afl'eet their marketable value in perhaps a very disproportion-
ate degree. For although a certain class of contingencies may be guarded against by Counter
Assurances, through the medium of some one or other of the numerous Life Oflices now
established, still it is not easy at all times for individuals, unaccustomed to the consideration
of such matters, either to devise the most effectual means, as applicable to any particular case,
of securing the protection of Life Assurance, or to provide the necessary Funds for the pay-
ment of the requisite Premiums. Parties are thus frequently under the necessity of leaving-
themselves without the protection of Life Assurance, and thereby running the hazard of
having their otherwise valuable rights entirely defeated, or are forced to bring them into the
market, under every disadvantage. But these difficulties, so formidable, and frequently so
oppressive to individuals, disappear, or are greatly modified, when a number of such contin-
gent or reversionary rights are held by a Public Body or Company, who can, with compara-
tive safety, on a large and collective scale, undertake the risk of contingencies, which, in any
individual case, it would be most imprudent to hazard ; or, if judged expedient, can readily
command the means of resorting to the protection of Life Assurance, in the most convenient
and efficient form.
The NORTHERN REVERSION COMPANY has accordingly been established
with the view of meeting the exigencies above alluded to. The accurate observations which
have now been made on the duration of human life — the valuable practicable tables which
have been deduced from these observations — and the^well ascertained _/ormwte by which such
computations are regulated, enable correct calculations to be made in almost every case, of
the true worth and value of any reversionary or liferent right, depending on particular or
combined contingencies of life or survivorship. While, in this way, the Capital of a Com-
pany may be safely invested with a reasonable prospect of remunerating profit, parties
having such rights to dispose of, and wishing to realize their fair marketable value, have tht!
means of doing so afforded to them through the medium of this Company, without under-
going the expense and delay, and very frequently the disappointment, attending a Public
In order, as far as possible, to facilitate the transaction of business with the Company,
Forms adapted to various Cases have been prepared, for enabling Parties, or their Agents,
to tender proposals of Sale. Copies of these forms, as well as every other necessary infor-
mation, may readily be had on application to the Secretary of the Company, at his Chamber;?,
12, Duke Street.
All Communications are requested to he post paid.

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