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PatisoTis and Pringle, silk mercers, and general
outfitting warehouse, 6 South br.
Patison, M, esq. S.S.C. and notary public,
6 North bridge
Wm. esq. (P. £f Pringle), Williatnfield
Wm. merchant— house Pirniefield
' Mrs, 3 Pitt Street, Leith
— Miss, Vievvpark, Boroughmuirhead
Misses, 5 Clarence street
Pattison, A. carriage bazaar, 25 Waterloo pi.
G. H. esq. advocate, 16 Forth street
James, hairdresser, 52 Princes street
James, perfumer, Leith street
John, jun. esq. W.S. 21 York place, and
Viewforth cottage
, Thos. H., M.D. surgeon, 21 York place
' i W. J. agent, plate and window glass
•wareho. 2-1 Greenside pi. and 31 Con-
stitution St. — house, 13 Albany street
Mrs James, 17 Shandwick place
. Mrs Thomas, Peacock Inn, Newhaven
Mrs, cleaner of shawls, 21 Brunswick st.
Mrs and Miss, bd. school, 17 Minto street
Mrs, 16 Forth street
. Miss, boarding-school, Albany cottage
Patrick, William, esq. W.S. 32 Albany street
J. S. esq. 23 Abercromby place
Mrs, lodgings, 1 Holyrood st. Carnegie st.
■ Mrs Dr, 2 Forth street
PattuUo, Miss, 38 Ann street
Paul, Mackenzie, & MoncriefF, esqrs. account-
ants, 1 Howe street
' Alex, baker, 13 south St Andrew street
Alex, lodgings, 4 east Broughton place
A. stationer, 15 south St James' street
James, grocer, 12 Blarket street
I James, sol. and account. 13 Bernard st.
— ho. 19 Constitution st.
■ Eev. John, 13 George square
. R. H. bookseller, &c. 86 South bridge
' R. esq., manager of Commercial Bank,
43 Melville street
• Robert, esq. W.S. 12 Fettes row
T. grocer & spirit dealer, 18 s. James st.
Thomson, esq. W.S. 5 Rutland square
William, esq. accountant, 1 Howe street
— house 25 Rutland square
Mrs, worsted shop, 4 J Bridge street
. Miss, millr. &lace print. 11 Greenside pi.
Pawnbrokers' Co., A. Ruthven, man. 35So. br.
Paxton, John, auctioneer and appraiser, 6
Royal Exchange coiFeehouse
John, tea and spirit dealer, 54 Giles st.
■ Mrs Dr, 12 Archibald place
Mrs Samuel, 5 Nicolson street
Peacock, Adam, spirit dealer> 41 Home street
Adam, tobacconist, 59 Shore — ho. Char-
lotte street, Leith
• Andrew, tobacco manufacturer, 286 Ca-
nongate — ho. 30 Buccleuch place
Hen. tailor and clothier, 57 Hanover st.
Robt. 2 Orchardfield street
Thos. merchant, 1 Lothian road
-^ Mrs, lodgings, 4 Darnaway street
Pears, Jas. baker, 66 Buccleuch st.— house 64
Pearce, T. E. & Co. spirit, dealers, 6 Gallon h.
Mrs, lodgings, 18 Nelson street
■ Mrs Captain, 16 Alva street
Pearson & Robertson, esqrs. W.S. 17 Royal cir^
Alex. esq. W.S. 17 Royal circus
Alex. jun. esq. W.S., 30 Rutland square
Alex, brewer, Drumdryan house
Cha. esq. accountant, 59 Geo. st. — ho.
David, lodgings, 25 Cumberland street
Lieut. D.H.,E. I.e. S. 10 Anthony pi.
E. Wesleyan assist, min. 19 Salisbury st.
Major James, E.I.C.S. 29 Drummond pi.
Patrick, S.S.C. 22 Hill street
Tho. mail coach office— h. 11 Calton hill
Mrs, 27 Dundas street
Mrs, 30 Rutland square
Peat, Alex, messenger, 19 Duke street, Leith
David, spirit dealer, 17 Gilmore street
David, fruiterer, 4 Whitefield place
James, merchant, 15 Princes street — ho.
100 Laurieston place
'iohxy {Customs), Comely green
Th. Bookseller and stationer, 32 Leith st.
W- silversm- 13 Canal st — h. 58 High st.
Miss, 1 London street
Miss, 17 St Patrick square
Peattie, Alex, baker, 55 Nicolson street
George, tavern, 391 Lawnmarket
Robert, builder, 23 Downie place
Mrs, Wight's place
Peck, Wm. spirit dealer, 1 Broughton st. — ■
ho. 6 George street
W. & Son, lithographic printers and
draftsmen, 6 Geo. st.
Pedie, James, esq. W.S., 33 Clarence street
Wm. city officer, 233 High street
Peddle, Alex. JM.D. surgeon, 1 1 Rutland st.
Don. S. acct. & ag. for the Yorkshire Ins.
Co. 1 George St. — ho. 37 Laurieston pi.
James, jun. esq. W.S. 36 Albany street
Rev. James, D.D. 37 Laurieston place
J. & Co. corset makers, 15 w.Richm. st.
John, {Excise), Coburg street
Peter, horse dealer, 2 Castle wynd
Peter, trunk and portmanteau manufac.
49 Princes street
Rev. William, 25 Archibald place
William, grocer, 45 Home street
Miss, 3 Francis place
Peebles, Dr, F.R.C. of Physicians, 1 1 Wemyss
Wm. glazier, 35 London street
PefFers, Mrs C. grocer, 13 Buccleuch street
Pelican Life Insurance, Annuity, and
Endowment Of fice, 14 George st. —
Jas. Balfour, agent. — See Appendix
Pencaitland and St German's coal depot, 1
Nelson pi. — D. Shearer, agent
Pender, J. B. (of Cameron^ Co.), 139 Geo. St.
Thos. esq. comptroller gen. of stamps
and taxes, 16 Regent terrrace
Pendrich, John, baker, 63 Fountainbridge
Miss, 44 Cumberland street
Pendrigh, John, victual dealer, 40 Potterrow

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