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genb:ral directory.
Erskine, W. plumber and glazier^ 10 India pi.
and 121 Kirkgate— house Crown street
John C. hairdresser, 3 Charlotte st. Leith
— — Robert, coal merchant, 8 Bridge st.
Ladies Char. & Jane, 6 Scotland street
• Mrs, the Hon. Henry, 13 Castle st.
• Mrs Colonel, 20 Pitt street
Mrs J. 28 St Andrew square
Mrs, spirit dealer, 5 St Anthony place
Miss, 1 12 Lauriston place
Misses, 19 Alva street
Espinasse, Mens. French teacher, 42 Frede-
rick street
Mrs, 8 Royal terrace
Esplin, Mrs Charles, lodgings, Morningside
Euinson, T. B. tailor, 28 Kirkgate
European Life Assurance Co. 60 North
bridge — William M'Hutchen, agent
Evans, John, B.A. teacher, 10 St Patrick sq.
Evening Post Newspaper office, 16 south St
David street
Evvart, A. {Depute Clerk of Chan.), 9 Drum-
mond place
J. {Depute Clerk of Chancery), 9 Drum-
mond place
Peter, accountant, 5 Dean terrace
Robert, block and mast maker, Comm. pi.
T. F. esq. W.S. {Chancery Office), 9
Drummond place
W. & J. cabinetmrs & uph^s, 16 Pleasance
Mrs P. 5 Dean terrace
Ewan, William, of the Customs, 2 George place
Ewing, Geo. {Nation. Bank), Broughton point
' T. teacher of elocution, geography, his-
tory, and astronomy, 26 George street.
Wm. esq. Broughton point
William, cooper, 52 low Calton
Mrs, French stay maker, 30 Frederick st.
Exchange cofFeeroom, 1 22 Constitution street
Exchequer Office, Parliament square
Excise Office, Drummond place, and- 32
Bridge street, Leith
Exiey, John {Customs), 1 South Fort street
Experimental Gardens, Inverleith row
Extractor's Office, Register house
Eye, Edinburgh, Infirmary, 1 Elder street,
Messrs Watson and Bell surgeons
Eyre, Captain, J. R. A. St Anthony's place,
Thomas, hosier, 1 Market street
Miss, teacher of dancing, 41 Castle st.
Fag K KEY, Mrs, lodgings, 14 Bridge street
Fair bairn and Co. hosiers and drapers, 30 St
Andrew square
— — Arch, lodgings, 11 south James street
Dr, F.R.C. of Physicians, 53 George sq.
■ Rev. James, Summer Cottage, Trinity
■ . John, grocer, wine merchant and Italian
warehouse, 4 Elm row — ho. 1 1 Leopold
Fairbairn, J. bookseller & stationer, 28 Gay-
field square
Sam. grocer, &c. 14 west Nicolson street
• Thos. surgeon, 3 Broughton place
William, lodgings, 59 Cumberland st-
Mrs Andrew, 104 Nicolson street
Mrs, 30 Castle street
Miss, 2 Morningside place
Fairgrieve, J. & Co. printers, 54 Rose street
W., smith and nailer, Dock st. — house
Regent street, Leith
Mrs, 101, Causewayside
Mrs, milliner, 99 Princes street
Fairley, Alexander, umbrella maker, 35 Ni-
colson street — house 1 west ditto
A. umbrella manufact. 27 Broughton st.
George, victual dealer, 60 Causewayside
George, artist, 28 London street
Jas. grocer and wine merchant, 67 Lau«
riston place — house 17 Keir street
John, lodgings, 6 Brighton street
John, lodgings, 8 Summer hall
• T. Smith, esq. writer, 1 Windsor street
Fairlie, James, esq. Maryfield, Easter road
Fairnie, Mrs, 29 Howard place
Falconar, Alex. esq. FalconhalJ, Morningside
Falconer and Macleish, glaziers, 23 Thistle st.
Alex. esq. 3 Saunder street
C. esq. of Hartwoodhill, 26 St Jas. sq.
David, esq. of Carlowrie, 2 Coates ores.
David, tea dealer & grocer, IS Home st.
Duncan, J. P. officer, 233 High street
James, esq. writer, 18 Comely bank
Robert, fiesher, 100 Canongate — h. 119
Falkner, Andrew, gent. 63 South bridge
And. jun. writing master, 11 South St
Andrew street
J. P. sol.-atlawand S.S.C. 10 Argyle sq.
— house 5 Lothian road
Famelton, Alex. S. farmer. Hill-end, Borough-
Fargie, John, gardener. Queen street gardens,
42 India place
Farmei'j J. and Co. provision wareho. 329 Ca-
D. baker, 209 Pleas, and 7 Calton st.
D. tailor and clothier, 25 w. Nicolson st.
John, baker, 6 north College street
Robert, eating house, 17 Kirkgate
Wm. upholsterer, 8 Nicolson square
Farquhar, Alex, grocer & spirit dealer, Citad.
John, lodgings, 129 Rose street
Robert C. merchant, 8 James pi. Leith
Mrs, 16 south Charlotte street
Farquharson, A. sherifF-officer, 5 no. St Dav. st.
C. working jeweller, 26 Leith street
Dr Francis, F.R.C.S. 25 Northumbld. st.
George, esq. V/.S. 9 Wemyss place
James^ lodgings, 8 Dundas street
J. C. National bank, 13 Pitt street
Peter, ginger beer brewer, 104 High st.
James, confectioner, 215 Cowgate
Thomas, esq. 32 Dublin street
Mrs, of Invercauld, 7 Charlotte sq.

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