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Edgar, John, builderj 22 London street
. John, coach hirer and spirit dealer, 11
n. w. Circus place
Mrs Alexander, 6 Mary place
Mrs, 2 St Bernard's crescent
Mrs, 38 Broughton street
Edie, A. grocer and spirit dealer, 88 Abbey hill
and 59 Pleasance
Baltic street
Bible Society committee rooms and depo-
sitory, 13 Queen street
I ■ Cloth Co. clothiers and tailors, 4 Mel-
bourne place — ho. 51 Hope park end
. Clothing Society, 18 Bristo street
Eye Infirmary, 1 Elder street. — Messrs
Watson and Bell, surgeons
FouNDERY, 21 Leith walk
— — General Lying-in Hospital, Park place
— Mrs Love, matron
and Glasgow Assurance Reversion and
Trust Company, 2 Hanover st.
— — and Glasgow Railway office, 4 Castle st.
AND Glasgow Union Canal Company,
Port Hopetoun — See Appendix
and Leith Bank, 4 St Andrew's sq. and
35 Bernard street, Leith
— — and Leith Brewery, 200 Canongate — R
Disher, manager
' and Leith Marine Insurance Company,
50 Shore — Ogilvie & Crichton, mangrs.
Journal of Natural History, 13 Hill st.
Ladies' Institution for So. Districts, 55
George square
Life Assurance Co.'s Office, 24 George
St., G. L. Finlay, manager. — See App.
Printing and Publishing Co., 12 south
St David's street — William Ritchie,
• and Dalkeith Railway, D. Rankin, engi-
neer and manager — Depots, St Leo-
nard's and So. Leith. — See App.
and Newhaven Railway Co. 68 Princes
St. — J. French, manager
— — Ropery Co. Bath street. Links
Saturday Journal, 377 High street
School for the Blind, 1 8 St John street
Subscription Library, 4 St Andrew square
■ Tract Society committee room and de-
pository, 13 Queen street
Water Company, 24 James square
Weekly Chronicle, 37 North bridge
Edge, Geo. manager of Equit. Loan Company,
20 Haddington place — See Appendix
Edington, Alex, spirit dealer, 285 High street
■ David, boot & shoem. 54 westRichm. st.
Jas. merchant, 31 Mitchell street — ho
30 Haddington place
Edmond, G. teacher, King street
James, esq. 26 Pitt street
■ John, rope and sailmaker, 69 Shore
Edmonds, Mrs, lodgings, 11 Dundas street
Edmondston, T. & Son, ironmongers and seed
raerch'^ 110 w. bow~h. 24 George sq.
Edmonston Jewel Coal Depot, St Leonard's
— R. Stenhouse, manager
Edmonstone, Fr. engraver and copperplate
printer, 60 North bridge
J. J, esq. of Newton, Murrayfield house
John, bird stuffer, 66 Princes street
Edward, John, boot and shoemaker, 52 Ha-
nover street — house 26 Pitt street
Edwards, R. tavern, 2 Northumberland place
Mrs, Thomas, 414 Castle hill
Effingham, Wm. stockingmaker, 423 Lawnm.
Eggo, C. {R. Wilson ^ Co.) 38 Charl. st. Leith
J. agent for Leith & Wick Ship. Co.
Dock gates — ho. 38 Charlotte st. Leith
Elder and Ogilvy, stationers and booksellers,
1 Shandwick place
Donald, joiner & undertaker, 10 New st.
■ H. general commissary agent, 9 south St
David street
James, spirit dealer, 17 Buccleuch st.
John, printer, 243 High street
John, esq. W.S. 6 Frederick street
John (Elder S^- Ogilvy), 5 Meadow place
John (Jn. E. 4" Co.) 2 Pilrig place
Rev. Robt. 33 Minto street
T. {Thos. E. and Co.), 2 Pilrig place
Thos. & Co. wine and spirit merchants,
Timber Bush
William, writer, 4 Torphichen street
Wm. victual dealer, 34 Tobago-street
Mrs Arch. 3 Castle street
Mrs, commer. lodgings, 9 so. St David st.
Mrs, 3 Albany street
Misses, 10 Rankeillor street
Elgin, W. bookseller, stationer & library, 13 n.
St Andrew st. — house 19 Norton place
Elliot, Robt. esq. 59 Lauriston place
W. Scott, esq. of Arkleton, W.S. 34 Gay-
field square
Lady, Dairy house
■ Mrs, midwife, 145 Kirkgate
Ellis, A. G. esq. W.S. 37 Drummond place
Daniel, esq. 8 Inverleith row
John, wire worker, fishing-rod and tackle
maker, 60 Princes street
Robert, esq. W.S. 4 Royal terrace
Thos. upholsterer, cabinetm. & under-
taker, 17 Charles st. and 25 Crosscaus.
W. A. G. & R. esqrs. W.S. 4 Royal ter.
William, esq. S.S.C. 4 Royal terrace
W. M. esq. advocate, 44 Albany street
Mrs, 44 Albany street
Miss, dressmaker, 82 Rose street
Elphinston, & Co. tailors, 333 High street
Miss, 7 Shandwick place
Elouis, Miss, teacher of music, 30 Rutland sq.
Emanuel and Co. furriers and cap-makers, 129
High street
Emerson, R. stock-broker & agent, 27 Castle st.
Emlay, William, fruiterer, 9 Leith street
England, Peter, spirit dealer, 24 Fleshm. close
Equitable Loan Company of Scotland,
4 Milne square. Geo. Edge, manager
— See Appendix

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