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Duncan, Thomas, historical and port, painter,
3 Gloucester place
— — Thomas, esq, of Grenada, 78 Gt. King st.
T. and Co. bootmakers to the Queen^ 59
Princes street
— — Thomas, spirit dealer, 1 M'^Neil's place
' Thos. {Duncan §• Scott), Oakfield house
William, esq. S.S.C. 1 Heriot row
. William, jun. esq. writer, 11 Nelson st.
W.merch*, 178 High st.— ho. 21 Fettesr.
Mrs^ Belville, King's park
Mrs, of Parkhill, 34 Minto street
Mrs Dr, 45 York place
Mrs G., Russian wareh. 325 High st —
house 429
Mrs W. 15 Brown street
Mrs lodgings, 64 Frederick street
Mrs, grocer, 3 Cumberland street
— — Mrs Ann, 22 Dundas street
— — Mrs Henry, Comely gai'den
Mrs Mark, 21 Fettes row
' Mrs, 15 George square
Mrs, 14 Pitt street
Mrs, 3 Hamburg place
Mrs, east Hermitage, Leith
— Miss, embroiderer, J 42 Kirkgate
Mrs, 29 Windsor street
Miss, teacher. Trinity College school
• Misses, 1 6 Howard place
Miss, 7 Picardy place
Dundas & Jamieson, esqrs. W.S. 73 George st.
— — and Wilson, esqrs. CS. 25 St Andrew sq.
A. cabinetmaker, 13 South St David st.
George, esq. advocate, 134 George street
James H. esq. W.S. 73 George street
James, letter-carrier, 2 Carrubbers' court
John, esq. CS. 25 St Andrew sq.
William Pitt, esq. advocate, 8 Athole cres.
The Hon. Mrs, 8 Athole crescent
Lady, of Dunira, 32 Heriot row
Mrs, 42 Albany street
Miss H. 8 St Bernard crescent
Dundee, Perth, & London Ship. Com-
pany, 2 Dock gates — D. Smith, agent
Dunlop, Alex. esq. advocate, 3 so. Charlotte st.
A. flesher, 27 Stockbridge market
Andrew, esq. W.S. 16 Claremont crese.
Chas. cabinetmaker and house factor, 29
Brunswick st. — house 27
— — George, esq. W.S. 53 Great King street
George, & Co. distillers, John's lane
— — George, esq. 3 St John's place
' James, esq. W.S. 3 Howe street
J. U. rectifier and compounder, 60 Cowg.
• John C. esq. advocate, and sheriff of Ren-
frewshire, 12 India street
John, esq. 7 Randolph cliff
J. B. bookseller, stationer, and stamp dis-
tributor, 28 Howe street
' William, and Co. wine and spirit mer-
chants, 60 Cowgate
' William, esq. 2 Archibald place
' W. rectifier & spirit merchant, 31 Bal-
tic street — house 3 Queen place
.=— • Mrs, lodgingSj 6 Pitt street
Dunlop, Mrs, 12 India street
Dunmore, Thos. esq. 130 Princes street
Dunnet, John, tailor, 20 Bank street
Dunnett, Wm. teacher of Greek, 2 Drum. st.
Dunse, Geo. china merchant, 70 Canongate
Dunsraure, James, esq. secretary to the Board
of British Fisheries, 26 Castle street
Durham, J. (M'llm-ray and Durham), 12
Eroughton street
Durie, Mrs Captain Charles, 14 Fountainbridge
Duriez, Mons. L. Chanceleer du Consulate de
France, 47 George street
Durward, And. spirit dealer, 33 Borough loch
And. cabinetm. and undert. 5 Clerk st.
John, commis. mercht. 39 George street
Duthie, Walter, esq. W.S. 6 Great King st.
Miss, 11 south Charlotte street
Duxbury, Thomas, agent, 5 Buccleuch street
Dyer, Mrs, 41 George square
Gordon, tea warehouse, 20 so. bridge
Dymock, Dr Arch. 1 Brandon street
andPaterson, sol.-at-law, 4 Bank street
Jas. R. tea merch. & importer of wines &
brandy, 3 Nicoison st. — ho. 45 Geo. sq.
J. and W. esqrs. W.S. 4 Bank street
John, esq. W.S. 15 Buccleuch place
R. L. sol.-at-law, and procurator-fiscal
for the city. City Chambers — house 18
Broughton place
W. M'Lean, esq. W.S. 4 Bank street-—
ho. 10 London street
Mrs, 1 Brandon street
Eadie, Jas. hair dresser, 19 Bridge street
Eager, J. teacher of music, 48 Frederick st.
Eagle & Henderson^ nursery & seedsmen, and
florists to the Queen, 99 High st
nurseries, Leith walk and Princes st.
— — Life Assurance office^ 17 Heriot st.
Eastern Bank of Scoland, 12 Hanover st.
Robert Bell, manager. See App.
Eastmont, Mrs, 34 Dublin street
Easton, Alex, spirit dealer, 137 Grassmarket
Alex, late grocer, 23 Downie place
J. cabinetm. &uphoIstr. 31 Greensidest.
James, tailor, 27 Greenside street
John, esq. M.D. (of Courance hill), 18
Regent terrace
John, Wright, 315 Canongate
Mrs Thomas, 47 Great King street
Mrs, 18 Gardner's crescent
Ebsworth, Jos., publisher, and teacher of
vocal music, 4 Montgomery street
Eckford, Mrs, 18 Drummond place ^
Miss, 16 Broughton place v
EcoNOMic Life Assurance Office, head of
the Mound — John Maitland, agent.
See App.
Eddington, Capt. George, 4 w. Maitland st.
|Edgar and Simpson, boot and shoemakers, 73
— — James, esq. Blacket place

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