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Drybrough, Andw. brewer, 67 north back of
Canongate — ho. 14 Regent terrace
John, brewer, 67 no. back of Canongate
George, grocer, Newlane, Newhaven
' N. cooper, 39 Mitchell st. — house 41
Constitution street
ThomaSj baker, 187 Canongate
Mrs, 2 Gardner's crescent
Dryden, John, and Son, mast, pump and
blockmakers and smiths. Dock street
— — ~ James, grocer, 36 Jamaica street
John, builder, 5 Saunders street
J. and Co. ship and insurance brokers,
&. commission merchts., 137 Const, st.
I — — John, jun. (Z). M'Laren and Co.) Ca-
tharine bank
Wm. glove nmnufr., 2 Hermitage place
Wm. hairdresser, 19 High street
. Wm. superv. of Excise, 2 Hermitage pi.
Drysdale, A. (^Muwos ^ Dryxdale), 4 Jas. sq.
John, baker, 1 Crosscauseway
John, shoemaker, 42 India street
Joseph, writer, 6 Gardner's crescent
— — Wm. esq. of Pittuchar, 8 Royal circus
Wm. assistant-clerk of session, 3 Hart st.
' Wm. spirit dealer. Timber bush
Mrs, grocer, 46 Rose street
Miss, 27 Hamilton place
Ducat, Jas. S., esq. W.S. 48 Great King street
Thomas, agent, 41 Lothian street
Dudgeon, J. and W. fleshers, 10 New market
J. & Co. merchants, 6 Kirkgate
Lieut.-col. Peter, 27 Pilrig street
• Patrick, esq. W.S. 2 Queen street
William, esq. John's place
Miss, 21 Montague street
. Miss, 19 Comely bank
Miss, 1 Pilrig place
Miss, Seafield
Duddingston, J. C. R. esq. 28 St Andrew Sq.
Mrs Admiral, 4 Heriot row
DufF, Adam, esq. advocate, sheriff of the
county, 25 Charlotte square
Alexander, esq. W.S. 8 St Vincent street
A. woollen draper, 13 So. bridge — ho. 90
■ John, esq. surveyor, 10 Catharine street
Mrs, lodgings, 18 Drummond street
Mrs, 17 St Patrick square
Mrs A. nail manufacturer, 18 Westport
Miss, 1 west Claremont street
Duffin, Richard, esq. 21 Duke street
W. W. esq. 21 Duke street
i Mrs, 20 Drummond place
Duguid, H. G. teacher of piano- forte, 18
Nelson st.
James, baker, 98 Canongate
Duke of Buccleuch Coal Store, foot of
Constitution street
Dumbreck, W. M.D. F.R.C. of surgeons, 14
Dublin street
Dun, Adam, gardener, Coltbridge
Andrew, esq. W.S. 30 London street
Barclay, teacher of dancing, 74 Geo. st.
— =■=" F. teach, of music & sing. 41 Heriot row
Dun, Robert, baker, 130 Pleasance
R. teacher, Lancasterian school, Davie st.
T. ordained measurer, auctioneer, and ap-
praiser, 8 Castle street
Mrs Major, 19 St Bernard's crescent
Mrs James, lodgings, 5 Darnaway street
Mrs, lodgings, 8 Castle street
Dunn, James, porter, Holyrood-house
John, solicitor at law, 429 Lawnmarket
John, hairdresser, 78 Kirkgate
■ John, solicitor, 27 Cable wynd
J. optician, mathemat. & philosoph. inst.
maker, 50 Hanover st. — house 63
Thomas, S.S.C, 53 Frederick street
Thomas, fish curer, 27 Cable wynd
Thomas, optician, Dean ,
Mrs, John, so. Fort street
Dunning, Mrs, 8 Roxburgh street
Dunbar, Alex, lodgings, 47 India place
George, esq. Professor of Greek, Rose pk.
Gilbert, lodgings, 2 Deanhaugh street
— — J. tinsmith & ironmonger, 44 Dundas st.
Wm. H. esq. advocate, 56 Northumb. st.
Wm. jun. esq. advocate, 28 Alva street
Duncan & Greig, cloth and carpet warehouse,
178 High street
Alex, and Son, quill merchts. 20 so. St
Andrew street
— — Flockhart, & Co. chemists and druggists,
52 North bridge— ho. 54
Flockhart, & Powell, chemists and drug-
gists, 1 Constitution street
and Scott, brush and bellows manufac-
turer, 104 Pleasance
'- Jas. & Co. brokers, Baltic street — house
Assembly street
Lieut.-CoL, Hon. E.I.C.S. 19 Carlton pi.
E. M. surgeon and apothecary, 5 St An-
thony place
George, late hrewer, 23 Abbeyhill
George, esq. 1 St John street
G. (r. Duncan^ Co.), 55 Princes st.
Henry, merchant. Comely gardens
James, esq. W.S. 34 Howe street
James, lodgings, 2 St James place
James, esq. 33 Gilmore place
James, spirit dealear, 8 Thistle street
Dr James, surgeon, F.R.C.S.E., 7 Dun-
das street
. James J., bootmaker, 146 Princes street
J. {A. D. Sf Son), 20 so. St Andrew st.
John James, esq. 29 Windsor st.
John, esq. 2 Heriot row
— John, esq. W.S. 2 Heriot row
— John, Russian wareho. and yarn agent,
325 High street
John, (of Laivrie, Son, §- Duncan), 13
Smith's place
John, musician, 3 Catharine street
Joseph, mason, 38 Brunswick street
— — R. & G. ladies' boot and shoemjaker, 33
George street — house 34 Hanover street
— S. shipmaster, 3 Hamburgh place
-^ Thomas, builder, Trinity crescent

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