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CoNsaL, Hanoverian & Mecklenbukg, D.
M'^Laren, esq. 137 Constitution street
Netherlands, George Aitchison, esq.
9 Bernard street
— — Portuguese, Wm. Muir, 13 Quality st.
Prussian, J. G. Thomson, i9 Princes st.
—— Russian, David Thorn, esq. 19 Constitu-
tion street
Spanish, J. Gordon, esq. 39 Quality st.
Swedish & Norwegian, T. Hutchin-
son, esq. Dock pi.
Conway, J. clothier, 9 & 19 St Mary's wynd
P., lodgings, 42 Lothian street
Cook, Alex. S. esq. advocate, 4.0 Albany st.
Andrew, ivory turner, 79 Princes street
John, esq. W.S. 25 Drummond place
— — John, spirit dealer, 62 Causewayside
J. esq. S.S.C. and N.P. 5 Drummond st.
Walter, esq. W.S. 25 Drummond place
Mrs, 21 Rutland square
Cooper, George, grocer, Hillhousefield
James, hairdresser, 1 9 Downie place
J. (of W. Cooper S,- Co.) 18 Picardy place
John, mail guard, 11 Terrace
Cormack, D. & Son, smiths and ironmongers,
1 Terrace, Leith st — and Shaksp. gq.
D. (Z>. Cormack and Son) 12 Shaksp. sq.
Dav. esq. S.S.C. & accountant, 5 Thistle
street — ho. 4 Pitt street
Hugh, clerk, 71 Clerk street
J. (Z). Cormack 4- So7i) 21 Leopold pi.
— — Mrs, midwife, 11 Scotland street
Mrs, D. straw-hat manufact. 44 South br,
Mrs, sick nurse, Simpson court
Corner, John, (^Leitch Sf Co.), 25 Bristo st.
Cornet, Mrs C. 18 Downie place
Cornillon, H. teacher of French, 62 Queen st.
Cornwall, James, esq. 6 Pilrig street
James, M.D. surgeon, 25 Dundas street.
Corrie, Thomas, esq. 36 St Andrew square
Corstorphine, Charles, 15 Calton hill
— — J. wine and spirit merchant, 19 Giles st.
and 20 Broad wynd
— — Peter, bootmaker, 25 west Regis, st.
Cossar, George, lodgings, 14 Frederick street
James, flesher, 105 Causewayside
Wm. lodgings, 49 north Richmond st.
Cotton, Chas. W. tobacconist, 251 High st.
Thos. button factor & agent, 2 N. and 2 Geo. tobacco manufac. 23 Princes street
South bridge — house 9 Arniston place
Thomas, baker, 43 Cumberland street
' Thos. spirit dealer, 136 Rose street
— — Wm. & Co. patent glass manufacturer to
the Queen, 18 Picardy place
Wm. writing master, 17 George street
William, silk dyer, and scourer, 1 Heriot
buildings, Leith Walk
W. tavern keeper, 23 Fleshmarket cl.
Mrs, 12 St Leonard street
Mrs, Lord Russell place
Mrs, matron, Minto house
Couper, And. grocer. Fox lane
■ James, shoemaker, 47 Thistle street
John, (Wm. C. S; Son), 19 Pitt street
Peter, esq. W.S. 16 Pilrig street
William & Son, bootmaker, 6 St An-
drew square
Cowper, Thomas and Son, ale brewers, Drum-
dryan — house 2 Gilmore place
Wm. writer, 1 Alva street
■ Mrs, corset maker, 190 Rose street
Mrs, lodgings, 8 Chapel street
Copland, George, tailor & clothier, 37 Frede-
rick street
& M'Laren, tailors, 187 High street
R. T. tailor and clothier, 2 George street
Wm, Esq. of CoUiston, 8 Royal circus
Coupland, John, bookbinder, 56 High street
Corbet, T. writer and N.P. 15 S. College street
Mrs, 14 Cumberland street
Corbett, William, surgeon dentist, 59 Queen
St. — See App.
Cordery, James, waiter, 11 South James street
Cordmires, H. spirit dealer, 18 Bridge street
Cork, John, New University Tavern, 1 north
College street
Cormack, Benjamin, slater, 327 Canongate
— ho. 79 Potterrow
Geo. S.S.C. 79 Potterrow
John, tobacconist, 35 Princes street and
68 Bristo street
Coubrough, W. and J. tea dealers and grocers,
19 Greenside street
Couper — see Cooper
Council Chambers, 10 Royal Exchange
jCouNCiL Chambers, Tolbooth wynd, Leith
County Fire & Provident Like Institu-
tion, 16 Royal circus, & 13 Quality st.
Courant counting room, 178 High street, pub-
lishing office, 190
Court, John, S.S.C. 10 St Andrew square — ho.
lO Rankeillor street
Courtoy, H. keeper and beadle of the Chapel
Royal, 9 Abbey strand
Cousin, D. & J. cabinetmakers, upholsterers,
and undertakers, so. Clerk street
David, architect, 12 Clarence street
Geo. ordained surveyor, 3 Johnson's pi.
John, builder and cabinetmaker, 56 Cum-
berland street
Cousland, Mrs, landscape and portrait painter,
153 High street
Couston, D. corn chandler, 3 Sheriff brae-
house 37
Coutts, Mrs, 2 Argyle square
Coventry, Andrew, esq. advocate, 28 Moray pi.
Rev. George, of Shanwell, 49 Moray pi.
Mrs Robert, 5 Buccleuch street
Cowan & Strachan, silk mercers, 15 Princes st.
& Hagart, esq. W.S. 49 Great King st.
& Co. paper makers and stationers, 17
Princes street
■ Alex, esq. Moray house, 172 Canongate
» ■ ' Charles and Co. grocers, wine, and spirit
naerchts. 13 Tolbooth wynd, Leith

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