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Edinburgh Life Assurance Company — continued.
The Benefits of the Participation Plan of Insurance are exhibited in the following Examples of Bonus
Additions on a few of the actual existing Assurances {not mere assumed cases), and the Total Sums now
Payable under its oldest Policies will best illustrate the results to all first-class lives of similar ages and
endurance of Policy : —
Total Bonus Additions at 31st August 1856, on Policies effected in the First Year of the
Company's Business.
Thus, at all ages from 19 to 60, on the earliest Policies, the Accumulated Bonuses now range from
upwards of £44 per cent, to upwards of £140 per cent, of the sums originally insured ; and in one instance
to upwards of £242 per cent., or nearly two and one-half times more than the Sum assured.
To later entrants the results are, in proportion, equally satisfactory ; the Bonus now declared on all
Participating Policies of the last seven years' endurance, averaging upwards of one and one-half per cent,
per annum of the sums assured, and the gradually advancing rate of Bonus, as exhibited under each suc-
ceeding Declaration, affords the fairest prospect to all present and future Insurers, that these results will
be maintained, until they also shall derive equally high benefits, when they become the oldest existing
Policies of the Company.
An Intermediate Bonus, between one Investigation and another, affords all the advantages that may
be supposed to accrue from Annual Divisions.
Liberal Resolutions connected with the conditions of the Policies of this Office make them, in every
respect, a sound negociable document, and in all Insurances for Family Provisions, or otherwise, to pro-
tect the interest of Representatives, it may confidently be maintained, that in no other Life Institution can
higher benefits be derived by all First-class Lives.
Copies of the Reports by Mr James Brown, accountant, on the principles of the Company's Plan of
Division, and also the printed proceedings in connexion with the present Declaration, may be had on
application at the Head Office, or Agencies.
Prospectus, and Printed Forms of the Proposal and Declaration for effecting an Insurance, may be
had, gratis, at the Head Office, or from any of the Company's Agents.
No Entrance Money, nor any charge beyond the payment of the Premium, in effecting a Policy.
Very moderate Rates, without Participation, equivalent on Young Lives to an immediate Bonus of
considerable amount.
Claims paid nine months after proof.
Edinburgh Life Assurance Office,
22 George Street.

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