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establish &.Q. IS06.
J. G. Barclay, Esq.
R. B. Dunlop, Esq.
J. D. Magens, Esq.
J. Masterman, Esq., D.C.L.,
Sir C. R. Price, Bart.
Sir H. Twining, Esq.
T. Vardon, Esq.
Sir George Nicholls, K.C.B., Chairman.
G. Parker Bidder, Esq.
C. B. Carruthers, Esq.
J. Home, Esq.
Robert Hudson, Esq.
Joseph Jackson, Esq.
Wm. Beckwith Towse, Esq., Deputy-Chairman.
Charles Rivaz, Esq.
Richard Till, Esq.
Henry Tritton, Esq.
T. Vardon, Esq.
A. P. Johnston, Esq.
Sydney Laurence, Esq.
Thos. H. Longden, Esq.
John D. Magens, Esq.
Sir S. M. Peto, Bart.
Auditors— J. W. Cater, Esq.— B. Cotton, Esq.— "W. H. Poynder, Esq.— C. H. Pulley, Esq.
Physician— F. J. Farre, M.D. Surgeon— A. M. M'Whinnie, Esq., F.R.C.S.
Bankers— Messrs Barclay, Bevan, Tritton, & Co. Actuary — John Goddard, Esq.
THE ROCK LIFE ASSURANCE COMPANY was established in 1806; and its success has been
such, that the earlier Policies have been increased by Bonus additions from £100 to £259, lis.
The Company consists of a numerous body of Proprietors, holding Shares in its Capital Stock ;
which, together with the Premiums of Assurance, and the accumulated Interest thereon, constitute
a large and Increasing Fund of upwards of THREE MILLIONS Sterling, INVESTED in real and
Government securities, as a guarantee for the fulfilment of its engagements.
Assurances upon the lives of persons are taken from £100 to £10,000.
The Company issues Policies to the extent of one-fourth of the amount Assured on existing
Policies, without requiring payment of Premiums for such increase, on the Assurers depositing their
existing Policies, and signing an Agreement that the Premiums for the New Policies, with compound
interest at 4 per cent., shall be deducted from the amount of such deposited Policies, and Bonus
additions thereon, when the same become claims.
Persons effecting New Assurances may secure a portion of the future Bonuses, by increasing the
amount of their Policies 25 per cent. ; the Premiums, with compound interest at 4 per cent., on such
extra Assurances remaining unpaid until the Policies become claims.
The amount divided on 20th August 1854, out of the realised profits of the seven preceding years,
was £609,761, 17s. 9d.
The Bonus allotted to a Policy, payable on its becoming a claim, may be received in an equiva-
lent present payment in Cash, or applied in reduction of the Annual Premium. The next Division of
Profits will be made in the year 1861.
The Company advances money on security of its Policies, according to their value.
No charge is made by the Company for Stamps on its Policies.
The usual Commission will be allowed to Agents and Solicitors.
As evidence of the great advantages afforded to Assurers in this Office, the Directors select an
instance of a £500 Policy, effected in 1806, upon which £585, 7s. 6d. had been paid for Premiums. The
Bonuses made to this Policy, payable on its becoming a Claim, amounted in 1847 to £641, Is. 8d.,
for the Redemption of which Bonus the Assurer received £465, 2s. 7d. in cash ; and then wishing to
extinguish all future Premiums on the Policy, paid to the Company £88, 0s. 6d. in lieu thereof, thereby
realising a present gain of £337, 2s. Id. without prejudice to any future Bonus. The further addition
made in 1854 was £156, 13s. 4d.
Examples of the Additions which have been made to a few of the Policies up to 1854:
All Claims on Policies issued in Scotland are payable on Scotch confirmations.
DAVID G. BAIN, S.S.C., 32 Alva Street, Agent for Edinburgh.
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