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Thomson, W. A. juu.messenger-at-arms, 160
High street
Thomsou, Wm. brewer, 263 Cowgate
Thomson, Wm. coal merchant, 24 Sheriffbrae
— house, 9
Thomson, Wm., grocer, 6 E. Richmond street
Thomson, William & Co. com. agents, ship
and insr. brokers, 129 Constitution street
Thomson, Wm. H. advocate, 27 India street
Thomson, Wm. M. adv. 25 Abercromby pi.
Thomson, William, 3 High Albany st. Leith
Thomson, William, grocer and spirit dealer,
1 Portland place, Leith
Thomson, William, 7 Melbourne place
Thomson, William, 14 Clerk street
Thomson, William, baker, Charlotte villa,
Sciennes hill
Thomson, W. ( W. T. & Co.), 1 Hermitage pi.
Thomson, Wm. grain merchant, N. B. Rail-
way station
Thomson, Wm. (G. Hill <L- Co.), 28 India st.
Thomson, Wm. accountant and messeuger-at-
arms, 8 South St Andrew street
Thomson, William, machine maker (Shotts),
Leith walk
Thomson, Wm. spirit dealer, 13 Hope street
Thomson, Will. Thos. actuary, manager of the
Standard Life Assurance, and of the Colonial
Life Assurance Co. 3 George street — house,
41 Moray place
Thomson, Wm. tobacconist, 64 Buccleuch st.
Thomson, Wm. builder, 10 St Anthony place
Thomson, Wm. victual dealer, 14 Charlotte
place — ho. 2 Alva street
Thomson, Mrs Anne, 19 Dundas street
Thomson, Mrs D. lodgings, 3 W. Register st.
Thomson, Mrs Euphemia, 1 Rutland street
Thomson, Mrs James, 5 Cassells' place
Thomson, Mrs John, 22 Rutland street
Thomson, Mrs Peter, baker, 54 Charlotte s{.
Ltith — house, 49
Thomson, Mrs Peter, French staymaker, 1
Gayfield place
Thomson, Mrs, 31 Gayfield square
Thomson, Mrs Professor, College
Thomson, Mrs R. 6 Leopold place
Thomson, Mrs Thomas, 42 Ann street
Thomson, Mrs Thomson, lodgings, 39 St
Leonard's street
Thomson, Mrs William, 17 West Preston st.
Thomson, Mrs William, 17 Alva street
Thomson, Mrs W. 15 Comely bank
Thomson, Mrs, 24 Buccleuch place
Thomson, Mrs, 3 Summer place
Thomson, Mrs, 17 Bristo street
Thomson, Mrs, draper, 26 Clerk street
Thomson, Mrs, spirit dealer, Mayfield inn
Thomson, Mrs, lodgings, 127 George street
Thomson, Mrs, sick-nurse, 27 Blair street
Thomson, Mrs, midwife, 59 Broughton st.
Thomson, Mrs, lodgings, 3 East Register st.
Thomson, Mrs, cook, 3 Saunders street
Thomson, Mrs 20 Annandale street
Thomson, Mrs, 39 Montagu street
Thomson, Mrs, 17 London street
Thomson, Mrs, 6 Buccleuch place
Thomson, Miss A. trimming shop, 26 Clerk st.
Thomson, Miss A. dressmaker, 7 E. Register
Thomson, Miss Barbara, rope and twine manu-
facturer, 7 St Patrick square
Thomson, Miss E., lodgings, 5 Hamburgh pi.
Thomson, Miss, Rankeillor street
Thomson, Miss H., 48 Minto street
Thomson, Miss Marjory, 25 Gayfield square
Thomson, Miss M. straw-hat ma. 175 Canong.
Thomson, Miss, 21 Leopold place
Thomson, Miss, 6 Pilrig street
Thomson, Miss, 40 Queen street
Thomson, Miss, 34 Howe street
Thomson, Miss, 12 Nelson street
Thomson, Miss, 59 Constitution street
Thomson, Miss, 51 Broughton street
Thomson, Miss, 1 Vanburgh place
Thomson, Misses M. & I. silk and worsted
shop, 23 Broughton street
Thomson, Misses, 9 Cassells' place
Thomson, Misses, 76 Constitution street
Thomson, Misses, 8 Scotland street
Thorburn, Rev. David, 51 Charlotte st. Leith
Thorburn, Francis, grocer, 8 Heriot buildings
Thorburn, G. merchant, 12 Hermitagepl. Leith
Thorburn, James, turner and bonnet block
maker, Warriston close
Thorburn, James, turner and block maker, 9
Rankeillor place
Thorburn, Thomas, parochial agent, 31 Buc-
cleuch place
Thorburn, W. & Co. tea dealers, 51 Kirkgate
Thorburn, Wm. baker, 24 Bernard street
Thorburn, Mrs E. sick-nurse, 19 Salisbury st.
Thorburn, Mrs, 10 Buccleuch place
Thorburn, Miss, 30 Minto street
Thornton, Geo. & Co. vulcanised India rubber
& waterproof depot, 78 Princes st. — See Adv.
Thornton, George, 22 Dundas street
Thornton, R. consulting & practical engineer,
54 New buildings, and 17 Gordon street,
Glasgow. — See Adv.
Thornton, Mrs, 1 Bellevue terrace
Threepland, Mrs, 6 Hope street
Thwaites, W. Kelso, S.S.C. 2 Queen st. agent
for the Great Britain, & India, & London
Life Assurance Offices and the Provincial
Fire Assurance Co ho 1 1 Brandon street
Thyne, Wm. & Son, fleshers, 4 Spring gar-
dens — house, 6
Thyne, James, draper, 62 Lauriston street
Tibbets, G. & H. G. batters, 38 South bridge
Tibbetts, H. G., 26 Nelson street
Tierney, D. causey-layer, 40 South back cf
Tindal, Mrs, 13 Elm row
Tingman,J. (of the Dock Co.) 5 N. Junction st.
Tinsell, Jn. (Com. and Gen. Advance Fund),
5 Elder street

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