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Smith, Dav. {Inland Revenue), 10 Roxburgh
Smith, David (S. Sf Kinnear), 2 Ainslie place
Smith, D. M. advocate, 4 Frederick street
Smith, David, grocer and spirit dealer, 20
Lauriston street
Smith, David, working men's refresht. rooms,
71 Rose street
Smith, David, ship-broker and commission
agent, 2 Dock gates — ho. 5 Madeira st.
Smith, Geo. joiner, 19 North-west Circus pi.
Smith,- George, architect, 18 Gt. King street
Smith, Rev. George, D.D. 4 Randolph cliff
Smith, George, shawl manufacturer, 108 So.
bridge — ho. 1 Minto st.
Smith, Geo. tailor, &c. 69 St Mary's wynd
Smith, Geo. boot and shoemaker, 40 Home st.
Smith, George, bootmaker, 1 Maitland st.
Smith, George, tailor, clothier, aud general
outfitter, 25 Nicolson st — house, 2 Salis-
bury st.
Smith, G. F. agent, 11 Dundas street
Smith, G. I., Royal bank
Smith, H. slater, &c. 7 Dunbar st.
Smith, H. P. photographic artist, 102 South
Smith, H. surgeon ( T. $ H. Smith), Heriot hill
Smith, H. W. window-ticket and show-card
printer, engraver, and litho. 25 N. bridge
Smith, I. tobacconist, 39 W. Register street
Smith, J. smith and farrier, 10 1 Abbey hill
Smith, J. A. writer, 18 North bridge
Smith, J. A. baker, 183 High street
Smith, J. S. architect, 18 Great king st.
Smith, Jas. architect, H. M. master mason —
— ho. 7 West Maitland st.
Smith, James ( W. S. §■ Son) 7 Henry st.
Smith, James, joiner, undertaker, aud house-
factor, Bellevue
Smith, Jas. musical glass manuf. 7 Union st.
Smith, James, 24 Fountainbridge
Smith, James, wright, 7 Brown street
Smith, Jas. tailor and clothier, 39 S. bridge st.
Smith, Jas. & Co. linen & woollen drapers, 241
High street
Smith, John Alex., M.D. and surgeon, 7 West
Maitland street
Smith, J. ArbuthnottLff. L.Co. B.), 14 Gard-
ner's crescent
Smith, John G. advocate, 37 Northumd. st.
Smith, J. L. bookseller, stationer, circulating
library, and stamp distributor, 1 Antigua
street — house, Moredun house, Spring
Smith, John, governor of Prison, Regent road
Smith, John, cut-glass manuf. 1 Amphion pi.
Smith, John, M.D., F.R.C.F. 20 Charlotte sq.
Smith, John, currier, 101 Pleasance
Smith, John Gordon (of J. and R. Morley,
London), 6 Blackett place
Smith, John, M.D. surgeon & dentist, lecturer
on dental anatomy and surgery, medical
school, Surgeons' hall — ho. 12 Dundas st.
Smith, J. D. carver and gilder, picture liner and
cleaner, 33 W. Register street
Smith, John, umbrella and parasol manufac-
turer, 227 High street
Smith, John, painter, 40 St Leonard street
Smith, John K. builder, 7 Gardner's crescent
Smith, John, writer, 6 Clarence street
Smith, John, umbrella & parasol maker &
furrier, 78 Princes street
Smith, John, tailor, Hillhousefield
Smith, John, tailor and clothier, 102 South
bridge — house, 11 Argyll square
Smith, Jn. contractor & stabler, 14 Grassmarket
Smith, J. N. chemist & druggist, 62 Kirkgate
Smith, John, coal merchant, 8 Downie place
Smith, John, auctioneer, appraiser, and house
agent, 44 Hanover st.
Smith, John, shawl manufacturer, clothier, &
general draper, 105 South bridge
Smith, John, builder, 7 Glover street
Smith, John (J. S. and Son), 24 Nicolson st.
Smith, John, spirit dealer, 3 S. College st.
Smith, John, baker, 58 E. Crosscausey
Smith, J. & Son, wireworkers and weavers,
millstone builders, importers of French
burr blocks, 219 High street.
Smith, Laurance, letter-carrier, 39 Potterrow
Smith, M. cowfeeder, 6 Horse wynd
Smith, Peter, letter-carrier, 42 Buccleuch st.
Smith, Peter, grocer and fipirit merchant, 1
Jordan place, Morningside
Smith, Pet. B. sculptor, Queensf. road, Dean
— ho. 22 William st.
Smith, R. M. 4 Bellevue crescent — office, 128
Constitution street
Smith, Robt. (Customs), 2 Hamburg place
Smith, Robert, S.S.C., 9 Stafford street
Smith, Robert, jun. S.S.C. 29 Frederick st.
Smith, R. architect, practical and consulting
builder and valuator, Spittal st — ho. Green-
hill gardens
Smith, R. P. 24 Gayfield square
Smith, S. tailor and clothier, 16 South bridge
Smith, T. & H. surgeons and druggists, and
manufs. of aerated waters, 21 Duke street
Smith, Thomas, wright and undertaker, Hope
Park end — ho. 5 Hope Park square
Smith, T. surgeon (T. <Sf H. Smith), Heriot-
hill house
Smith, Tbos. teacher of music, 3 Heriot mount
Smith, Thomas, 3 Portland place
Smith, T. 8 M'Kenzie place
Smith, Thomas, 1 Bank place
Smith, Thos. & Pat. merchants, 35 Bernard
Smith, T. R. Esq. 8 Stafford street
Smith, Thos. lodgings, 8 Frederick street
Smith, Thos. painter and paper-hanger, 21
George street
Smith, Thomas, lodgings, 44 Cumberland st.
Smith, Wr. plumber & gasfitter, 11 India pi.
— house, 48 India street
Smith, Walter, flesher, 12 St Anthony place

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