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Slater, Andrew, slater, 140 Canongate — house,
1 St John street
Slater, James, cabinetmaker, 52 Broughton st.
Slater, James {G. P.-O.) 2 Salisbury sq.
Slater, Peter, sculptor, 56 Albany street —
house, 52 Broughton street
Slater, Mrs, grocer, 24 India street
Slater, Mrs, 7 Drummond street
Slater, Mrs, fruiterer & greengrocer, 4 and 5
Green market
Sleigh, George, tailor, 41 Lothian street
Sleigh, Mrs Eleanor, 44 Howe street
Slight, Alex. & Geo. H. engineers, 34 Leith wk=
Slight, Alex. {A. 6f G. H. S.), 30 Hadding-
ton place
Slight, Alex, road surveyor, 8 Spittal street
Slight, George, 3 Summerhall plare
Slight, Geo. H. (.4. §- G. H. S.), 2 Orchard-
field, Leith walk
Sligo, John, of Carmyle, 5 Drummond place
Slimon, Wm. dairyman, 31 Giles' st. Leith
Slimmon, Mrs, hosier, 55 Tolbooth wy. Leith
Sloan & Son, coal mers., 49 Broughton st., St
Cuthbert's lane, and Leith walk — See Adv.
Sloan, M. dressmaker, 1 S. St James' street
Sloan, G. D. dressmaker, 32 Haddington place
Sloane, Mrs Jas. 1(3 Keir street
Slymand, John, printer, 138 Nicolson street
Smail & Co. wholesale & retail china and
glass warehouse, 33 George IV. bridge
Smail, Andrew, victual dealer, 19 Charles st.
Smail, Robert, victual dealer, 2 Hamilton pi.
High riggs
Smail, Capt. Wm. A. of Overmains, R.N. 1
A thole crescent
Small & Son, bird-stuffers, 38 George st.
Small, Aw. {Royal Bank), 29 E. Claremont st.
Small, David, basketmaker, 33 Hanover st.
Small, John, college librarian, 16 Duncan st.
Small, Robert, 59 Lauriston place
Small, Wm. underclothier and outfitter, 59
Clerk st. — house, 61
Small, Wm. grocer & spirit dealer, 93 Canong.
Small, Wm. Kerr, 51 Nicholson street
Small, W. Kerr, basketmaker, 35 Blair street
Small, Mrs M. 2 West Newington place
Small, Mrs, 16 Duncan st. Drummond place
Small, Miss, spirit dealer, 200 Rose street
Smart & Co. stationers and news agents, 27
Thistle street
Smart, Alex, printer, 5 South College street
Smart, Andrew, baker, 114 West port
Smart, James, flesher, 25 Middle market
Smart, James, china merchant and rag dealer,
237 Canongate
Smart, Rev. John, D.D. 11 Smith's place
Smart, John & Son, bootmakers, 1 Queen
street — house, So. Gothic cottage, Trinity
Smart, John, flesher, 15 W. Nicolson street
Smart, Jno. spirit merchant, 45 Leith st.
Smart, R. C. engraver, lithographer, and gold
printer, 20 and 21 Elm row — ho. 9 Smith's
Smarr, Robt. wine and spirit merchant, 1 Shak-
speare square — house, 2
Smart, Wm. spirit dealer, 27 Richmond place,
and 172 Pleasance
Smart, Wm. wood turner, Carrubber's close,
135 High street
Smart, Mrs J. spirit rcer. 84 St Mary's wyud
Smart, Mrs, 56 Clerk st.
Smart, Misses, milliners and dressmakers, 6
Brighton street
Smeal, J. grocer and sprt. dlr. 3 Admiralty st.
Smeaton, Mrs, ladies' nurse, Richmond court
Smellie & Jeffery, grocers and spirit dealers,
263 Cowgate
Smellie, H., grocer, 82 Crosscausey — ho. 84
Smellie, Jn. tea dealer & grocer, 33 Bristo st.
27 Home street, and 2 Orchardfield place
Smellie, Wm. J. (Deputy Co7ni>trolkr, G. P.-
Office), Jessfield house
Smibert, George, baker, 216 Canongate
Smibert, Mrs W. spirit dealer, Hillhousefield
Smith & Kinnear, W.S. 35 Queen street
Smith and Girvan, milliners, 74 George st.
Smith & M'LareD, merchants, 2 Bank st. Leith
Smith and Wilson, druggists, 50b Charlotte
street, Leith
Smith, A. & D. chimney-sweepers, masons,
slaters, glaziers, &c 6 West Lauriston pi.
Smith, Adam, hairdresser, 43 Shore — house,
Fillyside cottage
Smith, Adam Gilies, C.A. 2 Nelson street
Smith, Alexander, W.S. 18 York place
Smith, Alex. M. teacher St Stephen s school —
house, 7 St Vincent street
Smith, Alex. William, teacher of singing, 12
Antigua street
Smith, Alex. Gordon, 20 Gardner's crescent
Smith, Alex, tailor, 127 Rose street
Smith, Alex, builder, 7 Broughton st.
Smith, Alex, baker, 12 William st. _
Smith, Alex, cornfactor & commission agent,
22 Bernard st. — ho. 13 Carlton terrace
Smith, A. grocer and spirit dlr, 23 Leven st.
Smith, Andrew, Willowbrae
Smith, Andrew, S.S C. 29 Buccleuch place
Smith, Archibald, M.D., 2 Manor place
Smith, Aw. W.S. 27 Dun das street
Smith, C. baker, 1 North Richmond st. and
89 High st.
Smith, Chas. grocer, 5 Duke street, Leith
Smith, Colvin, portrait painter, 32 York pi.
Smith, C. 125 Nicolson street
Smith, Daniel, tailor, 170 High street
Smith, D. slater, 53 West port
Smith, David, writer, 6 Clarence street
Smith, David, com. traveller, 2 Madeira st.
Smith, David {Edinburgh and Perth Bread
Co.). 16 Richmond place
Smith,' David, plumber and gasfitter, 20 West
Smith, Dav. wright and build., 31 Morrison st.
Smith, David, dyer and scourer, 10 St An-
drew square and St John's hill

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